Decorative strips – let’s summarize the interior design hits of 2023

23.01.2024 3 min

In terms of interior design trends, 2023 was a time of slowdown, reflection and relaxation. In the furnished rooms, we were looking not only for aesthetics, but also for a space that fully meets our needs, in which we feel comfortable and is practical. Today, a few sentences of summary about what interior design hits most often appeared in our homes.

MD325 wall decorative strips and MD413 Mardom Decor cut-off strips in a modern living room arrangement in shades of pink and beige
MD325 wall decorative strips and MD413 Mardom Decor cut-off strips

In this context, decorative strips, but also other stucco elements, as an important decorative element, have gained a new meaning, bringing not only charm, but also a sense of order and harmony to our homes. We began to treat interior design as coherent elements that give our space a unique character, but also appeal to our need for safety and comfort. Hits We invite you to read!

Sustainability and ecology

In the face of global ecological challenges, 2023 brought with it growing public awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more people pay attention to the composition of products, their origin and impact on the planet, supporting environmentally friendly solutions. In furnished rooms, the choice of ethically produced materials that do not harm nature has become not only a trend, but a conscious choice.

MD095 Mardom Decor decorative skirting boards in a classic interior design with a floor arranged in a French herringbone pattern
Decorative skirting boards MD095 Mardom Decor

In this context, Mardom Decor is characterized by high standards in stucco production, using processes fully consistent with the idea of sustainable development, e.g. ceiling strips are produced in a closed loop, which means minimizing waste and maximum use of raw materials. They do not contain harmful substances such as sulfates, which makes them safe for both users and the environment. The stucco is made of plastics (extruded polystyrene, e.g. polystyrene ceiling strips are more resistant than polyurethane ceiling strips), which are fully recyclable. Modern PolyForce material with ScratchShield® technology ensures high durability, resistance to mechanical damage and changing weather conditions. Thanks to this, stucco can be used in any interior and you can be sure that it will maintain excellent durability, much better than the popular Styrofoam strips or Styrofoam ceiling strips. This translates into reduced consumption and less waste production. Additionally, at Mardom Decor we fully control the entire production process – our stucco is manufactured in Poland, in Łódź.

The increasing importance of technology in interior design – ceiling moldings and more

The year 2023 brought not only a fresh approach to architectural style to interior design, but above all, it emphasized the importance of the technological solutions used. Interiors, decorated in accordance with the latest trends, not only delight with their aesthetics, but also become intelligent spaces in which modern smart home technologies are gaining popularity. Internal stucco elements, such as lighting strips, increasingly serve not only a decorative but also a practical function, becoming an integral part of a modern, functionally designed space.

Among the trends that gained importance in 2023 was the combination of classic and modern, for example by integrating classic stucco with modern LED lighting.

Why is LED lighting worth it?

LED lighting is an efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs, significantly reducing energy bills and the burden on the environment thanks to lower electricity consumption. Long-lasting light sources last for thousands of hours, minimizing the need for replacement and therefore waste. They also offer adjustable brightness for personalized lighting, generate little heat for safety and energy efficiency, and come in a variety of colors and temperatures. Ecological, without mercury and other toxins, LEDs contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, and their low heat emission increases safety by reducing the risk of fire.

LED lighting is not only energy-efficient, but also offers a wide range of arrangement possibilities, from subtle accents to dramatic lighting effects. Mardom Decor offers lighting strips dedicated to use with LED strips, equipped with LightGuard® technology. This innovation allows for even dispersion of light, eliminating the unsightly effect of diodes piercing through the material and creating an impressive light glow. Thanks to this, lighting strips become a practical and functional solution that raises the standard of any interior. Additionally, many of the Mardom Decor strips have the marking “multifunctional strips”, which means their high versatility – from ceiling strips, which can also be used as other elements of internal stucco – wall strips or decorative skirting boards. This multifunctionality highlights how modern technologies can enrich and diversify classic decorative solutions, creating a space that is both beautiful and intelligently designed.


The year 2023 was marked by fascinating contrasts, where minimalism met maximalism, and simple, geometric forms were adjacent to richly decorated, three-dimensional decorations. In addition to subdued colors such as beige, gray, white and delicate earth tones – light brown, grey-green, peach – there were intense, dynamic colors. The Pantone Institute has chosen Viva Magenta as the color of the year 2023 – an energetic, bold and stimulating shade that gains strength on a neutral color background.

MDD332 wall strip with MD332-13 Mardom Decor corner sofa in a modern interior design - black walls contrast with the intense color of the pink sofa
MDD332 wall strip with MD332-13 Mardom Decor corner sofa

In 2023, Mardom Decor debuted innovative wall panels – three-dimensional wall decorations, in the form of several vertical strips next to each other, which not only give the space a spacious effect, but also make the interior more dynamic thanks to unique shapes – triangles or semicircles. The panels are covered with a matte white primer, intended for painting the surface in any color, they fit perfectly into the trend of contrasts, offering the possibility of a personalized finish. Our decorative ceiling strips, curtain rods, wall strips, floor strips and white slats were covered with the same deck paint. Thanks to this, you can make not only a unique wall decoration, but also furniture or create an eye-catching ceiling finish.


It is important to use paints that do not contain solvents!

Their non-toxic, solvent-free formula emphasizes Mardom Decor’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly products. This product, thanks to its multifunctionality and the possibility of painting in any color, is an ideal solution for those who are looking for individuality and want to emphasize the character of their interiors, combining classic and modern style.

Fashion for round shapes

In 2023, the world of interior design was definitely leaning towards gentle shapes and organic forms. Arches and all shapes have gained popularity, meeting the need to create spaces that are eye-friendly, warm, cozy and safe. This trend clearly aimed to eliminate sharp angles and edges, creating spaces that promote relaxation and respite, while maintaining a high level of aesthetics.

Standard, “rigid” stucco definitely did not work in this trend. However, at Mardom Decor we have found the right solution for this too. Decorative ceiling strips, but also wall strips, curtain rods and decorative skirting boards have their counterparts in the flexible Flex version. They are an excellent choice for decorating rounded or uneven spaces. Flex ceiling strip variants are characterized by extraordinary flexibility, which allows them to be used even on uneven or rounded surfaces, without the risk of cracks or deformations. They are perfect for places where standard smooth ceiling strips would be insufficient. Flex models, while maintaining the same shape as their rigid counterparts, enable the creation of a coherent and harmonious composition in any interior.

Wellness – comfort and closeness to nature

The year 2023 has defined interiors as oases of comfort, where light, space and naturalness play a key role. In search of internal harmony, interior design focused on creating bright, spacious, uncluttered spaces that “breathe” peace and closeness to nature. The Scandinavian style, hygge and Japandi were very popular. Plants played a significant role in this trend, as they not only enlivened interiors, but also introduced an element of nature into the home. It was equally important to use natural materials and finishes, such as wood, which contributed to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Wooden slats Stretto L0102 Lamelli Mardom Decor - wall arrangement using a shade of light wood
Wooden slats Stretto L0102 Lamelli Mardom Decor

At Mardom Decor, the answer to these needs are modern slats from the Lamelli collection, which perfectly fit into the wellness and minimalist style. Made using embossed lamination and embossing technology, they perfectly imitate the natural texture and matte finish of wood, bringing warmth and authenticity to the interior. Thanks to their subtle design and natural shades, the slats match perfectly with various types of slats, creating a coherent and harmonious whole.

The most popular ceiling, wall, curtain rod and floor strips from Mardom Decor 2023.

Mardom Decor, to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, continued in 2023 to provide stucco that perfectly fits the aesthetics of both classic interiors and modern spaces. Our solutions, combining functionality with elegance, in response to current market trends, have proven to be not only an aesthetic, but also a practical choice. Aesthetic, functional and easy to install – cut using a classic hand saw and stably attached to the surface using only mounting glue. The strips are standard length x 200 cm, enabling quick and effective finishing of any space. So let’s see what products were the most popular in 2023 and became your favorites in 2023.

Ceiling decorative strips

The ceiling strip most often chosen by our customers is the MD105 model. Looking at its subtle, rounded shape and delicate decorative milling in the upper and lower parts, this choice does not surprise us at all. This ceiling strip combines both excellent appearance – the rounded profile fits perfectly into the trend of giving interiors a rounded look, but is also extremely simple in its form. It will perfectly complement the arrangement, but will not overload it.

For fans of greater contrasts and expressive decorations, Mardom Decor’s offer also includes decorative ceiling strips.

Curtain rod strips

Minimalist design that will work everywhere – from the living room, through the kitchen, to the bathroom. A simple form that effectively masks the curtain rod, but does not unnecessarily attract the pattern to the upper part of the arrangement.

The length of 10 cm is the optimal size for standard interiors, which will cover the curtain rod – whether it is a rod or a rail – but will not overload the arrangement. It is a calm, neutral option for any architectural style.

Wall moldings

Wall moldings were the most popular, this is where the greatest variety is visible.

For years, decorative strips have been at the forefront, and our customers most often install them together – in the form of decorative double screens. MD002 as an external element, and MD003 as a smaller, internal strip.

The MD325 decorative wall strip is also one of our hits. It is decorated stucco with decorative cutters across the entire width. The strips are perfect in the form of cut-off strips mounted at 1/3 of the wall.

You most often used MD413 strips in the form of single, subtle screens. They looked phenomenal mounted both above the bed, but also in the dining room as a decorative accent. The MD012 strip is the choice for people who wanted to create their own, unique design. We saw striking honeycombs, a checkerboard pattern, and even a staircase pattern. However, we know that this is not the end of your creativity and in the future you will surely delight us with your arrangements using MD012.

Decorative skirting boards

Decorative skirting boards are classic, delicate forms and simple shapes that match modern interiors. Floor stucco is found in almost every home, which is why it attracts the most attention. Your most common choices can be divided into two styles.

Minimalist design, simple forms that perfectly emphasize modern spaces or strong loft-style arrangements. Simple but expressive. An accessory that has a great protective function, but in the interior it definitely plays a background role.

Delicate, but more decorated models whose design leans towards classic, decorative decorations, but retains a modern atmosphere. Simple, but definitely not boring. They can be a delicate, decorative accent in the interior.

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