Curtain rods for minimalist design: How to keep it simple and elegant

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Trends change quickly. They come, they go, they return, they are transformed. In strong opposition to the constant pursuit of what is fashionable, stands the minimalist style – timeless, which always looks great in any interior. Narrowing down the decoration to the bare minimum, where each element has its place and meaning, allows you to achieve the effect of a space that is not only visually “clean”, but also promotes inner peace and harmony. So what curtain rods should you choose for a minimalist interior design and what does stucco have to do with it all? More on this in today’s entry.

Choosing the right decorative elements is a decision that affects the overall character and perception of the space. Limiting decorative elements to key accents makes interiors appear larger, more spacious and perfectly organized. In a minimalist arrangement, where every detail matters, modern ceiling curtain rods are used as more than just a functional detail – they become a subtle accent that complements the whole composition, while maintaining the purity of form and elegance. A properly selected curtain rod, harmonizing with the rest of the interior, emphasizes coherence and a well-thought-out design concept, while proving that in minimalism, less is more.

Features of minimalism in interior design

Minimalism in interior design is a philosophy that focuses on achieving harmony through conscious limitation. At the heart of this style is the principle of “less is more”, which emphasizes the creation of a space that is not only aesthetic, but above all functional and free from unnecessary chaos. Eliminating unnecessary elements and focusing on key aspects of decoration is the heart of minimalism, which is reflected in every detail.

The colors of minimalist interiors are always based on neutral palettes – white, beige, gray and black. Light walls create a calm background, while black accessories add contrast and depth. Intense, bright colors are rare here, and the shades used must be consistent and harmonious.

Modern curtain rods with a cover QL035 Mardom Decor

In the case of form, minimalism focuses on simple lines and geometric shapes. Both the furniture and decorations emphasize simplicity and uncomplicated elegance. All elements are well thought out and are designed to complement the space without unnecessary clutter. The same applies to curtain rods for minimalist design – their simple but elegant form fits this concept perfectly.

Focusing on quality is another important aspect. Although there are fewer elements in the interior, each of them should be made of the highest quality materials. Functionality, durability and aesthetics go hand in hand here, and investing in more expensive but quality products with many functions is the key to achieving the desired effect. The same applies to curtain rods – modern ceiling curtain rods, although subtle, should be stylish, but above all, durable and practical.

Cleanliness in minimalist interiors is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a functional one. Purity of form and space, as well as maintaining order, are inherent elements of this style. The interiors are free from unnecessary trinkets, dust collectors and extras. Every item has its own place and personal items are hidden away.

Last but not least is light. Large windows for natural lighting are key. However, in Poland, where it is difficult to get enough natural light all year round, properly planned artificial lighting becomes equally important. Modern curtain rod solutions, thanks to their functionality, allow you to create lighting conditions that perfectly match the minimalist design, while emphasizing its unique character.

Ceiling curtain rod: Which one to choose for a minimalist interior?

At first glance, all profiles may look similar. So let’s start with the most eye-catching aspect, i.e. the colors. The elements of the curtain rod are characterized by various colors. Currently, you can buy aluminum profiles in almost every shade on the market, but the most popular are white, black and silver, but some interiors also feature antique brass or stainless steel, which add a unique charm to the interior. You can also decide to choose aluminum that matches the color of our walls to match the colors in our interior as much as possible. Another option are matte versions, brushed aluminum color, but also covered with a layer of satin varnish. Each option is good, it all depends on the decor of our room, the dominant colors and the rest of the accessories that will match the other elements of the curtain rod.

Metal or aluminum curtain rods?

Choosing between metal and aluminum curtain rods is a decision that can significantly affect the aesthetics and functionality of minimalist interiors.

Karnisze nowoczesne białe w połączeniu z listwami karniszowymi MD137 Mardom Decor
White MD137 Mardom Decor curtain rod strips

Metal curtain rods are characterized by a wide range of colors and a large selection of decorative endings, which allows them to be precisely matched to the interior. They are also more affordable compared to aluminum curtain rods. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of cutting the tube at home, metal curtain rods offer a certain degree of flexibility in adapting to the specific dimensions of the room. However, their weight and the potential noise when moving the curtains can be a significant disadvantage, especially in spaces where peace and harmony prevail.

In turn, aluminum curtain rods, although they may have a narrower range of colors and types of endings, are distinguished by greater lightness and a discreet slide sliding system, which translates into quiet and smooth operation. The aluminum profile allows you to create long, uninterrupted structures, ideal for wide curtains that can be moved along the entire length of the curtain rod. It is worth noting, however, that the higher price and potential difficulties associated with cutting aluminum profiles may pose limitations for some users.

Modern curtain rods, both metal and aluminum curtain rods, have their place in modern, minimalist interiors. The decision to choose the appropriate type should be dictated by individual needs, interior aesthetics and the preferred level of functionality and comfort of use.

Modern apartment curtain rods – types

There are two most popular types on the market – a ceiling curtain rod or a rod curtain rod. The rod version offers a wide range of colors and various endings that can be matched to the interior design in both shape and finish. If you want a distinctive decorative accent, a wide range of endings makes this possible. In this case, however, the profile is very visible, and an incorrectly selected one may affect the aesthetics of the interior, destroying the minimalist design. Another, much safer option is ceiling rails, which are subtle and discreet in appearance. Ceiling-mounted curtain rods, especially those made of aluminum, are light and unnoticeable, making them an excellent choice for contemporary spaces.

karnisz duo
Modern double curtain rods Mardom Decor

If you are in the process of construction or general renovation and want to arrange your apartment in a minimalist style, we recommend curtain rods mounted on the ceiling. They are almost invisible, so they are neutral to the entire arrangement and do not visually “clutter” the space. However, you already have rod curtain rods or for some reason this model suits your needs better, then don’t worry and we have a solution for that, which we will tell you about in the next paragraph.

szyna karniszowa pojedyncza
Modern single curtain rods
szyna karniszowa podwójna
Modern double curtain rods

The next division is a single curtain rod and a double ceiling curtain rod. Single curtain rods are dedicated to hanging one element, e.g. curtains, ensuring simplicity and elegance. However, double curtain rods offer functionality and versatility, allowing you to combine different materials and hang curtains and drapes at the same time. In the case of non-standard solutions, such as corner curtain rods, it is worth paying attention to the arrangement possibilities and compatibility with other elements of the curtain rod. A double ceiling curtain rod and a single curtain rod are perfect for a minimalist arrangement. Each type of curtain rod can be an impressive addition to our room, emphasizing modernity and elegance. The choice depends only on our needs and preferences.

Modern curtain rods and minimalism: How to create a coherent interior design

Ceiling curtain rods are an excellent choice for minimalist interiors, they are subtle and almost invisible, and what’s more, they often have a dedicated cover to cover the rails. However, these covers are often not very aesthetically pleasing. However, they can be easily replaced with more stylish elements, such as stucco. Curtain rod strips will also work well to hide curtain rods, just choose the appropriate height of the stucco (the appropriate stucco curtain rod should be longer than the rod line). It’s a practical, quick and hassle-free solution. The perfect fit of curtain rods, especially in the case of unsightly rods, creates an orderly space that perfectly harmonizes with the minimalist style.

Wall curtain rods can be easily masked with a curtain rod strip of any shape. Mardom Decor’s offer includes both minimalist models with geometric shapes and decorative ones in the form of aesthetic cutters. Each option will work well in a minimalist style – geometric profiles will constitute a coherent element of the ceiling, extending its line. The modern Mardom Decor stucco curtain rod is covered with a primer with a matte finish, which is an excellent base for painting. Thanks to this, we can cover the stucco with any shade – the color of the wall or ceiling – and create a coherent and harmonious whole.

In the case of more decorative strips, we can choose a bold accent. Stucco can also be a decorative element – a unique accent that will add character to the arrangement. A cover made of stucco is a great idea for a quick interior transformation. Mardom Decor curtain rod stucco is installed only with glue. Mounting pins or rails are not needed to create a stable and durable mounting. Another advantage is the ease of adapting it to the dimensions of each window thanks to the ability to easily cut it to the selected size.


You can cut the strips using a miter box and a handsaw or miter saw. For an electric saw, use a new, sharp blade with plenty of sharp teeth. Cut at low speed so as not to damage the edges while cutting.

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips, made of PolyForce, are synonymous with durability and resistance. This material is characterized by high density, resistance to mechanical damage, UV radiation and water, which ensures long-lasting quality and aesthetic appearance in a minimalist interior.

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips with LightGuard® technology are an innovative solution designed for use with LED lighting. This technology eliminates the problem of diodes showing through the material, perfectly scattering the light around the stucco, guaranteeing an excellent visual effect. Curtain rod strips can be used both as mood lighting and as main lighting. This allows you to minimize the number of standing lamps or hanging wall lamps, offering an elegant, integrated lighting solution that fits the spirit of minimalism.

Modern curtain rods – inspiration for a fashionable interior

Properly matched modern curtain rods are an important element in creating minimalist but expressive interiors. Their simple lines and subtle details introduce harmony and elegance, perfectly complementing the modern arrangement. Curtain rods become not only a practical solution, but also a unique decorative accent. Just see the inspirations straight from our clients’ homes!

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