How to emphasize the modern style of the interior with an appropriate curtain rod?

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Modern interior style is primarily about space, simplicity of form, but also… details. However, not in the form of decorative figurines and tea sets placed on the cabinets, but rather in the context of attention to the coherence of the interior design and harmonious combinations of all elements. One of such details are curtain rods.

Modern curtain rods – MD213 Mardom Decor lighting curtain rod strip

Well-selected and harmonized interior elements have a significant impact on the final appearance of the interior. A curtain rod installed in modern arrangements, where minimalism and functionality dominate, becomes an important addition. Its design and installation method should correspond to the lines and forms that already exist in a given room, creating a coherent look. That is why the choice of a curtain rod should not be accidental, but carefully thought out, so that all interior design elements work together to create a harmonious whole, matched to the modern style of the interior.

What are the characteristics of a modern interior style?

The modern interior style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, which together create a well-thought-out, open space. The dominant colors are usually neutral shades of gray, white and black, although there are also more and more vivid accents that add character to the interior. Modern interior design is simple, clean lines and geometric forms that contribute to the creation of an organized and coherent space. This style focuses on openness and spaciousness, which is often achieved by minimizing the amount of furniture and decorations, which at the same time emphasizes the functionality of each element. The materials used in modern interiors are usually glass, metal, concrete and high-quality plastics, which are not only durable, but also aesthetically attractive (shiny plastic elements, e.g. PVC strips, will not be used here).

Modern white curtain rods – MD105 Mardom Decor curtain rod strip

Modern style definitely lacks splendor, rich decorations and ornaments. Contemporary interiors focus on high practicality – what can be hidden, stays hidden. This makes it easier to keep the apartment clean – there is no need to lift and wipe a napkin holder, candle or decorative tray left on the table every time. If we want to display something, behind a special glass display case – decorations brought from a long journey, a collection of watches or things that are sentimental to us – any cards or plasticine figurines made by children. It is important that they do not clutter the house and are only a detail in our everyday space. This approach to interior design not only facilitates everyday functioning, but also creates a space that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Modern curtain rods in contemporary interior designs

Modern curtain rods in contemporary interior designs are used primarily in rail and rod forms. A rail curtain rod is an element mounted to the ceiling. It is characterized by a minimalist form that is almost invisible and does not dominate the interior, which makes it an ideal choice for modern spaces. In turn, a rod curtain rod, once mounted directly above the window, is now often installed across the entire width of the wall at the ceiling line. The elements of the rod curtain rod are visible and often have decorative ends in the form of ornaments or crystals. This is definitely a choice that catches the eye and attention of all guests. For a modern style, however, a rail curtain rod will be the perfect choice due to its straight lines and delicate form.

Another advantage of the rail solution is that modern curtain rods often come in sets with a dedicated cover, which, as the name suggests, covers the entire system, leaving only the decorative part visible. However, the grilles available in sets may seem too unstylish for some users. Some of us certainly remember aluminum grilles with a corrugated surface from the apartments of our grandparents or parents. This is not a very modern solution, so in such a situation it is worth considering using stucco covers. Although stucco is often associated with the classic style, modern curtain rods come in many shapes and forms, allowing them to perfectly match the character of a contemporary interior.

However, what to do if we already have a rod curtain rod and do not want to replace it? In such a situation, it is worth simplifying the elements of the curtain rod as much as possible. Modern interiors will benefit from the use of a curtain rod with a simple design – unnecessary decorations should be avoided, and the ends of the curtain rod, which are often unscrewed and replaceable, can be replaced by simple and smooth elements. The curtain rod can also be repainted. When it comes to color, matt chrome or a white curtain rod will work perfectly and can be matched to most modern spaces. If the elements of your curtain rod are in the color of stainless steel, we only recommend cleaning and polishing them, as this form will perfectly emphasize the character of the modern space.

In the case of a rod curtain rod, it is also possible to use covers. Stucco curtain rod strips are available in various sizes, forms and shapes, which allows you to fully cover the existing curtain rod. Just choose a model that will completely cover the current curtain rod, adapting it to its dimensions and aesthetic preferences. The choice may be limited, but there is always a chance to find the perfect solution that will harmoniously fit into a modern interior.

What is the best wall curtain rod for your interior?

When choosing a curtain rod, it is worth paying attention to several important factors, such as length, material, color, and method of installation. The length of the curtain rod should be adjusted to the width of our room or window, and an appropriate margin should be taken into account where the rails extend beyond the window frames to ensure aesthetic and functional coverage of this space. The material from which the curtain rods are made also plays an important role – metal curtain rods are particularly recommended due to their durability and modern appearance, while the aluminum version is a great combination of price and quality.

Curtain rods are available in a wide range of colors, but natural shades and basic colors will work best for interiors decorated in a modern style. White or black curtain rods are a universal choice that suits many styles, including contemporary arrangements. If you choose curtain rod strips, the color of the curtain rod itself does not matter, because it will be covered in the end. It is worth paying attention to whether the grilles we choose are suitable for painting. Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are covered with a special coating that prepares the surface for painting in any color. Thanks to this, you can perfectly match the color to the shade on the walls, which will match the minimalist, bright space.

What’s better, safety pins or hook-pins?

The choice between safety pins and clips for hanging curtains depends mainly on your preferred style and functionality. Frogs are usually more popular in modern interior designs because they offer a clean, minimal look and are easy to operate, allowing you to quickly open and close curtains. They are also more versatile as they work with a variety of fabrics and curtain styles.

Safety pins, however, may be better in situations where the curtains are to be more decorative or when we need a more discreet way of hanging them. They allow for a more “fluid” look to the curtains, which may be desirable in some traditional or very elegant interiors.

Single or double metal curtain rod?

The decision to choose between a single and double curtain rod depends mainly on functional needs. A single curtain rod, as the name suggests, has one rail and is intended for hanging curtains OR curtains. This is an ideal solution for people who prefer a minimalist approach or have limited space around the window. Single curtain rods are also less visually invasive, which makes it easier to integrate them into modern interiors.

Wall curtain rods – what to look forOn the other hand, double curtain rods offer much greater functionality, allowing you to hang both curtains and curtains on separate rails at the same time. This solution is particularly useful in rooms where it is necessary to adjust the amount of light entering and maintain privacy, without sacrificing aesthetics. Double curtain rods are perfect for people who want to have both decorative curtains and functional curtains.

Wall curtain rods – what to pay attention to when shopping?

When choosing wall curtain rods for a modern interior, it is important to pay attention to several key aspects that will ensure both aesthetics and functionality. A curtain rod not only complements the interior design, but also plays an important role in everyday use, so its choice should be carefully considered. The following shopping checklist will help you choose the perfect curtain rod that will meet your expectations both aesthetically and functionally.

  • Material: Make sure the material of the curtain rods is durable and appropriate for the weight of the curtains you plan to hang.
  • Dimension: Carefully measure the space where the curtain rod is to be installed, including the width of the window recess and additional space on the sides so that the curtains can freely cover the entire window.
  • Bracket: Check that the wall brackets are strong and stable enough to support the curtain rod with the curtains. The number of brackets should be adapted to the length of the curtain rod and the weight of the curtains.
  • Style and appearance: Choose curtain rod and masking models that complement the style of your interior. Modern interiors use simple, minimalist forms that do not distract attention from the rest of the arrangement.
  • Functionality: Consider whether you need curtain rods with a mechanism that allows you to easily move the curtains, such as string systems or remote control.

With these criteria in mind, you will be able to make a well-thought-out choice of curtain rods that will not only be functional, but also aesthetically suited to the style of a modern interior.

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