How do I choose ceiling curtain tracks?

28.02.2023 5 min

The curtain rod is a popular interior design solution, used in many rooms. It allows us to hang curtains or blinds, which not only have a decorative function, but also effectively protect us from neighbors peeking in the windows. However, despite the high functionality of this solution, a rail or rod left in plain sight can look unsightly against a polished and stylized interior. The simplest solution is camouflage curtain rail strips.

Living room arranged with Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rails
Living room arrangement with Mardom Decor curtain rails

What to pay attention to when buying ceiling curtain tracks?

When choosing ceiling curtain tracks, it is worth betting on a quality solution that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but will also be durable and resistant to environmental factors.

Quality of curtain rail

The curtain rod cover is mounted directly to the window, so it is exposed to constant contact with sunlight, changing temperatures and moisture. Long-term exposure to UV radiation and water vapor in the case of low-quality stucco can cause a change of color on the surface, and deformation of the material. Because of this, even the most elegant interior will lose its former splendor, and we will be forced to incur additional costs associated with replacing curtain rails with new ones.

Mardom Decor molding is made of high quality materials – ProFoam and PolyForce plastic is characterized by high resistance to UV, and water. Special production technology means that the impact of sunlight does not cause yellowing of the molding, and water vapor molecules do not penetrate deep into the structure. As a result, the molding is fully protected against shade change or deformation. Importantly, the products are dimensionally stable, which means that they do not expand and contract under the influence of temperature changes. As a result, you can open windows without worrying about the temperature difference between outside and inside. With moldings that are not dimensionally stable, there is a risk, for example, of glue cracking at the joints of the moldings or damaging the painted surface of the molding. Thanks to all these properties, the curtain rod masking strip can be installed in any room – living room, bedroom, but also kitchen, laundry room and even bathroom.

Interior size

Nowadays on the market there are curtain rail developments in a variety of sizes. When choosing the ideal trim, it is important to keep in mind the dimensions of our room, as well as the windows. In the case of a high ceiling and a wide window recess, long and deep curtain rails will work well to balance our space. It is also worth betting on high-quality, heavy curtains that will complete the whole arrangement. For lower apartments and small windows, we recommend shorter minimalist products. Ornamental decorations can make the curtain rail look heavy and unnatural in a low room. To complete the look of the interior, subtle curtains made of light fabrics will suffice. By following this rule, we will maintain balance in the room, so that the grille will become a consistent element of the arrangement, and not just an accessory to cover an unsightly curtain rail.

Pattern of curtain rail

Stucco curtain moldings are not only a functional architectural solution, but also decorative elements to compliment our interiors. When attaching them to the wall and ceiling, we want them to be consistent with our chosen interior style. Details have a huge impact on the effect of the arrangement, so when deciding on ceiling curtain rod moldings, it is important to pay attention to their appearance.

Simple slats, devoid of decor, square-shaped will perfectly compliment minimalist interiors. They will work well for apartments decorated in modern or industrial (loft) style. Curtain rail enclosures with delicate curves and subtle grooves will complement rooms decorated in boho, Parisian style, but will also look beautiful in classic rooms. On the other hand, richly decorated curtain rods with ornamental patterns will be ideal for glamour or art deco style.

Masking curtain rail MD137
MD137 curtain rail
Masking curtain rail QL011
Curtain rail QL011
Masking curtain rail QL046
Curtain rail QL046

Color matching

The most popular curtain rod masking strip is the one in the shade of white. According to a popular rule of interior design, stucco should correspond to the shade of the wall or ceiling. Most apartments in Poland have a ceiling in just this color scheme, so the popularity of white stucco should not surprise anyone. A light-colored curtain rail not only perfectly harmonizes with its surroundings, but also brightens up the interior and looks light, even when increased in size.

However, you can opt for a completely different solution and match the ceiling moldings to the shade of the wall or even paint them a contrasting shade. Mardom Decor curtain moldings have been coated with a special primer that smooths the surface and prepares the molding for painting. Thanks to this, the paint gains a more intense color and better adhesion, which translates into a long-lasting and beautiful painting effect. The curtain rail can be painted in any color with water-based paint.

Functionality and modern solutions

In modern design, it is important to decorate spaces with simple solutions. This is exactly what curtain rod covers with patented LightGuard® technology offer. Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rod trims allow installation with LED lighting, and the innovative LightGuard® technology, which consists of preventing the LED light from spotlighting through the surface of the trim, makes the light diffuse subtly around the room, guaranteeing a pleasant atmosphere and excellent lighting effect.

Ease of installation of the curtain rail

The curtain rod cover should also be easy to install. No one has time to drill holes in the ceiling and the extra work involved in fixing them. All Mardom Decor curtain rods are easy to install – all you need to do is use a dedicated adhesive available in our offer.

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Installation: just apply the appropriate amount of glue to the edge of the strip and press it into the designated place on the ceiling. After the time listed on the package, the glue will set, and the attachment will be permanent and stable.

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Curtain rod cover strips

Ceiling moldings are a durable, practical and elegant interior design solution. The masking strip from Mardom Decor is a high-quality curtain rod masking strip, which will cover rail curtain rods as well as rod curtain rods in an impressive way. Their installation is hassle-free – using only glue, you will be able to do it yourself in your own interior, without the help of a specialist. Our offer includes a wide selection of curtain rails, matching many interior styles. The varied dimensions of our products allow you to find the perfect length that will fit both the height of the ceiling and the size of the window recess. Choose the perfect curtain rail for your interior and create a unique arrangement that will maintain a perfect look for many years.

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