French style bathroom :)

The French style does not often appear in contemporary interiors, which is a pity. These are rooms full of class and style, designed to combine different eras in a monochromatic color palette. The characteristic contrast of light shades – white and beige with intense black can be terrifying for many people. These are not easy connections, especially in small rooms such as bathrooms. However, the @aristo.interiordesign project proves that it can be elegant, practical and, what’s more, in such a problematic room as the bathroom.

The French style is a mixture of different eras with great respect for classical architecture. Stucco is one of the classic elements that interiors decorated in French style cannot do without! However, when choosing decorative strips for the bathroom – a room constantly exposed to contact with water – you should choose high-quality products that are resistant to changing temperatures and water. Mardom Decor stucco is made of PolyForce duropolymer (a special mixture of polymers with refiners), which is 100% waterproof. This material is completely safe and is perfect for rooms with high humidity.

Two types of decorative strips were used in the bathroom: ceiling and wall strips. The MD213 model was used as the ceiling stucco. It is a distinctive strip with an elegant decoration. The selected height of 8 cm makes the ceiling strip a distinctive accent of the interior – it is definitely visible, it effectively connects the ceiling lines with the walls, but it does not dominate the room due to its light color, which perfectly matches the tiles and the ceiling. MD003 wall strips on the walls in the form of classic screens – this is what adds class and elegance to the interior. Utility elements, such as a modern radiator, are incorporated into the decorative wall frames. The combination of these two elements is the essence of the French style – modernity combined with classic.

Wall frames made of MD003 strips were installed in the form of vertical rectangles. They reach almost from the floor to the ceiling. This treatment optically lengthens the room, enlarging it. This is important in the context of small rooms such as a bathroom. The MD003 strip has ScratchShield® technology, which hardens the surface, protecting it against mechanical damage. This is important in the case of stucco installed at such a height.

And finally – colors! Intense black was used on the bathroom walls, which adds elegance and luxury to the arrangement. The stucco frames are covered with the same color, creating a coherent and harmonious whole. Mardom Decor strips are covered with a special primer that allows you to easily repaint the surface in any color – including intense black.

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