Wall panel as an acoustic element in space

11.03.2024 6 min

In modern interior design, we are increasingly looking for solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality. The wall panel as an acoustic element is gaining in importance as much as its role in the aesthetic finishing of the space. Designed for ease of installation, wall panels can be the perfect solution for those looking for maximum visual impact with minimal work. Moreover, their installation is often so simple that even people with no assembly experience can handle it, which makes them an attractive choice in the context of home interior design projects.

WP001 Duna Mardom Decor wall panels in the hall

However, what distinguishes a wall panel as an acoustic element is not only its decorative values. These panels also have a significant impact on the sound in a room, helping to reduce echo and improving the quality of audible sound. Thanks to the variety of materials and structures, wall panels can absorb sound waves, contributing to better room acoustics. Whether in the comfort of your home, an elegant office or a public space. We will talk about how the panels affect the sound in the room and how they can be used effectively in today’s entry!

What are soundproofing wall panels?

Soundproofing wall panels are specialized solutions designed to improve acoustics in rooms. The appropriate selection of materials for these acoustic panels is crucial to achieving the desired effects. Various materials are used for this purpose, such as acoustic foam, wood panels or polymer panels, which differ in their ability to absorb sound in different frequency ranges. Thanks to this, it is possible to effectively suppress unwanted sounds and reduce reverberation in the room. Characteristics such as density, porosity and hardness of the material have a direct impact on its acoustic properties, which allows the panels to be tailored to the specific needs of a given place.

You probably know wall panels in the form of gray sponges with triangles, often found in recording studios. Their main role is to dampen high tones, for which materials with greater porosity are more effective. In professional use, such materials are an ideal solution to achieve optimal acoustic conditions.

WP001 Duna Mardom Decor acoustic panels in the bedroom

However, this professional option is not necessarily applicable in our homes, offices or public spaces. This is where decorative wall panels come in – they not only enrich the aesthetics of interiors, but also effectively improve acoustics. Such panels perfectly cope with low frequencies that are most common in everyday use, such as conversation sounds, sounds of nature or the roar of an engine. In office spaces where reducing background noise and improving speech intelligibility is a priority, decorative wall panels can be the perfect solution to achieve these goals. Heavier and more dense materials from which the panels are made, such as wood, cork or polymer, block low frequencies more effectively.

Appropriate selection of panel materials to improve acoustics

Wall panels can be divided into those intended for professional and home use. In professional spaces, such as recording studios or concert halls, acoustic panels made of materials with high sound absorption, such as mineral wool or acoustic foam, play a key role. For the industry, moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean panels that provide noise insulation and high hygiene are important.

High-density panels are recommended for home interiors, as they significantly reduce unwanted sounds on a daily basis. Materials that will work include upholstered panels, wooden panels, cork panels, vinyl panels (polyvinyl chloride), and even those made of plastic. The latter are the most universal – they come in many shapes, colors, styles, and are resistant to various weather conditions. However, it is worth avoiding PVC panels – thin PVC panels can serve mainly as a decorative element, without significant acoustic properties.

So what plastic will guarantee not only a beautiful appearance, but also excellent acoustics? Dense, non-porous and high-quality polymer. This is exactly what Mardom Decor wall panels are like. It is a high-quality PolyForce duropolymer, which guarantees resistance to moisture, but also resistance to damage thanks to the ScratchShield® technology. Their non-porous, smooth surface protects against dirt and makes it easier to keep clean, but also meets the aesthetic, functional and practical needs of rooms. Mardom Decor wall panels are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom – you can install them above the countertop or attach them to the fronts of cabinets. Their spatial form is also of great importance. The three-dimensional design has a positive effect on the acoustics of the interior, reducing reverberation and noise, and the room gains an eye-catching decoration in a modern style.

Effective use of wall panels – how do they affect everyday use?

The wall panel is not only a decorative element of the interior, but can also significantly influence the daily use of the room, especially in terms of acoustics. Properly selected panels can significantly improve the comfort of life and work, thanks to:

  • Sound Absorption: Helps reduce noise and improves sound clarity in the room.
  • Reverberation Reduction: Minimizes reverberation levels by reducing sound reflection from hard surfaces.
  • Sound insulation: Thicker and denser panels can effectively block the transmission of sounds from outside and between different rooms.
  • Sound Dispersion: Panels with uneven or three-dimensional surfaces help disperse sound waves evenly, resulting in a more natural and balanced sound.
  • Impact on the working and living environment: Improving room acoustics contributes to better well-being, concentration and efficiency at work, study and relaxation.

Aesthetics and acoustics go hand in hand when it comes to wall panels. Mardom Decor offers panels designed to combine visual values with excellent acoustic properties. Two types are available: specially dedicated wall panels and innovative slats that can function as wall panels.

Lamelli Mardom Decor slats are an innovative solution in the form of a wall panel that provides wide arrangement possibilities. They come in two finishes – smooth, white and in an ultra-realistic structure and appearance of solid wood. A wide selection of natural decors or modern white perfectly complements various arrangements – elegant white will work well in a classic style, and natural wood in a loft style.

Wall panels come in various patterns – from three-dimensional arches to decorative triangles. Thanks to this, you can create various arrangements, from modern madness to a gentle Scandinavian style. The panel can be mounted on any flat and even surface, and its acoustic properties will help quiet down almost any space.

Each white wall panel and slats are available in two finishes:

  • Matte – the surface is covered with a primer that allows you to easily repaint the surface in any shade thanks to the increased adhesion of the pigment to the surface. So you can choose from neutral, light as well as dark and intense colors. It is important that the paint you choose is water-based.
  • Satin – the surface is covered with SupremeSatin® varnish in the shade of RAL 9003. Thanks to this, there is no need to additionally paint the panels, and the product is immediately ready for installation.

Wall panel installation techniques for sound reduction

Sound reduction wall panel installation techniques require careful planning and execution to achieve optimal acoustic effects. The first step is to carefully examine the space acoustically to identify areas that need improvement, such as places with excessive echo. Then, you should choose the appropriate type of acoustic panels, paying special attention to their density and material. When installing, the panels should be placed strategically: on the walls in areas most exposed to sound reflections and, in some cases, on the ceiling to reduce noise as much as possible and improve sound quality.

It is important that the panels are mounted with appropriate precision, maintaining equal spacing (this is especially important in the case of individual elements mounted to MDF boards) and, depending on needs, creating patterns that ensure uniform absorption of sound from different directions. However, in the case of Mardom Decor wall panels, you don’t have to worry about the distance. Our products are ready-made elements that allow for easy assembly and quick connection of individual elements.

Wall panel as a designer acoustic element: Inspirations and trends

Mardom Decor wall panels and slats are not only refined aesthetic solutions, but also functional accessories that improve room acoustics. Their use is extremely wide – they can constitute an elegant background for a home office, visually and acoustically enrich the living room space or create a characteristic atmosphere in the bedroom. Installing the panels on the wall behind the TV or audio system in your home not only reduces sound reflection, but also becomes the decorative focal point of the room. Thanks to their three-dimensional form, Mardom Decor slats effectively disperse sound waves, which significantly affects the acoustic comfort in rooms.

Lamelli L0306 Mardom Decor Largo wall panels

In 2024, interior design trends focus on combining functionality with a designer look, where Mardom Decor wall panels and slats perfectly fit into these expectations. Natural motifs, geometric patterns and an innovative approach to textures and materials offered by Mardom Decor harmonize with modern interior design concepts, promoting rooms that are not only aesthetically decorated, but also provide better acoustic conditions. Using panels on the wall in your home is a step towards creating a space that is not only visually attractive, but also functional, responding to the growing need for a comfortable life in harmony with the surroundings.

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