Mardom Decor bevel box

Mardom Decor bevel box is an extremely useful tool when trimming and installing Mardom Decor moldings. With its help you will make a precise cut at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. The box is made of high-quality wood material, so it will serve you in your renovation work for many years.

Product made in Poland

Product details

Technical data
EAN code: 5901694459875

For technological reasons, all dimensions may vary within a tolerance of +/- 0.5%

product description

The Mardom Decor bevel box will prove useful when cutting decorative moldings of any type: skirting boards, wall moldings, ceiling moldings or curtain moldings. It allows you to cut both small, a few centimeter strips and massive, large profiles. Depending on your preferred installation technique, you can cut the molding at 45 or 90 degrees. Specially cut spaces allow you to easily maneuver both the saw and the long strip – stucco installation has never been so comfortable and fast! Thanks to the use of the highest quality plastic, the Mardom Decor bevel box will be a solid and durable solution not only for construction teams, but also for individual customers. You can use our bevel box with saws of any type – those manual, as well as electric.

Width: 40,5 cm

Height: 31,5 cm

Depth: 29 cm

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