How to use slats for public spaces? Refreshing and reorganizing the space

07.06.2024 4 min

Wall slats are a popular choice in home interior design. They are mounted on kitchen islands, TV walls or furniture fronts. Their modern form with a traditional wooden finish is perfect for various styles. However, their use is not limited only to domestic spaces. Lamellas for public spaces will work equally well, giving them a modern and stylish character.

Wall decoration and display – Lamelli Collection by Mardom Decor

In today’s article, we will present some information about Mardom Decor slats and some ideas for creating a practical, but also aesthetic design for interiors and public spaces. We will show you how to use them to refresh and reorganize your space, creating a functional and aesthetic whole. We invite you to read!

Why is it worth using wall slats to refresh and reorganize galleries or exhibition halls?

Mardom Decor wall slats are very easy to install. The modern form of wall panels, mounted in one piece on the wall, means there is no need to measure and install each strip separately, which makes the work easier and significantly faster. The slats on the Mardom Decor board are mounted only with glue, so you can quickly and easily modify and refresh the old space without incurring high renovation costs. This is a perfect option for changing seasonal decorations at an exhibition or refreshing the design of a given brand.

Lamel has versatile applications. It can be used as a decoration for walls and ceilings, mounted on islands and on any flat surface, diversifying a boring space and introducing interesting three-dimensionality. Decorative panels in the form of vertical lamellas bring modernity to the interior, but their great advantage is a simple, timeless pattern that is simple in its form, but at the same time elegant and will work well in minimalist interiors, retro arrangements or rooms full of elegance and glitter.

The slats on the board will work well alone on the wall, but also in combination with LED lighting. By using a dedicated LED profile, you can quickly and easily diversify the arrangement, creating an impressive light decoration – lighting strips can be mounted along the entire panel or in several selected places, creating a “falling water” effect. What’s more, wires, cables and all necessary electrical installations can be hidden behind the slats – not only those related to lighting strips. In this way, we will mask less aesthetic elements in the room, ensuring visual order, but also increasing safety.

3D wall lamellas, thanks to their spatial form, perfectly reflect sound, reducing noise and increasing acoustic comfort. Another advantage is that the wall panels have good thermal insulation properties. Like any additional layer mounted on the wall, it increases the amount of heat in the room and prevents it from escaping, but remember that they will not replace traditional insulation. It should be treated as an aesthetic decoration with additional functional properties.

The slats can also be used to visually separate zones in the room. This is particularly useful in large, open exhibition halls, where you can create separate zones for exhibition, rest or work.

The last but not the least important advantage is also aesthetics. Wall slats are a decorative element that decorates and diversifies the space. It makes a given room look interesting and encourages you to approach and see what a given place has to offer. It has long been known that our decisions are often guided by appearance first.

Which slats should you choose for the transformation of public spaces?

When choosing slats for public spaces, you should take into account several important factors to ensure that the decoration will be durable, aesthetic and safe.

Mardom Decor wall slats in width L0102 Stretto and L0202 Medio on the island

Durability is a key feature when choosing slats for public use. Decorations in such spaces are exposed to intensive use and mechanical damage. Lamellas made of durable material, resistant to scratches, impacts and scratches will be an excellent choice. We do not recommend slats made of wood or MDF covered with veneer. Natural oak, although very noble and aesthetic, requires regular care and may be damaged over time. In turn, MDF boards can quickly become deformed or scratched and are not suitable for renovation, so it will be necessary to replace the wall decorations with new ones. Mardom Decor wall panels are made of dense PolyForce duropolymer using ScratchShield® technology, thanks to which the surface is additionally hardened and protected against impacts and scratches.

Mardom Decor wooden slats combined with lighting strips
Mardom Decor wooden slats with LED profiles and lighting tape at the reception desk

Lamella used in public spaces must also be waterproof and easy to clean. Spilled drinks or spilled water should not pose a problem for decoration. The PolyForce polymer material from which Mardom Decor wall panels are produced is fully waterproof. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents dust from settling on the surface, and any stains can be easily removed with a cloth soaked in water. Mardom Decor slats are also highly resistant to UV radiation – they do not discolor or turn yellow after contact with intense sunlight. Thanks to this, the wall panels can be easily used in rooms for any purpose.

Mardom Decor wooden slats mounted on the door

The products used should also be completely safe. The Lamelli by Mardom collection, with appropriate surface preparation and the use of high-strength glue, allows for a durable and stable installation that will not fall off the wall over time, ensuring full safety of use. Production in 100% Poland, in our factory in Łódź, guarantees that each stage of production is subjected to rigorous quality and safety tests. The slats do not contain harmful substances, are produced in a closed loop and are fully recyclable.

Current decorative design trends

Eco style and natural interiors dominate among current design trends. Warm browns, beiges, greens and natural materials and accessories are fashionable. In the context of these trends, wooden slats will be an excellent choice, but also those made of MDF board fit perfectly into current fashion. But what about the previous paragraphs, where we warn against the low durability of these materials? We have a solution 😉

Lamelli by Mardom Decor is 5 unique shades of wood – produced in embossing using embossed lamination technology, making them look extremely realistic. Their structure makes them difficult to distinguish from real wood. They look most beautiful in natural arrangements, but they will work equally well in loft, retro or even scandi boho style interiors.

Although wood is a universal interior design accessory, it does not fit every style and visual key of every brand. If we want to focus on minimalism, simplicity and timeless, elegant white, we recommend white slats. This version is covered with high-quality SupremeSatin® varnish in the shade of RAL9003, which additionally protects the surfaces against moisture and damage, giving the wall decoration a luxurious, satin finish.

However, that’s not all, another option is also paintable slats. Covered with a matte primer, they allow the surface to be easily repainted in any color. The slats can be repainted many times and adapted to changing trends or brand design.

Ideas for the effective use of slats in public spaces

The slats on the Mardom Decor board offer wide possibilities of use in public spaces. Here are some ideas:

Decorative wall panels:

  • Lamellas are a great way to add character to flat and boring surfaces. Using them, you can create interesting patterns and compositions by combining colors and mounting them at different angles.
  • They can be mounted on the entire wall surface or used to create eye-catching accents.
  • The slats can be used to create walls with a 3D effect, which will optically enlarge the room. Vertical lines will lengthen the room, and horizontal lines will widen it.

Masking and hiding:

  • The slats can also be used to mask installation elements such as cables, ventilation pipes or radiators. Just attach them to the prepared structure and you’re done.
  • Lamellas can be used to hide recesses, giving the interior a more organized look. It is also suitable for installation on doors – they can be used to effectively mask the passage, e.g. to a social room or storage room.

Acoustic wall panels:

  • They will work particularly well in offices, restaurants and conference rooms, where not only the appearance is important, but also the need to soundproof the room and reduce echo.
  • The slats can be combined with sound-absorbing materials to obtain an even better acoustic effect.

Ceiling decoration:

  • The slats can also be installed on ceilings, creating interesting visual effects and adding character to the interior.
  • By combining ceiling slats with LED lighting, you can achieve a unique visual effect. The same procedure will also work on walls.

Furniture with lamellas:

  • The slats can also be used for installation on furniture fronts – wardrobes or islands. Thanks to this, the rooms will gain a modern character and make them original and unique. The same trick can be used at the reception.

Possibilities of using slats for display:

  • The slats can be used as a background for presenting products on shelves, exhibition stands or in shop windows. The vertical structure of the lamellas displays the products in an orderly and legible manner, and their neutral color does not distract attention from the presented items.
  • The slats can also be used to display the company logo on the wall. The logo can be made of various materials, such as metal, wood or plexiglass, and mounted on slats using glue or other techniques.
  • Lamellas in the appropriate color and pattern can become an element of the brand’s visual identification. A consistent brand image in public space can build its recognition and strengthen its image.

These are just a few examples of the use of slats in public spaces. Thanks to their versatility and a wide range of applications, slats allow you to create unique arrangements that will please the eye for many years.

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