Ceiling rosettes and lighting: How to create a designer combination

08.03.2024 3 min

Ceiling rosettes associated with elegance and classic interior finishing have often been omitted in contemporary architecture. Considered a symbol of ceiling decoration in a classic style, they were most often used in modern classic or glamor arrangements. However, modern rosettes are not only richly decorated with floral patterns, but also practical elements that influence the interior design and its functionality. Ceiling rosettes and lighting are a perfect duo that will quickly and easily change the appearance of any room.

Mardom Decor QR002 ceiling rosettes and lighting in the bedroom arrangement

Current interior decoration trends show a growing interest in ceiling decoration, so it is worth taking a closer look at rosettes which, despite their name, are used not only on ceilings, but also as a decorative element of walls, furniture or LED lighting. Modern design and high-quality workmanship mean that ceiling rosettes and lighting can together create unique arrangements that will enrich any interior design, regardless of the dominant style.

What are rosettes?

Rosettes are decorative elements whose origins date back to ancient times, where they were used mainly as decorative ends of ceilings and walls in temples, palaces and noble residences. Initially, they were intended to mask the junctions of various architectural elements, and were also a symbol of wealth and prestige. However, over the years, ceiling rosettes have changed their form, adapting to trends and user needs. The stucco elements we know today are not only beautiful, but also practical and adapted to modern apartments.

Currently, you can find decorative rosettes made of various materials on the market – plaster, wood, polystyrene, paper or polymer. Each of these materials offers various possibilities of application and adaptation to interior design styles. Rosettes are used not only as decorative elements of ceilings, but also walls, becoming an important component of stucco in modern interiors.

  • Plaster rosettes are characterized by high quality and detail, giving the interior a classic charm. They are durable, but heavy and require specialized assembly.
  • Wooden rosettes bring warmth and naturalness to the interior. They are durable and relatively easy to install, but can be expensive and require proper care.
  • Styrofoam rosettes are light, easy to install and economical. They allow for quick and effective interior changes, but are very susceptible to dents. This type of stucco is less durable than other materials.
  • Paper rosettes are a modern and creative decorative option. They are very light and easy to assemble, perfect for temporary decorations or DIY projects. However, they are not suitable for humid places and are the least durable material from the entire list.
  • Polymer rosettes, made of plastic, combine durability and lightness, are also resistant to moisture and easy to install. They offer a wide range of designs and are an excellent choice for modern and traditional interiors.

Each of the above options offers different arrangement possibilities, allowing you to adjust the ceiling decoration to your individual preferences and the character of the room. The choice of the appropriate type of rosette depends on the expected visual effect, installation conditions and budget. Therefore, before purchasing, it is worth examining your conscience and deciding whether you want a product that you will have for years or whether you prefer something that will need to be replaced after a few months.

Ceiling rosettes as a central design element

In 2024, we notice the growing importance of ceiling decorations, among which ceiling rosettes stand out as the central element of the design. Focusing on the ceiling as a key aspect of interior design opens new possibilities for designers who want to give interiors a unique and sophisticated character. Rosettes now also find their place in minimalist and modern spaces.

B3025 Mardom Decor ceiling rosettes mounted on the wall

You don’t have to decide on a full ceiling arrangement characterized by classic splendor. Contemporary ceiling rosettes allow you to subtly break the monotony of a flat ceiling, serving as an elegant decoration for a chandelier or as an element of a larger ceiling composition, created, for example, from wall strips. Of course, wall strips will also work well on the ceiling 😉 Mardom Decor stucco has a special space for masking cables, thanks to which creating an arrangement in combination with lighting will always look aesthetic, and installation and assembly will be trouble-free.

Ceiling rosettes are also an excellent wall decoration – they can serve as an elegant frame for wall lamps, elements of larger wall compositions or as independent decorative accents.

Rosettes are also used in furniture arrangement. Mardom Decor offers models of various sizes. The large size of the rosette is perfect as a single decoration element on a large surface, e.g. on a wardrobe in the hall, and smaller, decorative rosettes can be installed several times next to each other. In order not to overwhelm the arrangement, it is worth choosing one main theme (e.g. floral decorations). Thanks to this, we can quickly renovate old furniture without the need for expensive replacement of fronts.

Decorative rosettes are an element that can change the character of the entire interior, adding three-dimensionality to it and filling previously undeveloped space. Stucco from Mardom Decor is installed only with glue, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the installation process. Thanks to this, it can be used on walls, ceilings, furniture – any flat surface. Additionally, it was covered with a special primer with smoothing properties. The special primer paint is an excellent base for painting stucco in any color, so you can easily match the rosettes to any wall color.

Ways to highlight interior accessories with light

Ceiling rosettes for lamps are a proven and ready solution that emphasizes and enhances the character of the interior. This decoration turns even an ordinary wall lamp or chandelier into an impressive wall or ceiling decoration. The decorative effect can be further enhanced by using the ceiling stucco as the centerpiece of the room and combining it with today’s popular LED strips. However, it should be remembered that not every stucco will be suitable for this purpose and will look equally impressive. Mardom Decor lighting strips, equipped with the innovative LightGuard® technology, prevent LED diodes from penetrating through the material, enabling the creation of a unique atmosphere by evenly dispersing light. Thanks to this combination, the decorative rosette is effectively exposed by adding depth and dynamics with light.

However, a ceiling rosette for a chandelier is not the only solution. It can be done differently, more modernly. Mardom Decor lighting rosettes were designed by Tomek Rygalik. They revolutionize contemporary interior design, completely changing the approach to stucco as we know it from classic, noble manor houses, introducing a modern accent. Their simple form, combined with the possibility of using LED lighting, allows you to create a unique atmosphere in various spaces, from minimalist to those decorated in a soft loft style. Modern Mardom Decor lighting rosettes are characterized by a simple, geometric shape and lack of decorations, which perfectly harmonizes with modern interiors, introducing original lighting effects and adding a unique character to the space.

Decorative ceiling rosettes – inspirations

Our decorative ceiling rosettes, used in our clients’ arrangements, look not only as an elegant accent to classic interiors, but also as an innovative element of modern spaces. Each photo is a testimony to creativity and an individual approach to interior design, demonstrating how rosettes can enrich and transform any room. Get inspired with Mardom Decor!

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