Rafal Maślak bet on the best skirting boards

Looking at the interior of Rafal Maślak‘s apartment, it is hard to imagine a more ideal combination of flooring and moldings. Both products were chosen with all the most important design principles in mind. If you want to achieve a similar effect in your home, be sure to pay attention to these few important elements.

First, the moldings correspond in color with the wall.  However, this is not an ironclad rule, as more and more often we see the combination of light-colored walls with moldings of a contrasting color. In this case, full consistency and harmony in shades was maintained, which further emphasized the elegant and classic character of the interior.

Secondly, the skirting boards were perfectly matched in style with the rest of the interior elements. Decorative flooring in a French herringbone pattern, a marble kitchen island, velour chairs, small accessories in shades of gold and copper – this is the best background for decorative skirting boards. The choice fell on the MD095 skirting board, which is characterized by a rich double millwork.

Third, the ideal height of the skirting board was chosen, which is 12 cm. This size is optimal for most interiors and falls within the safe recommended range of 8-14 cm. Deciding on such a dimension, you should be aware that the skirting board will be clearly visible and exposed in the interior. We then treat it not as an invisible detail that blends into the background, but as one of the main decorative elements in our home.

Fourth, anyone who observes Rafal’s activities knows that his apartment is heavily used and subjected to many daily challenges J Deciding on Mardom Decor skirting boards took into account the fact that the boards may come into contact with children’s toys or bicycles. Mardom Decor skirting boards have innovative ScratchShield technology, which consists in maximum surface hardening and protection against mechanical damage. This makes Mardom Decor skirting boards the toughest polymer skirting boards on the market.

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