Feminine and modern – see Ola Nowak’s bedroom

An ultra feminine and modern bedroom is the dream of many of us. In her arrangement, Ola Nowak perfectly broke the subtle, romantic frames with a contemporary touch of expressive wall fins. If you want to recreate this effect in your homes, we have some tips for you.

Subtle stucco over the bed. A double wall frame has been installed on the wall. This is a classic design solution that draws attention to the most important element of the room – the bed. To create a feminine, minimalist decoration, a larger MD002 molding was used as the outer decorative element and a smaller MD413 inner molding. The stucco is characterized by simplicity. It has no additional decorations, so the double frame does not overwhelm and looks stylish.

Breaking the form. The symmetrical pattern of the wall frames has been impressively broken by a vertical lamella reaching up to the ceiling. Mardom Decor wall panels have an optimal length of 270 cm, matching the height of the walls of most apartments. The well-thought-out design allows for an aesthetically pleasing installation in one piece, without the need for joints to maintain the continuity of the pattern. The modern accent panel is located exactly in the center of the bed. A common design procedure is to use lamellas across the width of the wall, but this is not the rule. In this case, it was decided to use the laths only as a single accent, so the arrangement gains lightness and is harmonious.

Playing with color. The combination of traditional white moldings with a pastel-colored wall panel is intriguing and gives the interior a modern touch. White Lamella from the Stretto L0101 collection was used to finish this arrangement, which was painted with paint in the same shade as the wall color. Despite the distinctive accent, the bedroom is feminine and visually consistent, thanks to the balance and keeping the entire interior composition in light, beige-pastel tones.

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