How to care for wall panels: cleaning and maintenance tips

02.02.2024 3 min

Decorative wall panels quickly gained their fans, they are becoming a solution used by more and more people looking for a quick, easy, but at the same time effective decorative element that is also an excellent alternative to traditional wall finishing methods. To maintain their shine, you should remember a few rules for cleaning and maintaining Mardom Decor wall panels throughout their use.

WP003 wall panels with WP003A decorative strip in white, mounted on the wall in a minimalist arrangement
WP003 Vivid Mardom Decor wall panels

The possibility of using them both on the entire width of the wall or only on a selected fragment, in the kitchen or bathroom, but also in the bedroom or office, allows for wide arrangement possibilities. The range of available shapes and patterns makes wall panels not only practical – they have a positive impact on interior acoustics – but also a decorative element. When used as wall finishing, they significantly improve the aesthetics of home spaces. However, in order to enjoy their beauty for years, it is worth learning how to clean wall panels so that they retain their original appearance throughout the period of use. In our article, using proven methods, we present a short guide to the best practices for cleaning and maintaining Mardom Decor wall panels.

Basic rules for cleaning wall panels

The basic rule that is worth following when keeping Mardom Decor wall panels in perfect condition is regular vacuuming and gentle washing. Thanks to their smooth surface, the panels are naturally resistant to dust and other dirt, which makes them easier to clean. In the case of panels installed vertically, dust particles practically do not settle on the material, which makes cleaning them even less problematic and can be done less frequently. However, horizontally installed panels, like furniture, may require dusting from time to time. The best method is to use a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle tip.

How to clean very dirty wall panels?

Wet cleaning of panels is not only possible, but also recommended in the case of more persistent dirt, such as greasy stains or traces of coffee or tea. Mardom Decor stucco is made of high-quality PolyForce material, which is completely waterproof and does not swell, swell or deform even after being completely immersed in water for several hours. Thanks to this, you can wet clean wall panels without any worries. We recommend wiping the surface of the panels with a damp (non-dripping) soft sponge. Discoloration from drinks on the surface should wash off easily. You can also wash the panels with water and a mild detergent, e.g. by adding diluted dishwashing liquid.

However, it is worth remembering to be careful: strong cleaning agents or solvents (e.g. Domestos or nail polish removers) may irreversibly damage the surface of the panels. Always choose home cleaning methods that are gentle on the surface of the panels. Thanks to this, you will remove dirt from the panels and guarantee the aesthetic appearance of your interior for many years.

Wall panels painted with paint may be difficult to keep clean. The dye itself is problematic – it is worth choosing waterproof paints with cleaning in mind, this will save us a lot of stress in the future. Another aspect is the colors and finish – low-quality, matte paints with dark colors may leave “abrasions” during wet cleaning, which means that lighter spots may be created in the place of washing by rubbing off the matte coating. In this case, we recommend gentle washing or choosing paints with a satin finish in light, pastel shades. It is worth paying attention to this aspect, because despite the waterproofness of the wall panel material itself, choosing the wrong paint may destroy the visual effect.

How to protect panels against mechanical damage

Mardom Decor panels are a high-density PolyForce material, manufactured using the proprietary ScratchShield® technology, which maximally hardens the panel surface, increasing its resistance to mechanical damage, enabling installation both in home spaces and in public buildings. However, to ensure that the panels maintain their aesthetic appearance and are in good condition for a long time, it is worth using a few additional protective measures.

  • Skirting boards: Walls near the floor line are most susceptible to damage. It is worth using high-quality skirting boards that will protect this area against possible impacts or scratches.
  • Door handle bumpers and door stoppers: We often unknowingly open the door with great force, which may result in the handle hitting the wall and damaging the panels. In such situations, it is especially recommended to install door stops or stoppers.
  • Glue or acrylic on joints in external corners: In order to protect and secure the corners, it is worth using glue or acrylic on the joints, which not only increases the durability of the structure, but also helps maintain the aesthetic appearance of the entire assembly.

Cleaning and maintenance procedures for long-term panel life

Mardom Decor wall panels have been designed to be easy and hassle-free to maintain, which means they do not require specialized maintenance treatments or complex cleaning and maintenance procedures. They can be treated in exactly the same way as regular walls, which makes their care much easier. However, it is worth emphasizing that these are internal panels, intended for indoor use.

To ensure that the wall panels will look great for many years, it is worth paying attention to their correct installation. Make sure your panels are properly attached to avoid future problems and increase their durability.

When it comes to regular cleaning, we recommend vacuuming your panels once a week to remove accumulated dust and other small dirt. Additionally, if necessary, the panels can be gently wiped with a damp cloth to remove any stains or streaks. By remembering these simple steps, you can easily keep your Mardom Decor panels in perfect condition for many years. Regular, gentle cleaning and proper care are the key to maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the panels in your home.

Suitable techniques for panels with different finishes

Mardom Decor wall panels offer many arrangement possibilities, available in two finishing versions: standard and premium. Standard version panels are covered with a matte primer, which serves as a base for painting, allowing you to adjust the color to the user’s individual preferences. The Premium version, covered with SupremeSatin® varnish in RAL 9003, offers an elegant finish and a high level of durability, eliminating the need for painting, so the panels are ready for installation immediately after purchase.

While the main difference between these two types of panels is the painting process, the techniques for cleaning and maintaining them are identical. Premium products coated with SupremeSatin® varnish are completely problem-free, while standard version panels may require more careful paint selection. We recommend using high-quality, water-resistant, water-based paints to maintain the aesthetics and durability of the panels.

Summary: cleaning and maintenance tips

Mardom Decor wall panels do not require complicated cleaning or maintenance (like upholstered panels). Made of waterproof PolyForce material, unlike panels made of MDF, they do not absorb water, so they can be washed and will not deform over time. Additionally, they have excellent appearance. PVC panels may look a bit artificial and may be associated with the decor of our grandmothers’ apartments. Mardom wall panels look elegant and modern, making them complement any arrangement. It is an excellent choice due to its elegant appearance, high quality workmanship and durable material.

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