Double curtain rods

Double curtain rods are alternative proposals to classic solutions available on the market. Due to their construction, they allow you to fix two types of window fabric - curtain and curtain. Compared to other models, they are distinguished by a very minimalist design, which will blend in with all interiors of apartments, businesses or service buildings. In addition, the double curtain rods we offer are made of the highest quality materials, which translate into many years of perfect appearance of such products.

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Double curtain rods are characterized by a very high level of functionality. Not only do they combine the ability to hang curtains and drapes, but they also work well in spaces where classic models do not give the possibility of fixing. These will be primarily corners. From the models presented in our store you can build functional systems for housing corner windows. In addition, double curtain rods have a minimalist design, which aesthetically blends into the wall or ceiling, effectively highlighting curtains and drapes. As a result, it not only fits into any stylistic arrangement of the interior, but also looks like a structural element of the wall or ceiling.

When juxtaposed with curtain rod grilles, the product itself becomes practically invisible, which makes the composition acquires an unusual lightness, but also an elegant finish. Thus, the models of double curtain rods offered by us will prove useful wherever you want to achieve the effect of a stylistically subtle design element, which at the same time will provide durability and solidity, allowing you to mount heavy curtains on it.

In addition, these models perfectly blend with other decors and stucco strips – so you can comprehensively supply the products from our offer and create from them an extremely impressive and elegant finish to the space, including original window casings.

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