Lamela Oak Gray L0203

Lamela Oak Gray L0203 is a wall panel in the shade of calm wood with a drop of gray. We used high-quality, waterproof PolyForce plastic to create it. Lamela improves interior acoustics, reducing noise and echo in the room.

270 x 12.6 x 1.2 [cm]
ScratchShield® technology
Product made in Poland


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Product details

Technical data
Length: 270 cm
Height: 12.6 cm
Depth: 1.2 cm
Material: PolyForce
Finishing: matt
EAN code: 5901694452920

Ze względów technologicznych wszystkie wymiary mogą wahać się w tolerancji +/- 0,5%

product description

The L0203 wall lamella in a soft shade of gray is an excellent interior accessory that will add elegance and modern character to a room. It was made of high-tech PolyForce material, which provides high resistance to water and moisture. Thanks to this, it is possible to install the lamellas in bathrooms, kitchens or restaurants. The material will not deform, swell or change its appearance in any way. L0203 laths from the Medio collection have a huge impact on the acoustic comfort in the room. They effectively reduce echoes, which will be especially important in large rooms. They also drown out unwanted reverberation, which can be a nuisance for those who value clarity of sound. Lamellas are one of the biggest interior design hits, so they will help you create a fashionable TV wall, or beautifully arrange an empty wall in the hallway. The length of the slats 270 cm has been adjusted to the height of most standard rooms. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to create unsightly joints vertically. However, if your lamella wall needed to be extended, you can use a dedicated MD359B skirting board in black, which will extend the entire structure by an additional 7 cm.

Product features

Maximum lamella hardening

Maximum lamella hardening

The lamella features innovative ScratchShield technology, which involves maximum hardening of the plastic with polymer compounds. Increased impact strength and impact resistance, translate into a noticeable improvement in the durability of the lamella when trying to scratch it with a sharp tool. Slats with ScratchShield technology are the toughest slats on the market.





The laths are fully waterproof. This means that they can be successfully used in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens. In a situation of flooding, direct contact with water will not affect the appearance of the laths.



Improving acoustics in the interior

Improving acoustics in the interior

The use of Lamella noticeably reduces interior sounds and gets rid of the echo effect. Lamella wall panels will therefore reduce unwanted reverberation, the sound of footsteps or rumbling. As a result, you will clearly experience acoustic comfort in your home.



Easy and instant installation

Easy and instant installation

Installation of the lamellas involves covering the panel with mounting adhesive and attaching it to the wall. You do not need any specialized tools or skills for this.



Natural texture and colors

Natural texture and colors

The slats come in a beautiful variety of wood tones to match many interior styles. Thanks to embossing technology, the texture of the laths is deceptively similar to natural wood, reflecting its delicate grooves and heterogeneous structure.



Product Variants

Dedicated accessories


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