How to use lamellas in the office space?

23.04.2024 4 min

When we think about offices, we less and less often imagine cold, concrete spaces decorated in gray colors, with micro desks covered with piles of documents. Modern offices increasingly surprise with their architecture, introducing fresh and modern interior design solutions. Lamellas in the office space are one of the modern accents that can significantly influence the aesthetics and functionality of the workplace.

Mardom Decor L0205 wooden slats in office design

Although we still have a long way to go to become Google’s second headquarters in terms of architecture and work organization, we can still see major changes in the approach to the organization and arrangement of the workplace. As they say, everything one step at a time 😉 Today, in addition to colorful posters and unusual pear-shaped furniture, decorative slats are gaining popularity in office spaces, which change the character of the room and add functionality to it. So how to use this inconspicuous but effective element in office interiors? About that today.

Decorative slats for optical enlargement of the office space

First of all, it is worth mentioning what slats are – they are decorative vertical strips placed next to each other symmetrically at ideal distances. Most often in shades of wood, but colored versions are also available in white, black or gray. There are various types of slats available on the market, including free-standing slats, which are most often used to make an openwork wall, and wall slats mounted on a board. Although they may be associated with the once popular wainscoting, modern models have nothing in common with it, distinguishing themselves with a modern design – they are not only beautiful, but also practical, available in many versions that can be adapted to any interior.

White wall slats in an open space in the office

Installing vertical lamellas on the wall can significantly increase the optical enlargement of the office space. The vertical lines of the slats optically lengthen the room, visually raising the ceiling, which makes the interior seem higher. Additionally, the colors of the slats are crucial for the perception of the space – bright, light-reflecting colors can illuminate the room and visually enlarge it. Mardom Decor’s offer includes slats covered with SupremeSatin® varnish in white RAL9003, which are a ready-made solution, ideal for wall mounting. Alternatively, you can choose white wall panels that can be painted in any color. A special matte primer makes the surface perfectly smooth and ready for covering with a layer of dye, which allows you to achieve a consistent appearance with the rest of the walls, adding an interesting structure without optically reducing the space. Thanks to these solutions, vertical slats will become not only a decorative element, but a practical tool in designing modern work spaces.

Wall lamellas as decoration and branding

A decorative wall made of wall lamellas can be a perfect background for displaying a company logo, which increases its visibility and recognition. The use of lamellas for this purpose gives the space an elegant, modern character, while emphasizing the professionalism and uniqueness of the brand. Moreover, the use of slats as a decorative element enables an interesting play of colors and textures, which further enriches the aesthetics of the interior and creates a perfect background for each branding element.

Lamelli Mardom Decor display L0203

The slats can also be successfully used to decorate the reception desk, which is usually the first element noticed by guests entering the office building. Their use as wall decoration will give the room a luxurious character, also influencing the perception of the brand. Thanks to their modular structure and ease of installation, Mardom Decor decorative slats are a perfect solution for quickly and effectively refreshing the appearance of the office – these are not individual wall slats, but a modern form of panels, consisting of a package of several slats. A special locking system makes them fit together perfectly, eliminating the need to manually adjust the distances between the slats. The slats are installed using only glue, which allows you to quickly and easily change the appearance of the room, without additional renovation costs. This method of assembly is not only simple, but also allows for the highest aesthetics without visible traces of connection. Finishing the interior with wall lamellas can enrich the appearance of the interior, but also have a positive impact on the perception of the brand.

Separating zones

Wall slats are a modern arrangement solution that allows for effective and aesthetic separation of various zones in an open office, while maintaining its spaciousness. The use of lamellas on the slabs to create transitions between different areas of the office, such as the work zone and the relaxation zone, or from the hall to the conference room, is not only practical, but also introduces an element of modern design. The slats are also perfect as decorations, e.g. in the management’s office or conference rooms. Wall slats allow for trouble-free installation on a part of the wall, their installation is quick and easy, which enables dynamic space management and flexible adaptation of the office to the current needs of users. In addition, they can significantly improve the aesthetics of the office by introducing an element of modern design that can be harmoniously fitted into the overall interior concept. Thanks to such solutions, the office not only gains functionality, but also becomes more friendly and comfortable for all users.

When choosing wall slats, focus on functionality

The wall slats not only increase the aesthetics of the interior, but also fulfill a key functional function, influencing the safety and organization of the office space. They are perfect as a solution for a TV wall in a conference room, where they can effectively hide cables and other unsightly elements of office equipment. This is an excellent way to maintain order and aesthetic appearance, while minimizing the risk of mechanical damage to the equipment, which is extremely important in professional work environments.

Mardom Decor L0102 wooden slats in a shade of beige in the office

Soundproofing wall lamellas can also function as acoustic panels, which makes them an excellent choice for both conference rooms and office rooms where sound plays an important role. Excellent acoustic properties mean that the wall lamellas suppress noise, reduce echo and reverberation, improving interior acoustics. They can be installed in areas requiring particular silence, such as team work areas, thus providing better conditions for work requiring concentration and communication. The use of wall lamellas in an open-space office allows you to maintain an open plan while increasing acoustic comfort, which is crucial for the efficiency and well-being of employees.

The functionality of wall panels in an office space is not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, durability and strength. An office is an intensively used space, exposed to constant damage – from kicks to spills of coffee. Therefore, Mardom Decor wall slats made of high-density PolyForce polystyrene are an excellent option for any office looking not only for beauty, but also for functionality. The non-porous surface of the slats is 100% water resistant, which makes it much easier to keep them clean and in good condition for many years of use. Additionally, the use of ScratchShield® technology (used for the most demanding skirting boards) significantly increased their resistance to mechanical damage, ensuring long-term use without loss of quality and aesthetics.

Vertical wooden lamellas as finishing elements on walls

Although wooden decor adds warmth and coziness to the interior, real vertical wooden slats can be expensive and much less durable. They are susceptible to water and are easily subject to scratches and other mechanical damage. This makes their use in intensively used office spaces problematic. Considering how much wall slats made of wood cost and in terms of durability, their installation may turn out to be unprofitable. Modern offices require materials that are not only visually attractive, but also resistant and long-lasting. Therefore, despite their natural beauty, we definitely do not recommend wall slats made of real wood for office interior design.

However, there is an excellent alternative that combines the aesthetic advantages of wood with the durability of modern materials. Mardom Decor wooden slats, made using pressed lamination technology, are a perfect example of products with high aesthetics and durability. Thanks to the embossing method, subtle grooves in the material perfectly overlap the pattern of lines and rings, which in turn perfectly imitates the appearance of natural wood, such as natural oak. Lamelli Mardom Decor is a perfect solution for office interior design – made of durable polystyrene, it imitates a natural raw material in a hyper-realistic way.

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