Rosette – a ceiling decoration that will transform your interior

22.12.2022 3 min

Ceiling rosettes are a well-known architectural element used to decorate the interiors and ceilings of buildings. We may associate them as simple, oval disc-shaped plaster ornaments from ancient Greece or richly decorated Baroque wall ornaments. Today, the rosette is experiencing a great comeback and is increasingly used by architects as an unconventional interior accessory. How can stucco transform the appearance of an interior? You will read about it in the following post.

Cabinet arrangement – ceiling rosette

What are ceiling rosettes and how to use them?

Rosettes are decorative elements that are most often mounted on the ceiling to hide unsightly cables and as a decorative background for lamps and chandeliers. Selected in a thoughtful way, they can be a coherent element of the whole composition, emphasizing the chosen interior style, or, on the contrary, they can be a game of contrasts, a play of shapes and colors.

Decorative molding on ceiling
Rosette B3047

The rosette can also have a functional use. Nowadays, a very popular solution used by developers are annexes connecting kitchens with the living room. There are several ways to separate these two rooms. One of them is to visually separate the rooms with rosettes in different shapes. With this procedure, the two rooms will be clearly separated from each other, and this action will not visually diminish the space in the house. This is a quick and inexpensive way that anyone can try. Thus, the lamps in the living room can be highlighted with a shapely decoration, while the chandelier in the kitchen will have a minimalist, oval finish. This is a simple way that can be used in a variety of arrangements and will work perfectly in all rooms.

Rosettes also for walls

Contrary to popular nomenclature, rosette can also be successfully used as an element of wall decoration. Recently, more and more interior designers in their arrangements use stucco precisely on the walls. It is a surprising and beautifully presented accessory, which attracts the eye with its unusual form.

Stucco can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Nowadays, there are various shapes of rosettes available on the market, not only the familiar to everyone – round. Our creativity and ideas are the only factors that limit us when creating our dream arrangement. Various designs are available, from richly decorated, through geometric solids, oriental shapes to minimalist forms. Among such variety, everyone is sure to find something for themselves. 

Wall-mounted rosettes can be treated as an intriguing accessory, juxtaposing them in different sizes and shapes to create a unique composition. Treat them as a mirror frame, create visual symmetry of wall zones, which will separate space and create a sense of order and harmony in the interior.

rozeta sufitowa w aranzacji scienne
Rosette in a wall arrangement

Rosettes are most often used on the walls of large commercial spaces, but there is no contraindication to using them in the comfort of our, even small, apartment. This problem can be solved by proper planning of the space or by fixing additional mirrors that will visually enlarge the room.

B3038_Mar06 fullHD
Rosette B3038 as an accent wall arrangement

Modern stucco by Mardom Decor

Mardom Decor products are stuccowork that was created for unique interior designs and beautiful decorations. Both ceiling and wall ones. Our offer includes rosettes of unique design and versatile use. They will be perfect for a variety of interiors, regardless of their style or nature of finishing.

Ceiling-mounted rosettes are not only a beautiful chandelier decoration. Some of the models can also be successfully used with LED lighting. This kind of light will certainly give the interior the right climate and atmosphere of romance. The Mardom Decor assortment includes two unique lighting rosettes, which were designed by the master of design – Tomek Rygalik. He is one of the most outstanding industrial designers with whom we had the pleasure of working. The rosettes created by Tomek Rygalik were designed with LED lighting in mind. They have timeless, simple forms that are perfect for modern apartments. Their geometric design definitely stands out against the classic ornaments available on the market.

Rosette QR002
Rosette QR005

In addition, to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users, we used polyurethane during the production process. Thanks to it, the rosettes combine both the extraordinary durability of the material and plasticity, which allows you to create even the most detailed and intricate decorations. For Mardom Decor products, we used a modern material called ProFoam. It is an ecological raw material, combining extraordinary durability and lightness. Its weight resembles ordinary Styrofoam, but don’t be fooled, our products are much stronger and will survive intact for many years, decorating the walls of your interior. It is with the help of ProFoam that the most beautiful decorations with a high level of complexity are created. Due to the fact that the material is extremely lightweight, it is perfect for large pieces hung on the ceiling. However, in order to minimize the risk of the decoration falling off the wall, for installation we recommend Mardom MAX glue, which is characterized by extreme strength and very short bonding time. Thanks to it you will be sure that all ornaments will last for many years intact.

Rosettes are beautiful, stylish interior accessories. Properly selected complements the character of our interior, or effectively separates rooms without the use of additional materials. Such an accessory is sure to catch the eye of all guests who appear in your home.

For more interior design inspiration, visit the site, where you will find stucco that will not only transform your interior, but also steal the hearts of all household members.

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