Lamelli wall laths – a modern 3D decoration that will transform your interior

04.12.2022 4 min

Wall laths are a unique decoration that will be perfect for all interior designs. It will benefit both industrial, Scandinavian style, modern and retro interiors. With their help you can create unique three-dimensional patterns. Along the length of the entire wall, if you feel like it, or only as a single decorative accent. This is an undeniable interior hit, which can dramatically change the appearance of the interior.

lamele Lamelli scianka za tv
Lamelli laths – a unique collection of wall panels

Mardom Decor laths

At Mardom Decor, we have been involved in stucco and wall decorations for more than 20 years. Many years of experience, close contact with architects and our customers allowed us to create wall laths perfectly suited to the needs of the modern user. Modern design, attention to detail and the highest quality. This is precisely Lamelli from Mardom Decor.

Wall laths are a collection of gorgeous shades of natural wood. The panels not only have beautiful oak colors, but also wood grain, so you can easily arrange them in your own interior, giving it a unique character.

At Mardom Decor we have created a range of unique products that you will fall in love with at first sight. Lamelli by Mardom Decor is 3 collections with different pattern widths in 6 unique colors.

  • Stetto with a slender design
  • Medio with a classic form
  • Largo o Largo with increased dimensions

In addition, the White Lamella can be covered with any water-based paint, completely changing its character. Painted decorative lamellas will perfectly highlight bold arrangements in all modern interiors.

High quality wall panels

Our products were made using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. So you can be sure that even after many years your wall decorations will look great. The laths are made of high-quality PolyForce plastic, which is characterized by high durability and water resistance. This allows you to install the laths even in rooms exposed to high humidity such as the kitchen or bathroom.

In addition, our wall slats feature patented ScratchShield® technology, which hardens the material to the maximum, making it resistant to any mechanical damage.

Another advantage of Lamellas is their thoughtful design. Vertical lamellas will perfectly fill the space from floor to ceiling, creating a consistent and beautiful wall decoration. All this is possible thanks to the well-thought-out dimensions – the length of 270 cm will work in most rooms and will allow easy installation of the lamellas in one piece. Without unsightly joints and labor-intensive assembly to maintain the continuity of the pattern. Our wall laths simply attach to the wall with glue.

Wooden laths are susceptible to damage, scratch easily and are highly hygroscopic. They can swell and deteriorate over time with use. Lamelli, through the use of the latest technology and high-quality materials, guarantees a beautiful appearance that perfectly mimics wooden laths and reliable quality that will delight you for years.

How to use laths in interior design?

lamelli medio nowosc mardom decor
Mardom Decor laths

Wall laths are an excellent element of interior decoration, which gives the effect of spaciousness in the room. Thanks to their high technical parameters and water resistance, they are perfect for any arrangement. With their help you can carry out a quick metamorphosis of the interior – use in a traditional way, decorating whole walls or furniture elements like large standing cabinets. Lamelli will also work perfectly as a ceiling decoration, bed headrest or TV wall. With the help of lamellas you will create unique arrangements that will delight any fan of interior art.

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