Minimalist interior in a classic design

Spacious interior, decorated in a minimalist style, the main decoration of which are wall moldings. This is the home of Kinga and David from the profile @domprzyulicypolnej. It’s a beautiful room that combines classic, elegant wall frames with modern interior design techniques. Impressive and simple in execution.

The room is spacious, not only by keeping the interior design open. Minimalism plays a big role in this arrangement. No oversized armchairs, baskets or bookcases clogging the room. Instead, they opted for classic wall decoration in the form of screens, which perfectly fill the flat space, giving it three-dimensionality. The blank wall, despite such minimalist decoration took shape, becoming an interesting, pleasing addition that does not overwhelm. In this case, the statement “less is more” fits perfectly.

The shape and arrangement of the wall screens also play a major role. The MD413 Mardom Decor moldings were installed in three rows, taking the form of continuous rectangles. In the lower part, smaller frames were installed, which are a perfect extension of the pattern. The use of free space to divide the wall decoration made the pattern even more expressive, but at the same time maintained a minimalist form. The use of MD413 wall moldings in this arrangement turned out to be a hit. It is a classic in form, devoid of ornamental patterns profile, which is characterized by high durability and scratch resistance thanks to the innovative ScratchShield® technology.

The arrangement of the wall screens has been carefully thought out. The frame in the middle is the largest, effectively focusing the eye in the central part of the room. It is in this place that the table was set in the dining area, becoming the most important element of the arrangement.

The MD413 decorative moldings are further exposed by painting them with a dark shade, exactly the same as the wall color. Mardom Decor stucco is coated with a special primer that smooths the moldings and increases the adhesion of the pigment to the surface. As a result, the wall moldings are easily painted in any color, and the pigment is always intense and expressive. It is worth noting that only the stucco wall was painted in a contrasting shade, making it even more eye-catching. The shade corresponds with the furniture, making the arrangement consistent throughout the house.

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