English-style stucco in commercial interiors – how to add prestige to offices and premises

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Designing residential interiors can be demanding, but designing commercial spaces poses even greater challenges. In the case of offices and service premises, where functionality must go hand in hand with aesthetics, the difficulties are even greater. Striving to achieve an elegant and coherent look that immediately evokes the impression of exclusivity requires a well-thought-out strategy. However, English-style stucco comes to the rescue.

Wall stucco in the form of English wainscoting with decorative pilasters

Stucco in the English style is a perfect way to add prestige to any room. Its classic elegance and decorative character provide an excellent visual effect and allow you to create a space with a refined appearance. Thanks to stucco, the interior will gain an elegant style, and the details used in consistent colors will create a harmonious atmosphere. Regardless of whether we are arranging an office room or a commercial premises, stucco will be perfect for arranging interiors that are supposed to look luxurious.

Features of stucco in the English style

The interiors are decorated in English style and draw on Victorian splendor. Characteristic of this style are all decorations, heavy wooden furniture on curved legs in the Louis style, wallpapers with floral motifs, decorative pillows with embroidery and all kinds of luxurious, high-quality decorative elements. The arrangement is complemented by large wooden furniture and comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas with expressive quilting. Of course, these interiors cannot be complete without decorated stucco, which can be seen in almost every corner of the room. All these elements, composed with extraordinary attention to detail, give the rooms a unique character, synonymous with luxury and refined taste.

Wall stucco in the form of decorative frames as additional picture frames

The English style is a color palette dominated by various shades of white, beige and subtle pastels such as powder pink or light green. In modern interpretations of this style, in addition to subdued colors, there are also strong color accents – yellow, orange, navy blue and brown. Although more intense and expressive colors are more often used in the colonial style, modern interiors allow them to be skillfully incorporated. English-style finishing strips are usually available in a subtle, elegant white version. An alternative is also stucco painted in any color of wall paint (matched to the shade on the wall and unified in color). Thanks to this, decorative strips retain their refined character and elegant look. Flashy colors or contrasting colors deprive the interior of the feeling of luxury, so you should make sure that the selected stucco blends harmoniously and coherently with the interior.

Stucco in the dining area – white wall frames and columns, finished with decorative stucco and ceiling moldings

All stucco elements in the English style should be elegant, richly decorated and ornamental. Sophisticated shapes with floral motifs perfectly reflect the Victorian atmosphere, bringing a touch of the luxury of yesteryear to the interior. Finishing strips and other decorative elements should be of high quality and attention to detail to emphasize the unique character of the interior. The use of such decorations allows you to create elegant and prestigious spaces that immediately attract attention and arouse admiration.

Ceiling moldings and other stucco elements in the English style – what will work in commercial interiors?

The English style loves decorative elements, and one of the most effective are decorative screens. Wall strips combined with decorative corners create a delightful effect, and additional details, such as decorative connectors, can enrich the arrangement (please remember that if you do not use connectors, the ends of the strips should be cut at a 45-degree angle and glued together). Wall frames can be used as stand-alone decorations or in combination with other elements, creating frames for mirrors, decorative wallpapers with plant motifs or paintings. This type of arrangement is perfect for hotel rooms or office spaces, adding prestige and elegance to the interior.

Interior stucco imitating English wainscoting is a perfect complement to English-style rooms. Mounted to a third of the wall height, it adds elegance and sophistication to any space. It is perfect for rooms where we do not want to go overboard with wall decorations, but we want to maintain the English atmosphere of the interior. English wainscoting made of wall strips is a good solution for decorating halls and other narrow transitional spaces, where every detail can significantly influence the perception of the whole.

Pilasters and columns are other elements of internal stucco that are perfect for Victorian arrangements. They can be used to decorate fireplaces, stairs, dining rooms, restaurants or reception areas.

Ceiling moldings are a detail that cannot be omitted in English-style interior design. It is a small but significant element that allows for a smooth and consistent connection between the wall and ceiling. Decorative, milled models can be a decorative accent in a space that is often overlooked in interior design today. The ceiling stucco can also be enriched with wall strips – mounted on the ceiling around the perimeter of the room, they will add character and a sense of prestige to the interior.

Skirting boards are a “must have” not only for functional reasons (they mask the expansion gap in the floor and protect the walls), but also are an element that can significantly influence the aesthetics of the interior. By choosing decorated models of skirting boards, you can subtly emphasize the refined character of the room, which is especially important in stylized commercial spaces, where every detail is important.

A modern solution that will work well in commercial interiors are wall panels. However, it is worth giving up modern asymmetry in favor of elegant lines and symmetrical shapes. The curves in the wall panels introduce a harmonious element to the interior, which is perfect for decorating furniture, reception islands or creating decorative walls. Such solutions combine modernity with classic elegance, consistent with the English style.

Why is wall stucco the key to prestigious premises?

Wall stucco plays an extremely important role in interior design, adding elegance and prestige to spaces. Decorative elements, such as moldings and decorative panels, not only emphasize the style of the room, but also influence its perception by people. Precisely made stucco details give the interiors a luxurious look that is immediately associated with high quality and sophistication. A well-designed and constructed interior using stucco attracts attention and arouses admiration, which is crucial in commercial premises, where the first impression is of great importance.

When choosing stucco for commercial rooms, it is worth paying special attention to its quality. In intensively used spaces, Styrofoam decorative strips, although rich in details, may not meet expectations in terms of durability. Styrofoam stucco is susceptible to deformation and dents when touched, which makes it unsuitable for places exposed to frequent contact. Styrofoam strips can be used as ceiling elements, where the risk of damage is minimal, but for wall and floor stucco, materials with high resistance to mechanical damage should be selected. Polyurethane stucco is available not only in a soft version, but also in a version with a high density and, therefore, greater resistance. The Victorian style, a symbol of luxury and elegance, requires the use of not only aesthetic, but also durable and solid materials.

Mardom Decor stucco fits perfectly into the philosophy of the English style, combining elegance with the highest quality. It is a polymer stucco made of PolyForce extruded polystyrene. It is resistant to water and UV radiation, which ensures its durability and unchanged appearance for years. Thanks to ScratchShield® technology, Mardom Decor products are extremely resistant to mechanical damage, which makes them an ideal choice even for intensively used spaces. This is modern stucco that will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, offering durability and elegance in one.

Bring prestige to offices and premises – arrangement using English-style stucco

Introducing prestige to offices and commercial premises often begins with a well-thought-out arrangement that uses decorative elements referring to the best design traditions. Thanks to the wide arrangement possibilities, decorative strips will allow you to create unique and luxurious spaces that will delight both employees and customers. Here are some inspirations and ideas for creating an arrangement using Victorian-style stucco.

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