MARDOM FIX PRO mounting adhesive

Mardom Decor Fix Pro glue is a product with fixing and at the same time putty properties, adapted for the installation of Mardom Decor stucco. Thanks to it you will fix skirting boards, wall moldings, ceiling cornices, rosettes and other decors from the assortment of our store.


Product made in Poland

Product details

Technical data
EAN code: 5411183089266

For technological reasons, all dimensions may vary within a tolerance of +/- 0.5%

product description

Mardom Decor Fix Pro adhesive

Mardom Decor Fix Pro adhesive dries quickly and firmly bonds decorative elements to building substrates. We mean mineral plaster, drywall, gypsum, concrete, bricks, but also wood and wood-like materials. The binder does not contain harmful solvents in its composition, has no odor and is fully suitable for installation of stucco. It does not run off the ceiling and vertical surfaces. It can be used to level small irregularities in the substrate. After drying, the adhesive can be painted.


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