Wall stucco in commercial space: How to decorate an office, original, shop or service environment?

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In home spaces, stucco has long been recognized as an element that adds character, highlights the style of the room, or simply introduces an interesting, three-dimensional element to the monotonous shape of our rooms. And what about wall stucco in a commercial space? But what about commercial space? Can this type of decorative elements be used in offices, restaurants, shops or service rooms? Definitely yes! Internal modern stucco is also an ideal solution for these spaces.

Ceiling stucco for the office - white ceiling strips in a wall and ceiling composition - combination of MD002 with MDB167 and MDB063
Ceiling stucco MD002, MDB167, MDB063 Mardom Decor

Wall stucco in commercial spaces is not only a way to decorate and diversify the appearance of interiors. It is also a practical tool for creating a brand image and creating unforgettable impressions for customers. Finishing strips, lamellas, rosettes or decorative panels can completely change the appearance of the interior, introducing an element of luxury, elegance or modernity, depending on the chosen style.

Although stucco is often associated with traditional interiors, nowadays there are also solutions available that perfectly fit into modern trends. However, before we decide to buy them, it is worth checking their quality of workmanship and technical parameters. Here are some ideas and some knowledge about stucco elements in public spaces.

Choosing the right stucco for various types of commercial premises

Choosing the right stucco for heavily used commercial spaces is key to creating a space that not only dazzles with its appearance, but also stands the test of time. Although stucco is extremely impressive and can dramatically change the appearance of the interior, there is no point in investing in decorations that will require replacing a year after installation. Therefore, when deciding on the selection of decorative elements for commercial interiors, which are often places with high traffic, it is worth paying special attention to their quality of workmanship, but also to where and how they will be used and what function they are intended to perform. Is it supposed to be a subtle highlight of the elegance of the interior, or maybe a more practical use, such as masking uneven walls? Such a selective selection of decorations will ensure that they are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Modern stucco adapted to the type of interior

Nowadays, when choosing decorative elements for our interiors, we no longer have to decide between durability and aesthetics. Modern stucco combines both of these features, offering products that are both durable and look great.

Styrofoam stucco, although easy to install and light, is very susceptible to pressure and scratches. What works well in a living room out of reach of touch (children and animals, mounted e.g. on the ceiling) may not last long in a commercial space. In such a case, it is worth choosing more durable options, such as stucco made of polystyrene. For example, Mardom Decor stucco is made of dense and resistant PolyForce material. Additionally, floor and multifunctional strips have the innovative ScratchShield® technology developed by our technologists, which hardens the surface as much as possible, increasing resistance to mechanical damage, which ensures high durability and better durability of the stucco.

Wall strips mounted on the counter in the form of an expressive wall frame, painted purple - matching the style of the store and brand colors.
Design by Katarzyna Fanajło – modern stucco installed on the island in the store

In rooms where there is an increased level of humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms, it is crucial to use water-resistant materials. Gypsum stucco, although beautiful, will not be suitable for problematic rooms. In contact with water, it may swell and deform, spoiling the appearance of the arrangement. The PolyForce material used in the production of Mardom Decor stucco is a 100% water-resistant material, which guarantees long-lasting effect and safety of use in any room, regardless of whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or office room.

Interior stucco – patterns and types

Internal stucco is not only a practical, but also an aesthetic decorative element. Appearance is as important as functionality, especially when it comes to interior stucco. We should not forget that its main role is to highlight the advantages of the interior, which makes it a key element in the arrangement of commercial space.

In the case of modern projects where we often encounter rounded walls or uneven surfaces, Flex stucco is an excellent solution. Flex strips, thanks to their flexibility, fit perfectly to rounded walls. They can be successfully mounted on curved walls, enabling the creation of smooth, harmonious lines that harmonize with the unique architecture of the room.

In low and small rooms, the best choice will be a minimalist approach to stucco. In this case, ceiling stucco and skirting boards can be successfully used. However, the key is to choose the right sizes. For rooms with a height of 250-260 cm, strips up to 7 cm and a maximum of 10 cm will be ideal. In taller buildings up to 270-280 cm, strips from 12 cm to 15 cm can be used. In high spaces, strips from 12 to even 20 cm will fit. In low rooms, it is recommended to avoid color contrast between the strips and the color of the paint on the wall – it is best if they are the same color as the walls, which will visually enlarge the space.

Wall frames made of decorative strips can make a room look slimmer. By installing them in the form of a rectangle with a central strip placed at approximately 1/3 of the wall height (85-90 cm from the floor), you can achieve perfect proportions. If the ceiling is very low, the center strip can be mounted slightly lower, at a height of about 80 cm, or it can be omitted altogether.

Ceiling – let’s not forget about it when designing our interiors. Decorative ceiling strips, installed around the room with decorative corners, can create an elegant composition. Additionally, a decorative rosette in the center of the ceiling can add elegance and style. You can experiment with different combinations, depending on the desired end result.

An interesting idea is also to use stucco on furniture, which can add a unique character to it. It is important to use high-quality mounting glue to ensure stability and durability of the mounting. In this way, decorative strips can become not only an element of walls and ceilings, but also a stylish accent of interior design.

Practical applications of stucco in the office: Ideas for dividing space

Stucco is an excellent choice for visually dividing office spaces, especially those where we already have little space. The use of wall panels or slats allows you to quickly and non-invasively divide zones in the room. This will work perfectly in various rooms – this method can be used to separate the kitchen, in the case of a kitchenette or a seating area, as a decoration for a TV wall. This will allow you to maintain the openness of the space, but at the same time logically divide the interior into zones with a given function.

Stucco for the office - modern arrangement using L0101 slats painted with water-based paint along with MD359 skirting boards and QL017 Mardom Decor lighting strips
Stucco for the office – L0101 slats with MD359 skirting boards and QL017 Mardom Decor lighting strips

Stucco installation offers high flexibility – it can be installed in various ways, from the full height of the wall, through the transition to the ceiling, or used as a modern paneling on 1/3 of the wall height. Combining stucco with other decorative elements, such as floor strips, decorative cut-off strips or LED strips, allows for even greater personalization of the space.

Stucco for the office in the form of lamellas Mardom Decor L0101 - painted with water-based paint and cut to the height of 1/3 of the wall, creating a modern lantern that marks the office area
Mardom Decor L0101 slats painted with water-based paint and cut to 1/3 of the wall

Mardom Decor offers a wide selection of wall panels and slats in various patterns and colors that can be adapted to individual needs and interior style. White wall panels and slats come in two types. The first ones, covered with a special primer with smoothing properties and increasing the adhesion of the dye to the surface, can be repainted in any color, fully adapting them to the interior design needs.

The second type is Premium stucco, covered with SupremeSatin® satin varnish in the shade of RAL 9003. This option is perfect for lovers of snow-white.

For lovers of classic style, Mardom Decor’s offer includes slats in natural shades of wood, allowing you to create an elegant and functional office interior.

Ceiling moldings: Creative use of moldings in the decoration of restaurant ceilings and walls

Modern stucco in a cafe - MDD332 and MD413 Mardom Decor decorative wall strips painted with pink paint
Modern stucco in a cafe – MDD332 and MD413 Mardom Decor wall strips

There is definitely no shortage of creativity in the arrangement of this unique cafe. Using stucco strips, decorative frames were created that further enliven the interior. However, what gives the whole style a glamorous look is the placement of beautiful mirrors in these frames. This is a simple but extremely effective procedure that makes the restaurant look extremely chic and unique. This is an inspiration taken from home interior design, but it fits here perfectly. The ceiling strip used in the interior design together with the wall stucco create a harmonious whole, giving the room a unique charm.

Modern stucco in a cafe - double wall frames made of MDD332 and MD413 Mardom Decor strips with mirrors
Modern stucco in a cafe – wall frames made of MDD332 and MD413 strips Mardom Decor

Not only the form, but also the color of the stucco strips are of great importance in the arrangement. In the case of this cafe, the wall strips were painted exactly the same shade of pink as the walls on which they were placed. Using a different color could disturb the harmony of the interior, but thanks to this, the strips fit perfectly with the rest of the decoration, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in the restaurant. Stucco in one shade is an excellent choice to create a coherent and effective glamorous interior design.

Modern stucco in a cafe - stucco arranged in the pattern of double frames MDD332 and MD413 Mardom Decor, painted with pink paint in a glamorous style
Modern stucco in a cafe – wall decorative strips arranged in the glmaour style MDD332 and MD413 Mardom Decor

Wall stucco in shops and service premises: An effective welcome for guests

Wall stucco in shops and service premises is not only a decorative element, but also an excellent way to effectively welcome guests. One of the innovative solutions is the use of LED stucco, whose subtle lighting adds elegance and attracts attention – this way you can easily highlight the brand’s products displayed on the shelf. Mardom Decor LED stucco has the innovative LightGuard® technology, thanks to which the diodes do not shine through the surface, guaranteeing an excellent visual effect (traditional LED stucco requires covering the inner part of the strip with aluminum tape during installation).

Modern stucco in a beauty salon - a reception desk decorated with white stucco adds prestige and a touch of luxury to the interior - MD094 skirting board, MD003 wall strip and MD318 cut-off strip, as well as MD111 Mardom Decor ceiling strip
Modern stucco in a beauty salon – MD094 skirting board, MD003 wall strip and MD318 cut-off strip as well as MD111 ceiling strip by Mardom Decor

Not only on the walls, but also on the counter or right in front of the entrance, the wall stucco will look absolutely perfect. The same method of installing stucco elements that we know from home furniture can be used to decorate commercial spaces. This solution is incredibly effective and at the same time does not require a lot of work.

Modern stucco in the form of a decorative wall frame MD325 as a picture frame for the store's brand logo
Modern stucco installed in the shape of the MD325 Mardom Decor screen as a frame for the brand logo

Another creative use of stucco in commercial space is subtle, decorative frames that can highlight the company’s name or logo. These elegant and impressive screens create the impression of a picture in a frame, which gives the entire interior a unique charm. Thanks to them, the company can subtly highlight its identity and style, while maintaining elegance and classicity. Wall stucco is therefore not only a decoration, but also an effective way to stand out in the competitive world of commerce.

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