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Safety pins for ceiling rail

A set of 10 safety pins used to secure the fabric to the curtain rail. The safety pins are clipped directly to the tape in the curtain or curtain. This type of fastening does not need to be removed each time if you want to wash the fabric.

Product made in Poland

Product details

Technical data
EAN code: 5901694452791

For technological reasons, all dimensions may vary within a tolerance of +/- 0.5%

product description

Ceiling rail safety pins are available in a bulk package containing 10 pieces. This number of safety pins allows you to fix the fabric on a curtain rail with a length of 1 m. Having a longer single curtain rail, the number of required safety pins should be proportionally increased. The safety pins for the curtain rail are, first of all, a convenient and practical solution due to the fact that we install them only once. There is no need to remove them when washing the curtain. Safety pins are dedicated to curtains that have a special crinkle tape that looks like a fold of fabric. The safety pins are first pinned to the fabric, and only in the second place are the safety pins mounted to the curtain rail.

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