Innovative LightGuard® technology in Mardom Decor mouldings

27.03.2023 4 min

Lighting strip with LightGuard® technology is a modern element of interior decoration, which can spectacularly transform an old wall curtain rod or give a flat, dull surface a striking shine. Depending on our needs – it can be an additional source of light to brighten up the interior or just a subtle, romantic accent to the arrangement.

Bluetarpan arrangement using LightGuard® lighting strips

LightGuard® Technology

Whatever your stucco application, it’s worth betting on proven quality and modern manufacturing solutions. LightGuard® technology is a patented system developed by Mardom Decor specifically for our light strips. This solution has eliminated the popular problem of LEDs on the LED strip shining through the material. Thanks to the patented technology, the Mardom Decor lighting strip has been properly compacted in the manufacturing process, so that the light is beautifully dispersed around the stucco, providing an aesthetically pleasing interior finish and a perfect visual effect for any arrangement. Mardom Decor was the first company on the market to develop a system to eliminate the effect of LED light piercing through the surface of the strip.

Traditional decorative mouldings Vs lighting strip by Mardom Decor

It is worth noting that the phenomenon of LEDs piercing through the plastic is a completely natural process. Until now, a popular solution to this problem has been to wrap LED lighting with aluminum tape, thus eliminating the problem of pointing LEDs through the material. It would seem that this is a small difference that does not significantly affect the installation process. In fact, the use of Light Guard® technology has simplified and significantly reduced installation time, not to mention the elimination of aluminum tape altogether. According to the study, the time was reduced by up to 80%.

Comparison of LightGuard® technology against traditional slats

Mardom Decor lighting strips

We offer a wide selection of decorative stucco to suit any interior style. Mardom Decor moldings are manufactured from high-quality PolyForce plastic, which is characterized by resistance to scratches, moisture and sunlight. They have been properly profiled for easy and simple installation – we can easily connect the moldings with Fix Pro glue. The profiles also have a special space that allows you to place LED lighting on the back of the strip without any problems.

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Product Features:

  • patented LightGuard® technology, preventing LEDs from shining through,
  • State-of-the-art PolyForce material, resistant to water and UV yellowing,
  • easy installation with only mounting glue,
  • coated with protective primer – can be painted in any color of your choice to match your interior design (water-based paints only).

Our curtain rails have been enriched with innovative LED technology, which, thanks to the additional light function, not only cover the ceiling curtain rails, but also aesthetically illuminate the space next to the window.

QL056 curtain rail with LightGuard® technology
MD156 curtain rail with LightGuard® technology
QL027 curtain rail with LightGuard® technology

A beautiful lighting effect in the room will also be provided by ceiling moldings or skirting boards. Thanks to the fact that they surround the room, they can become an additional and very atmospheric source of light. Ceiling stucco will also effectively finish old plasterboard or suspended ceilings, refreshing the appearance of the old arrangement and adding a new shine to it.

QL007 light bar with LightGuard® technology
MD362 light bar with LightGuard® technology
MDB115 light bar with LightGuard® technology

For interior decoration, too, lighting wall moldings are perfect for spotlighting – as a frame decoration above the bed or around the entire room as a cut-off strip at the height of 1/3 of the room.

QL006 wall strip with LightGuard® technology
MD024 wall strip with LightGuard® technology
MD016 wall strip with LightGuard® technology

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