Garnet in interiors

Overflowing stucco interiors in intense colors definitely have “that something” in them. Saturated shades enliven and add energy. The moldings then take on a new dimension and make each project unique. Just look at the work of Unico Interior in intense navy blue. This is a perfect combination of expressive stucco with intense color. If you dream of beautiful designer interiors, full of color you must pay attention to several elements.

One dominant color was used in the arrangement. The wall, as well as the stucco strips, were covered with the same paint. However, this is not mandatory. Very often the moldings are left in the original white color. Then they become a contrasting element of the interior, giving an interesting arrangement effect. This time it was decided to use a uniform color, so the stucco accentuates the room, giving the flat wall a three-dimensionality. This is an excellent way for beginners to introduce intense colors into the interior.

Attention to detail. Very often when designing our rooms, we forget about skirting boards. We should remember about them, because they are a kind of frame that surrounds the interior. This arrangement uses MD027 skirting boards, which are characterized by a single mill. They, too, were painted with navy blue paint, corresponding to the rest of the arrangement. Thanks to this, the interior looks consistent and gains a designer look.

The stucco moldings form a distinctive double wall frame. To enhance the three-dimensional effect, two sizes of stucco were used – the larger MD346, 6.1 cm high, on the outside, and the smaller MD325, 4.1 cm high, on the inside. When choosing the wall moldings, care was taken to ensure that they had deep grooves, arranged in a staircase pattern. Their shape was further emphasized by an intense shade of navy blue, so that the seemingly subtle arrangement became extremely expressive.

High-quality, elegant accessories were selected for the interior, which perfectly complement the chosen style. Distinctive wall stucco was contrasted with soft materials, and the deep navy blue was highlighted with designer lamps and a gold-colored table.

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