Cafe in shades of pink

The word “boring” is definitely the last thing that comes to mind after looking at the design of this unusual coffee shop. Bold design in shades of pink combined with classic wall stucco makes this the perfect place to spend a pleasant afternoon with coffee. From us, it definitely gets the “instafriendly” badge.

There’s no denying that the intense color of pink plays the main fiddle in this arrangement, which was complemented by classic interior elements – distinctive wall frames and elegant English herringbone flooring. The wall moldings were painted with exactly the same paint as the walls on which they were fixed. The use of any other color could have overwhelmed the already bold arrangement. The pink frames beautifully complement the space, without disturbing the proportions of the interior. Mardom Decor stucco is coated with a special primer that smooths the surface and increases the adhesion of the pigment to the material. Thanks to this, the moldings could easily be covered with a pastel shade and perfectly match the color of the wall.

The wall slats were arranged in the shape of double vertical screens. This procedure elongates and slenderizes the room optically. Two sizes of slats were used to create the frames – MDD332 with a height of 4,1 cm was used for the outer part, and MD413 with a size of 2,5 cm was used for the inner part. This makes the resulting wall arrangement even more expressive and three-dimensional on a bright background. In addition, in the lower area of the wall, horizontal frames were installed, whose form imitates English paneling, which adds elegance to the interior.

The room is already very decorative at first glance, but it does not overwhelm its form. This is due to the shape of the frames, which took the form of drawn rectangles, but also to the addition of mirrors in the arrangement. Internal wall frames, made of MD413 decorative moldings, surround the mirrors, making the room appear larger than it really is.

The use of stucco in a café, through which a huge number of people pass every day, including curious children, may seem risky. However, Mardom Decor moldings are perfectly suited for use in public places. The plastic from which they are made is water-resistant, and the use of patented ScratchShield® technology has strengthened and properly compacted the structure of the moldings, making them resistant to mechanical damage. As a result, they are not susceptible to dents, impacts from chair legs, or even scratches with a sharp tool – the best possible choice for creating a durable and striking café decoration.

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