Curtain profiles

S250 curtain rod set

The S250 curtain rail set is a full set including a single 250 cm long curtain rail with accessories for installation. Thanks to the set you will create a beautiful window decoration by hanging a curtain or a curtain on it.

250 x 1.4 x 2 [cm]
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Product details

Technical data
Length: 250 cm
Height: 1.4 cm
Depth: 2 cm
EAN code: 5901694454962

Ze względów technologicznych wszystkie wymiary mogą wahać się w tolerancji +/- 0,5%

product description

Window decorations are able to completely change the character of the interior. Beautiful curtains or drapes not only warm and decorate the space, but also darken the room and reduce the visibility of the interior of the house from the outside. However, curtains need a sturdy construction, so that they will not break off or block when you try to move them. The S250 curtain rod set is an ideal solution for hanging a single fabric – a curtain or a curtain. The aluminum profile with a length of 250 cm is complemented by the necessary accessories with which you will create a comprehensive installation system. Thus, in the S250 set, in addition to the rail, you will find:

  • 4 pieces of ceiling bracket, with which you will permanently and stably fix such a long profile pointwise in several places
  • 4 pieces of white plugs for the brackets, which will aesthetically mask the metal brackets< /li>
  • 4 pieces of white bracket plugs, which will aesthetically mask the metal brackets.
  • 2 pieces of rail caps, with which you can cover the exposed sides of the aluminum profile
  • 32 pieces of safety pins or hooks (in our assortment we have sets with both mounting systems. Inform the seller which variant you are interested in)
  • 4 pieces of dowels with a screw, which is an accessory compatible with the ceiling bracket
  • .1 piece of rail lock, with which you will protect the frogs or safety pins from unwanted movement along the length of the rail and limit the range of movement of the material

For the possibility of full personalization of the curtain rail system, we also prepared a bow and a rail connector. The accessories are used to connect more sections of curtain profiles and to create a continuous curtain rail passage in the corner of the room. The curtain rail has a very minimalist and classic design, so with style it will fit into the character of most interiors. However, if the design of your space involves hiding the curtain rail, you do not need to decide on complex solutions in the form of plasterboard walls. It is enough to hide the curtain rod behind the Mardom Decor curtain rail.

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