Aluminum or PVC ceiling rails? Which to choose?

23.02.2023 4 min

Behind every beautifully decorated interior is a lot of small design decisions that affect the final look of our space. It is these seemingly small elements that determine not only the final style of our room, but also the comfort of use. It is precisely such decisions that include the choice of a curtain rail. How to choose the perfect ceiling rails for your interior?

Aranżacja listwy karniszowej z szyną
MD110 skirting board arrangement with curtain rail

What to follow when choosing ceiling rails?

Rails are the most popular design solution for hanging curtains and drapes, which give our home a cozy and intimate atmosphere, separating us from the gaze of passers-by or neighbors from nearby buildings. Currently on the market there are various models made of aluminum or PVC. Each option is tailored to the specific needs of users.

Aluminum ceiling rail

Aluminum rails are characterized by their slim design and strong, stable construction. They do not require massive brackets or additional reinforcements, providing a minimalist interior finish. These are modern ceiling rails that will work well in even the most designer interiors. The rail saves space, and mounted on the ceiling plane it does not draw unnecessary attention and is aesthetically pleasing in its finish. Aluminum construction allows you to hang curtains and drapes with a thick weave. It perfectly holds heavy fabrics, making it a great choice, for example, for the living room where you want to cover larger areas or when you want to effectively shade the bedroom windows.

szyna karniszowa pojedyncza
Single curtain rail

Ceiling rails also work well for corner windows and any roundness of the wall. With a special curved profile (curtain arch), the use of a ceiling rail allows installation in almost any room. Proper joints provide a continuous effect along the entire length of the rail, so that any curtains or drapes walk lightly and smoothly along the entire length. Aluminum rails are also highly resistant to external environmental influences such as water or exposure to strong sunlight. The excellent quality of the material makes the aluminum ceiling rails resistant to mechanical damage, so they look impeccable throughout their lifetime, decorating our interiors.

Despite the many advantages of aluminum rail, it is important to keep in mind its higher price and lower availability compared to its PVC counterpart.

PVC rails

PVC ceiling rails are characterized by their high availability and low price. They can be purchased in almost any dedicated market, making them a great budget option, for any budget. Plastic ceiling rails are simple and nicely shaped, and what’s more, they are lightweight and easy to install – they can easily fit into a window recess or the length of a wall. If the purchased rail turns out to be too long, it is possible to cut it yourself. The design of the PVC rail allows you to connect it even above 240 cm with a special connector, so that the entire length of the rail maintains a smooth and nice appearance. This is an excellent solution if we want to cover larger areas permanently, creating the effect of a uniform sheet of curtain to visually cordon off space in our home. This allows us to achieve an extremely aesthetically pleasing visual effect at a relatively low installation cost.

szyna karniszowa podwójna
Double curtain rail

Deciding on PVC ceiling rails, however, it is worth bearing in mind that their consistency is much more massive than its aluminum counterpart. Ceiling curtain rails are wide, which can spoil the appearance of even the most elaborately planned interior. In this case, dedicated curtain rails may be necessary to cover up the unsightly installation. PVC ceiling rail is made of lightweight plastic, so it may not be able to withstand the stress caused by thick curtains. Heavy materials cause the plastic to bend and deteriorate. That’s why only airy curtains, lightweight fabrics or decorative curtains that won’t damage the whole structure should be fixed on rails made of PVC.

Single-track or multi-track ceiling rails?

Another choice you face when deciding on the perfect ceiling rail is to choose a single-track or multi-track model. A single-track ceiling rail allows you to install one type of decoration – curtains or drapes. Each additional track allows you to hang another layer of fabric, moved independently of the others.

montaż_szyna pojedyncza
Single rail mounting
montaż_szyna podwójna
Installation of the double rail

Just as the name implies, the double track ceiling rail has two spaces for simultaneous installation of, for example, curtains and drapes. This is a popular solution, especially in single-family housing estates, where curtains are designed to give us privacy during the day, and curtains to protect us at night from any light sources. Ceiling rails will also work well when we want to decorate our apartment. The multi-track rails allow us to hang several different types of fabrics, which in turn allows us to create fine updos and decorations.

Ceiling rail for any room

Ceiling rails are an excellent design solution for any type of room. Both aluminum and PVC rails have their uses in the home. So which ceiling rails should we choose? First of all, we should be guided by our needs, as well as our household budget.

PVC models are perfect for simple, fixed and undemanding arrangements. Rails made of plastic are lightweight and inexpensive, but prone to deformation in the case of heavy materials. Therefore, they will be perfect for attaching lightweight fabrics. Decorative curtains will create a light visual effect in the room, but if you want your interior to be refined in every way, then you need to bear in mind the need to buy curtain rails that will mask the massive structure.

In the case of high use, heavy fabrics and corners in the room, it is worth choosing aluminum ceiling rails.Thanks to them, we will create a minimalist window arrangement while maintaining high resistance to external factors, as well as damage from impacts or scratches. Thanks to their flat design, ceiling rails look discreet and elegant, so they perfectly complement any space, regardless of the chosen interior style. Despite the slightly higher price, it is worth considering whether a little more money will save us trouble in the future.

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