Home Office Corner

Our workspace must undoubtedly be practical and comfortable, but no one said it couldn’t be beautiful at the same time. Sometimes, combining a few simple solutions is enough to create a straightforward yet very impressive arrangement that will become the perfect home office corner.

The main role in this arrangement is unquestionably played by decorative wall slats. Model L0101 has been installed at 1/3 of the wall’s length, which works perfectly in a very limited space. Additionally, the chosen length of the wall panels evokes the look of decorative English wainscoting, but the modern shape of the slats significantly changes the dimension of this arrangement, adding a touch of modern elegance.

The slats are finished with two minimalist moldings. At the bottom, MD359 is used – a classic profile with a length of 7 cm, which works perfectly in rooms with standard height. It doesn’t visually diminish the space and provides a perfect finish on the wall-floor line, matching the modern wall panels. At the top, the slats are finished with a minimalist lighting molding, QL017. This simple profile with a height of 10 cm perfectly balances the entire arrangement. Additionally, model QL017 is designed to be used with LED lighting. It features innovative LightGuard® technology, which prevents LED diodes from piercing through the material, instead, the light is elegantly diffused – in this case, upwards, adding a unique three-dimensionality to the wall decoration.
Both the slats, the wall molding, and the baseboard molding are covered with the same paint in a unique shade bordering between blue and gray. This is a very classic solution that doesn’t distract during work and doesn’t unnecessarily divert attention. The uniform color of the stucco and slats was achieved by using a special primer in the production process, which smoothes and prepares the surface for painting. Thanks to this, Mardom Decor products can be painted multiple times in any color, and the effect of covering the material will be equally spectacular each time. Applying the same shade of paint to all stucco elements has made the arrangement look very aesthetic and cohesive.

Another element that adds an elegant touch to the home office corner is the choice of accessories. Nowadays, a workspace cannot do without a computer desk. In this arrangement, a piece of furniture with an irregular, round shape in a shade of muted gold was chosen. The perfect office set is completed with a comfortable chair styled after classic decorative armchairs. Combining timeless classic with designer chic complements the modern slats, which become a minimalist yet very impressive background for our daily work.

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