Curtain rod masking strip – How was the design that users fell in love with in their interiors born?

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Curtain rod cover – what is it and what is its function?

According to the art of interior design, every window in our home should be decorated with some form of window decoration. Curtains, blinds, curtains and curtains are popular solutions that are used not only in the aesthetics of the room, but are also very functional. However, there is a downside – visible and unaesthetic assembly elements that can spoil the impression of even the best-designed arrangement. It is in such places that a curtain rod works perfectly.

When mounted near the curtain rod, it effectively masks the mechanism, handles, screws and pins. It can be used for both the bar and rail versions. Thanks to this, the unsightly place where the curtain rod is installed is not only effectively covered, but also the window frame gains another decoration in the form of attractive stucco.

QL035 Mardom Decor curtain rod masking strip with a simple, geometric shape in white, arranged in the living room
QL035 Mardom Decor curtain rod strip with a minimalist design

Mardom Decor was the first company in the world to introduce a dedicated curtain rod strip to the market. Previously, an ordinary ceiling strip was used for this purpose, and its installation required the creation of an additional wall of plasterboards. This was necessary due to the small contact area of the stucco with the ceiling and the risk of falling off. A dedicated curtain rod strip is a special design that allows you to completely omit this procedure and allows you to permanently and stably attach the stucco directly to the ceiling.

Where did the idea to create a new product category, curtain rod strips, come from?

We draw inspiration directly from our clients. The need to create a comprehensive solution for masking curtain rods arose in the mind of an architect from Lublin, who contacted our company to develop a convenient solution for masking the curtain rod rail.

The dedicated curtain rod was intended to shorten the time spent on the design and implementation of the investment. It significantly sped up the installation and eliminated the need to draw the plasterboard structure each time for installers to complete. Curtain rod stucco allowed us to further reduce costs and shorten installation time – the construction of plasterboard takes from 2 to 3 business days, and the installation of curtain rod strips takes only a few hours. With the increasing costs of installers, this solution allows for large savings for both individual and facility investors.

Architects cooperating with us often mention that less experienced assembly teams often have problems with the aesthetic implementation of curtain rod structures using plasterboards, and the effect after gluing the curtain rod strip is much better than the final appearance of the interior using plasterboard structures.

The first curtain rod strip that we introduced to the global market was the QL016 strip – a geometric design in a minimalist style that worked perfectly in various architectural styles. Stucco quickly gained popularity, and subsequent architects contacted us asking for a smaller equivalent. Shortly afterwards, the world saw the QL026 model with a height of 10 cm, which fit perfectly into modern interiors.

What are the dimensions of our curtain rods?

We currently offer 14 designs, which is the largest offer on the market. Stucco dimensions start from 200 x 8.1 x 8.1 cm up to 200 x 17.9 x 5.5 cm.

Our offer also includes multifunctional strips – products that have many applications and can also be used as wall or lighting strips. These are decorative strips with numbers:

What distinguishes the original Mardom Decor strips?

At Mardom Decor, we care about the development, improvement of production processes and innovative technologies that make the use of stucco and its installation easier and easier. We constantly listen to voices from the market and look at the needs of users, which is why we have developed several innovative solutions for the needs of our clients.

1. Curtain rod masking strip and LightGuard® technology

  1. Very often, our products were used for ambient interior lighting, which did not work with standard stucco production technology. The material of the “ordinary” strips had a different structure that made the LEDs shine through the surface. The solution was to cover the profiles from the inside with aluminum tape, but it involved additional work for the installer and increased costs for the investor. The market clearly defined the need and we responded. Our R&D department needed 18 months and countless trials and tests to develop the appropriate technology. LightGuard® prevents diodes from shining through the strip, ensuring subtle light dispersion. This effect is best seen in photos or a short video, please visit our Instagram @mardomdecor to check the effect.

Currently, LightGurad® technology is used in all Mardom Decor products dedicated to use with LED lighting. Remember to check whether the product you are buying has printed information about the product technology. For our website, look for a label in the upper left corner that says MULTIFUNCTIONAL.

2. Widened mounting elements

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips have a special structure that facilitates direct installation of stucco to the ceiling. The upper element of the strip has been specially extended to facilitate the application of glue and ensure stable and durable attachment to the surface.

3. High quality

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are products with excellent technical parameters. Manufactured from proprietary high-density PolyForce material. Their quality is palpable – the strips are solid and heavier compared to competing products. They provide resistance to water and UV radiation, which is particularly important in the context of installation next to a window.

We control at every stage of stucco production. All production lines are checked every hour, which allows for quick detection of possible manufacturing defects in a small batch of products. Thanks to this, the Mardom Decor curtain rod masking strip always looks impeccable.

4. Matte coating

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are covered with a high-quality matte UltraPrime coating. It is a special paint with high adhesion that makes it easier to paint the product and gives a better, smoother effect on stucco.

5. Special design enabling cable concealment

Our curtain rod covers have a specially designed space for hiding cables and installing an LED strip. The location of the dedicated space was not accidental – we developed the project and continue to develop it in the case of new models of lighting strips together with interior designers and window decorators. Darek Podkowa played an important role in developing this method, as he designed a place for the LED strip especially for our lighting strips, so that the light could spread effectively across the curtains.

Continuous development – why did we use decorative strips to mask the curtain rod?

Another need of architects and interior designers pushed us to the next step in the development of the product category of curtain rods. We were contacted by architects who wanted the strip used to finish the ceiling to blend harmoniously with the window finish. This is how the first curtain rod strip for this purpose – MD105 – was created, and soon the following ones were created:

Interiors using such strips look stunning:

White MD137 Mardom Decor curtain rods as curtain rod masking strips and stucco ceiling strips - glmaour style living room arrangement
Mardom Decor MD137 curtain rod masking strip in the living room, installed both as a curtain rod cover and as a wall strip

Which curtain rod strip is the best?

Choosing the perfect curtain rod strip can significantly influence the aesthetics and functionality of any interior, both in terms of decorative and practical use. The key is to find a solution that harmoniously combines eco-friendly materials, ergonomic design, innovative technologies and local production.

After many trials, research and tests, we managed to create a product that meets all the above features and more. So what is the Mardom Decor curtain rod strip?


  • The PolyForce material used in the production process is fully recyclable
  • Closed-loop production allows you to reduce waste as much as possible and use available resources much more efficiently by reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling them
  • Produced with the support of energy from solar panels, it allows you to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and the generation of pollution resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels
  • Water used in the production process is treated and reused in production in a closed loop

Ergonomic shape

  • Specially designed channels to illuminate the product
  • Wider gluing surface, facilitating installation and ensuring stable mounting
  • Special grooves on the inside of the strips facilitate the distribution of assembly glue

UltraPrime coating

  • The strip covered with a special coating allows you to easily paint the surface in any color using water-based paint

Ambient effect when illuminated with LEDs

  • LightGuard® technology that prevents LEDs from unsightly shining through the surface of the strip

Polish Production

  • Curtain rod strips are manufactured entirely in Poland at our headquarters in Łódź. Thanks to this, we have control over each stage of production, from design to the final product.

Is it possible to purchase a different length than the standard one?

We are open to new projects and confessions. The length of our profiles has been adjusted to logistic possibilities in order to be able to deliver the ordered products to you within 24 hours after ordering. However, if you have a larger project (over 300 meters), please contact our sales department to determine the possibility of producing stucco according to your individual needs. Production at our plant in Łódź gives us such opportunities.

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