Interior transformation: How wall panels change the atmosphere of a room

10.05.2024 5 min

Decorative wall panels have become one of the most interesting trends in contemporary interior design. Their versatility and ease of installation have made them a popular choice. We will see them both at top interior designers and in the apartment of our neighbor Kowalski. These modern decorative elements not only add character and depth to the space, but also have practical, protective and insulating functions.

panele ścienne w sypialni aranżacja
WP002 Mardom Decor wall panels in a beige living room arrangement

To fully use the potential of wall panels, it is necessary to select their type, shape and shade appropriately, which allows you to create a coherent and harmonious composition. There is a wide selection of designs available on the market that can be adapted to the individual needs and style of any interior. Thanks to this, wall panels offer almost unlimited possibilities for arranging and finishing interiors.

The use of wall panels in interiors

Wall panels are a versatile tool that allows for a quick and effective transformation of a room. Used in both modern and classic arrangements, they allow you to create unique spaces that gain character and depth. Introducing this element into your house or apartment is a simple way to give the space a new dimension and atmosphere, transforming it into a place with unique style.

Making the interior cozy

Making the interior cozy is a process in which properly selected decorations play a huge role. Empty, smooth and cold walls are definitely not the right choice for people who want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Wall panels, especially those with organic shapes – round, semi-circular or with curves, will work perfectly in this role.

WP001 Mardom Decor wall panels in a girl’s bedroom painted pink

Wall panels with curves can visually “soften” the angular architecture of the building and change cold and uninteresting spaces, introducing more warmth and a cozy atmosphere into the interior. For an additional aesthetic effect, the wall panels can be painted, which allows them to be even better suited to the character of the room. For example, panels with a semi-circle pattern painted in pink will be an ideal solution for a girl’s bedroom – won’t they be a perfect association with cotton candy on a stick?

WP001 Mardom Decor wall panels in a glamorous bedroom

However, it is important to pay attention to their durability – impact and scratch-resistant materials are recommended, which guarantees their long-lasting beauty and functionality. Wall panels placed as a bed headboard or wall decoration in the bedroom, especially those painted beige or gray, will add subtle delicacy to any space.

Adding interesting three-dimensional space and structure to small rooms

Adding decorative elements and creating an interesting arrangement in small rooms can be a challenge, but thanks to wall panels it can be easily achieved, regardless of space limitations. 3D wall panels are perfect for small rooms, such as halls, corridors or halls. Thanks to their low depth (often max. 2 cm, almost the same depth as a standard furniture board!) and ease of installation, they can serve both as decoration and practical protection of walls against accidental kicks or abrasions. Moreover, panels with a uniform structure without visible porosity are easy to clean, which is of great importance in everyday use.

Wall panels in the passage WP001 Mardom Decor

In very small rooms, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold, and the walls are often completely covered with cabinets or mirrors, you can consider using panels on the ceiling. Thanks to this solution, we not only gain an interesting decoration, but also improve acoustics, reducing echo and directly influencing the comfort of use.

Wall panels in the form of lamellas L0306 Mardom Decor mounted on the ceiling

It is worth remembering that in small spaces, too large patterns may look disproportionate, and too ornate decorations may overwhelm and visually shrink the room. Wall panels are available in various patterns, colors and finishes, so it is best to match them to the selected interior style or size of our room. However, there is a certain procedure that we especially recommend for small and low rooms. An easy way to optically enlarge the space is to use vertical stripes, for example in the form of decorative lamellas on the board, which lengthen the interior and add elegance to it.

Emphasizing the modern character of the room

Emphasizing the modern character of a room with wall panels is a great way to introduce stylish and practical changes. Modern interiors are characterized by a simple form, a minimum number of decorations and visual order in the form of neutral colors such as beige, shades of white or gray. When choosing wall panels, it is worth opting for simple, geometric patterns that introduce order and consistency. Vertical lines, both concave and convex, perfectly fit this trend, adding dynamics to the interior without introducing visual chaos.

Wall panels in the form of lamellas L0301 Mardom Decor painted black

Wall panels can be painted in intense colors, such as modern peach fuss (the most fashionable color of 2024), olive green, blue or burgundy. It is important that the selected color of the 3D panels also matches other decorative elements of the interior, for example decorative pillowcases or carpets, which will ensure full consistency of the arrangement.

Wall panels installed in the rest area WP002 Mardom Decor

The panels are perfect not only for walls in the lounge area, but also as a decorative element of kitchen furniture or bathroom cabinet fronts, offering a quick and effective way to refresh the interior.

WP001 Mardom Decor wall panels mounted on the kitchen island

When choosing panels for places such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is crucial to pay attention to their properties, such as resistance to moisture and easy cleaning of the surface. High-quality materials ensuring durability and resistance to damage are necessary for the wall panel to serve for many years. Thus, the use of appropriately selected wall panels affects the aesthetics and practicality of any interior, making it both more beautiful and functional.

Natural look and austerity of form

In an increasingly ecologically conscious society, our rooms are designed with nature in mind. Our rooms are increasingly filled with green plants and natural materials, thanks to which the eco jungle style is becoming more and more popular. In such a context, wall panels made of wood or wood-like materials fit perfectly into the trend of conscious design.

Wall panels in the form of wooden lamellas L0203 Mardom Decor

Wall panels that perfectly fit this concept should be made of wood or wood-like materials. Wall slats are perfect for such arrangements. They provide an original look to the room, at the same time becoming a coherent element of the arrangement of cabinets, countertop spaces and ceilings. Decorative TV walls made of wall panels are one of many examples of how you can stylishly incorporate nature into the interior while maintaining modernity and functionality. Wall panels can also be used in rooms with a strict, minimalist form, e.g. in the loft style.

WP003 Mardom Decor wall panels in a white shade in a minimalist interior design

However, if we want to refer to the more relaxing scandi boho style, wall panels with rounded forms will be the perfect choice. Bright colors of the panels can brighten up the interior, constituting an eye-catching addition that introduces an interesting three-dimensionality, without dominating or overwhelming the space. This arrangement means that wall panels not only improve the aesthetics of the interior, but also harmonize with natural elements, emphasizing the ecological character of the house.

Adding elegance to the room

Adding elegance to a room with glamorous wall panels is a great way to give the interior a refined and luxurious character. Panels with decorative patterns are perfect for glamorous arrangements. The shapes of the panels should be elegant and refined – ideal are those with symmetrical, geometric patterns, which, combined with mirror surfaces or metallic accents, enhance the glamor effect.

WP002 Mardom Decor wall panels as a TV wall in the living room

The colors of wall panels in this style should be based on deep, intense colors, which can be balanced by gold or silver accessories. Thanks to the use of such panels, the interior not only gains a beautiful appearance, but also becomes more coherent and thoughtful.

WP001 Mardom Decor wall panels in the bathroom

Classic-style wall panels, used on one of the dominant walls, for example in the living room or dining room, can serve as the main design point. It is worth displaying them against the background of other, more subdued elements, which will emphasize their elegant character without the risk of excess. When using panels in glamorous interior decoration, it is crucial to maintain a balance between the richness of form and the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Decorative wall panels

Decorative wall panels are available in a variety of materials, each of which has its own specific properties, advantages and disadvantages. Panels made of solid wood are naturally beautiful and durable, but they are relatively expensive, are not water resistant and may require regular maintenance. PVC panels are light, easy to install and resistant to moisture, but they may be less durable and may turn yellow and discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. MDF panels are an economical option, come in many shapes and are often painted. However, MDF board is susceptible to mechanical damage and swelling in humid conditions. MDF boards are not recommended for installation in rooms exposed to moisture. Vinyl panels (polyvinyl chloride) are extremely resistant to moisture and damage, which makes them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. However, they most often come in a flat form, the one we know from vinyl floors. In turn, polyurethane panels combine durability with ease of maintenance – they are resistant to deformation, water and UV. However, with high quality, the price also increases.

Mardom Decor wall panels are made of high-quality PolyForce polyurethane material. This modern material is characterized by excellent resistance to moisture, mechanical damage, scratches and impacts, thanks to the use of advanced ScratchShield® technology. Mardom Decor wall panels are perfect for any interior, from kitchens to bathrooms, where conditions may be extremely difficult. Thanks to their durability and ease of cleaning, 3D panels are perfect for places exposed to frequent use, offering a long-lasting, beautiful appearance without the need for intensive maintenance.

How much does a meter of wall panels cost?

Mardom Decor wall panels have two types of finishes: traditional, paintable and covered with a SupremeSatin® satin coating in RAL9003. The basic version with dimensions of 270 x 24.7 cm costs (piece) PLN 219.95 or PLN 249.95.

Our offer also includes lamellas in the form of wall panels, which are available in white – for painting or satin, but also in shades of wood. Their dimensions are 270 × 12 cm. The basic version (wooden or white for painting) costs PLN 99.99 (piece), and the satin version costs PLN 109.99.


Decorative wall panels are a versatile tool in modern interior design that allows for a quick and effective transformation of a room. Their ease of assembly and variety of designs make them an ideal choice for both professional designers and home DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to wall panels, you can add character, depth and functionality to the interior, creating a space that is both aesthetic and practical. Properly selected panels can visually “soften” the space, add three-dimensionality in small rooms, emphasize the modern character of the interior, as well as introduce a natural look and austerity of form, in line with the latest trends in interior design.

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