Lamellas in a child’s room – a decorative element of a children’s bedroom

18.03.2024 5 min

Arranging a children’s room is a difficult nut to crack for every parent. We want our children’s interiors to be not only nice and aesthetic, but also cheerful, full of life and provide space for learning and playing. So how can you effectively combine aesthetic decorations with high functionality to create a space perfect for growing minds and bodies? This is where slats in a child’s room come into play, offering a unique combination of design and practical use. These decorative panels can easily transform any children’s room into an oasis of creativity and style, while maintaining its friendly and warm character.

White wall slats in a little girl's room L0101 Mardom Decor with pink accessories
White wall slats L0101 Mardom Decor

Lamellas are a common choice for arranging various home spaces – in terms of aesthetics, they definitely lack nothing, their minimalist form will work in almost any arrangement. But what about their functionality? After all, every decoration chosen for a child’s room will sooner or later have to pass a durability test carried out by our little testers. Therefore, when we consider various options for enlivening the interior, it is worth paying special attention to products that are not only beautiful, but also of high quality.

The function of decorations in a child’s room

It may seem that all decorations in a child’s room are unnecessary – after all, the toddler will paint them, dent them or tear them off. So why invest in any decorative elements? However, it is worth remembering that decorative elements, including such as wall slats in a child’s room play an important role in stimulating children’s imagination and creativity. An environment full of colors, patterns and textures encourages children to let their imagination run wild, which is the foundation of creative thinking and cognitive development.

Wooden slats L0205 Mardom Decor in a wall arrangement in a boy's bedroom, arrangement in beige and wood
L0305 Mardom Decor wooden slats in a children’s bedroom

Older children already clearly know what they don’t like and what colors they want to surround themselves with. By allowing them to choose decorations, we give our children the opportunity to personalize their surroundings. These are their first steps in creating their own space and an important lesson in independence. Thanks to this, children learn that their opinions, needs and preferences are also important to us.

Decorations also have a significant impact on interior acoustics. Empty walls are a source of echoes that can be unpleasant, especially for children who are more sensitive to various sounds. By adding three-dimensional elements, e.g. vertical slats, we increase acoustic comfort, which creates a space more friendly for learning and playing. Wall lamellas can effectively reduce noise, thus providing better conditions for concentration and rest.

L0205 Mardom Decor wall slats in light wood in a child's bedroom in beige
L0205 Mardom Decor wall slats in a child’s bedroom in beige

A child’s room does not always have exactly the dimensions we would like. Unfortunately, rubber walls are not, but this can be cheated with optical tricks using decorations. Using vertical lines can visually raise a room, while placing them horizontally will make the room appear wider. You can use paint or slats to create such lines. This is a clever way to manipulate interior proportions, which can be especially useful in smaller spaces.

Finally, we cannot forget about the basic function of decoration – decorations such as lamellas bring warmth and coziness to the interior, which is extremely important when arranging a child’s room. These elements influence the overall atmosphere and perception of the room, improve well-being and make the space more friendly. By using decorations in a child’s room, we create a place where our children enjoy spending time, learning and developing, while providing a safe space where they can let their imagination run wild.

What to put on an empty wall in a child’s room?

It is worth considering using modern and functional solutions that will make the space both aesthetic and safe for the child. Decorative lamellas will definitely work here, as they are an interesting alternative to traditional decorations. Wall lamellas made by Mardom Decor are an innovative form of wall panels that allow for quick and easy installation only with glue – without the need for special assembly skills. Therefore, every parent will be able to install them, transforming an empty wall into a creative and inspiring space.

Moreover, decorative lamellas from Mardom Decor are not only easy to install, but above all, they focus on durability, which is crucial in a child’s room. Made of a proprietary blend of polymers with the addition of refiners, PolyForce material has been enriched with ScratchShield® technology, which hardens the surface as much as possible, ensuring its resistance to scratches and other mechanical damage. In addition, the wall slats are made of a smooth, low-porosity material that is fully waterproof – they will not be harmed by accidental spilling of a drink and allow for trouble-free operation when necessary, without the risk of swelling and deformation of the material. They do not contain harmful substances, which makes them completely safe for children. Thanks to these features, wall slats are not only an aesthetic, but also a practical solution that will meet the expectations of the most demanding parents and their children.

What to put on the wall instead of slats?

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional lamellas in the arrangement of a child’s room, wall panels may be an excellent choice. They have a similar form to lamellas, but they are distinguished by their form and creative shapes. Mardom Decor’s offer includes panels in three unique forms: convex semicircles, concave semicircles and triangles. These unique shapes allow you to diversify the children’s room even more, making it unique and introducing cheerful, unique decorative accents. By choosing wall panels for your child’s room, you can create an inspiring space that stimulates creativity and encourages play.

Decorative strips are another interesting option that allows you to change the walls in a child’s room. Stucco strips can be arranged in a variety of patterns, creating unique wall arrangements that will delight every little resident. Manufactured from the same materials as the slats, they also provide full water resistance and high durability. They enable the implementation of both simple, geometric designs and more complex compositions. It is worth noting that these strips can not only serve as a decorative element, but also help hide minor wall imperfections or electrical mask cables, providing an aesthetic and functional finish to any children’s room.

Wall panels in the shape of concave semicircles painted in different colors WP002 Lumio Mardom Decor
Wall panels painted in different colors WP002 Lumio Mardom Decor

Patterns, colors and shapes – A cozy corner for creativity

The Lamelli by Mardom Decor collection offers a wide selection of decorative options, perfect for creating a cozy corner in a child’s room. This unique series includes one white panel and five decors which, thanks to the use of embossed laminate and embossing technology, perfectly imitate natural oak. The matte surface of these panels adds realism, making vertical wooden slats an aesthetically attractive interior element that works perfectly in any room, enriching them with warm accents of natural wood.

The white Lamelli by Mardom Decor panel offers two possible finishes – Premium, covered with satin varnish, is ready for installation immediately after purchase. In the standard version, the panel is covered with a matte primer and prepared for painting, which allows for full personalization and matching the shade to the child’s current needs and taste. Pastel colors perfectly match the delicate character of a children’s room, but nothing stops you from choosing more vivid colors, such as intense green or fluorescent yellow, which can add energy and liven up the space.

The Lamelli collection includes three different lines, characterized by different sizes, which allows you to create different arrangements according to individual needs. Regardless of the selected size, all slats are highly resistant to mechanical damage and easy to keep clean. Thanks to their high water resistance, they are perfect for any interior, not only a child’s room, but also a kitchen or bathroom.

Practical and stylish – How to use slats to decorate a child’s room

Lamellas, used to decorate a child’s room, offer both practical and stylish solutions, tailored to the needs of the youngest users. Walls installed along the entire height create an attractive, uniform surface, while using them as modern paneling is an excellent way to protect walls against damage, which may be especially important in the case of small children. The latter option, apart from its protective properties, also introduces a fashionable design into the interior, which will easily fit into many styles – both classic and modern interiors.

The slats can also serve as a practical space divider. They allow you to separate a play and study zone, which not only helps develop good habits, but is also extremely useful when siblings share a room. In this case, you can use traditional lamellas and create an openwork wall that not only visually divides the space, but also allows you to maintain a sense of openness and light flow, which is crucial in smaller rooms.

As children grow up, their tastes and needs evolve, which often results in the desire to refresh the interior. Lamellas are a great way to introduce a new dimension and texture to a child’s room without the need for time-consuming renovation. Their installation does not require great skills or the creation of a special structure, which means that they can be easily installed not only on walls, but also on furniture, wardrobes, cupboards or ceilings – this way you can cover any flat space that requires additional ribs, which allows you to create a unique and personalized space. Such a change in decoration can completely change the character of the room, adapting it to the child’s current preferences and adding freshness and a modern style to the interior.

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