5 ceiling decoration ideas

16.02.2023 5 min

All lovers of interior design know very well that the beauty of aesthetically pleasing rooms lies in the details. How many times have you browsed Pinterest and seen striking decorations, intricately grooved wall moldings or richly decorated wallpaper? It is the attention to such details that gives our homes a unique atmosphere. However, the final image is influenced by the entire room, including an often overlooked one – the ceiling. To encourage you to experiment, we have prepared a few suggestions for an impressive ceiling arrangement.


Rosettes are most often used in the bedroom or living room. This is a beautiful wall decoration, which acts as a background for lamps and chandeliers, but also aesthetically and subtly covers any protruding cables or electrical wires. This type of stucco is perfect for any interior style – from minimalist apartments to elegant, spacious living rooms.

Large spaces in glamour style will look great with richly decorated, spreading rosettes. The detailed carved pattern in the fabric will add elegance and a note of luxury that will emphasize the prestige of the room.

Ornnamental rosette B2021 Mardom Decor
Rosette B2021
Ornamental rosette B3015 Mardom Decor
Rosette B3015

A modern interior can be emphasized in various ways. It all depends on what effect we care most about. To decorate the ceiling, minimalist decorative elements with a small cross-section, rosettes with a futuristic profile or those with illuminated forms will be perfect.

Wall rosette B3030 by Mardom Decor
Rosette B3030
Rosette with a tuturistic shape QR001 Mardom Decor
Rosette QR001
Rosette in minimalistic shape QR005 Mardom Decor
Rosette QR005

Ceilings in small interiors can also be decorated with rosettes. Not only in the form of an elegant addition to the chandelier, but as a composition of several elements. Together they will make a striking decoration for walls as well as ceilings.

Decorative rosette B3021 Mardom Decor
Rosette B3021
Decorative rosette B3002 Mardom Decor
Rosette B3002

The large surface area of the rosettes or the attachment to the ceiling will not be a problem during installation due to the use of the patented ProFoam material in the production process. This is a lightweight material that allows you to create precise decorations. The stucco attached with specialized Mardom Max adhesive with high bonding force (8 seconds) will ensure a stable and durable installation to the ceiling.

Ceiling moldings

The next suggestion is ceiling moldings. This is a simple, but very aesthetic solution, thanks to which the walls seamlessly merge with the ceiling, guaranteeing the effect of a coherent and well-thought-out arrangement. When deciding on moldings, it is worth bearing in mind their different sizes. A wide and ornate molding will work better in a high room, while for interiors with low ceilings, stucco with a simple form will suit. However, it is worth remembering that everything depends on the height of the ceiling and our preferences.

Ceiling moldings used in the design of the hallway.
Arranging ceiling moldings in the hallway and bedroom

Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are an excellent design choice for beginners – they provide a delicate accent in the interior, are easy to install and safe to use. To ensure their stable and durable attachment with the wall and ceiling, it is enough to cover their edges with Fix Pro glue and press them to the plane. The ceiling moldings are made of polymer, which is characterized by high resistance to sunlight and water. Thanks to this, exposed to UV radiation, they will not turn yellow, and contact with water will not cause them to swell. Mardom Decor ceiling moldings are covered with a special primer, which makes painting easier and increases the durability of the paint used. The stucco can be painted in different colors and arrange the ceiling in our home exactly as we wanted.

Wall panels 3D

Llamas are the latest hit of interior design. They are an interesting solution, thanks to which we can quickly and easily change our space. Despite the popular term “wall panels”, they are not just for mounting on the wall. They are a multifunctional decoration that will help hide unevenness on the ceiling plane and look very modern and stylish.

Mardom Decor wooden laths. Medio Collection.
Lamelli Medio collection of wooden decors

Lamellas are not only a beautiful design element, but also a practical interior accessory. Thanks to the spatial form, the panels improve acoustics in the interior, eliminating reverberation and echo in the apartment. The innovative ScratchShield® technology strengthens the material, protecting the surface from mechanical damage, while the production method and embossing technology gives the lamellas the texture and appearance of natural wood.

The Lamelli by Mardom Decor collection offers three panel designs and six unique colors. The white panel will be perfect for Scandinavian-style interiors, but also those with a modern flair, thanks to the possibility to paint the surface in any color. The other decors perfectly mimic the look of natural wood – those with light shades of oak will work well for japanese interiors, and dark ones for classic rooms with soul.

Suspended ceilings

Another great idea for interior design is the use of a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling is most often made of gypsum boards, mounted on hangers attached to the ceiling and wall. This is a practical solution that allows you to hide unevenness, ventilation systems, heating pipes or electrical installations. Such a ceiling will work perfectly as a decoration of the living room or bedroom. Climatic townhouses, as well as modern interiors with high ceilings will benefit from this solution, thanks to the possibility of using LED light.

Cabinet in modern classic style. Suspended ceiling in the arrangement with moldings and LED lighting.
Arranging a study with a suspended ceiling and the use of light strips

When using lighting in a suspended ceiling, it is also worth opting for stucco, which will aesthetically mask the LED strip and add lightness to the structure. Both curtain and ceiling moldings will work perfectly for this. Mardom Decor’s stucco has patented LightGuard® technology, which guarantees an excellent visual effect – the LED does not shine spotlessly through the material and provides a beautiful dispersion of light around the room. This solution means that there is no need for additional wrapping of the LED strip with aluminum tape, which significantly speeds up installation and reduces installation time by up to 80%.

Wall strip mounted on the ceiling

Who said that moldings can only be installed on walls? When designing the ceiling, you can also be inspired by wall decorations and create original combinations of patterns and textures. When choosing them, you should be guided by the effect you want to achieve – decorative wall moldings installed as a screen on the ceiling will work well both as an expressive frame and a subtle accent.

Using large rectangular slats, you can create a simple pattern that mimics the look of beams. This is a good solution for a small apartment in a rustic style. Thus, despite the limited space, we will be able to recreate the idyllic atmosphere of the interior even in the heart of a large city.

Wall arrangement of decorative strips. Design in blues.
Wall strip arrangement

It is also a good idea to use minimalist, smooth stucco and create a three-dimensional pattern on the ceiling. In this case, we are limited only by our imagination – the moldings can be mounted only halfway to the ceiling, connected to each other at a slant or create asymmetrical lines across the entire surface.

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