5 ideas for ceiling decorations

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When planning a renovation in your room, have you also thought about arranging the ceiling? Traditionally treated as a background for the main decorative elements, it is gaining importance in the upcoming trends of 2024. Ceiling decorations are no longer just an addition, but become an important element, consistent with the entire style of the room.

B2021 Mardom Decor rosette combined with impressive gold-tone lamps, stucco moodboard on a French herringbone background
B2021 Mardom Decor rosette by @sbancerek

Greater focus on ceiling decorations opens up new possibilities for creative architectural solutions. In the coming season, interior designers are increasingly boldly exploring the possibilities offered by the ceiling, using it to express the style and personality of a given place. In this article, we present five fashionable proposals that, in response to upcoming trends, will certainly enhance the look of any room.

What can you decorate the ceiling with?

If your ceiling height is not very high, or you are simply afraid of bold changes that do not allow for large experiments, there are numerous, easily accessible and quick solutions. For those who prefer subtle changes or are just starting their adventure with interior design, paints, wallpapers or structural plasters will be ideal. These methods allow you to refresh the appearance of the ceiling without dominating the rest of the arrangement.

1.Colorful ceiling, decorative wallpapers, structural paints and plasters

When choosing the color of the ceiling, it is worth remembering that intense shades are not reserved only for high interiors. Traditionally, the choice falls on white in the Scandinavian style, the purpose of which is to optically raise the room. However, in modern arrangements in 2024, we are moving away from cool whites in favor of warmer colors. The Pantone Institute announced the shade 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as the color of the year, which fits into the warm and cozy style, giving the interior a distinctive accent. This color on the ceiling and one of the walls, combined in a monochromatic set of different shades, will create a harmonious, visually coherent interior.

Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz in the arrangement of a modern living room - a monochromatic color combination in warm shades of beige and peach
Monochromatic interior using the color shade 13-1023 Peach Fuzz

Choosing colorful wallpaper for the ceiling is another way to refresh the arrangement. It is important to choose the size of the pattern in relation to the dimensions of the room – too small ones may overwhelm a small room, making it even smaller, and too large ones may create disproportions. Shades of wallpaper slightly darker than the color of the walls can add depth to the interior, while avoiding the effect of optically reducing the space.

Using structural paints and plasters is a step towards adding some three-dimensionality to the ceiling, but it is still a safe option for people who are unsure about major changes. This solution introduces an interesting texture to the upper part of the interior, without overwhelming it, and at the same time adding a new element to the arrangement. Especially in austere, masculine styles, such as a loft, structural plasters can be an attractive choice that adds character.

What can you put on the ceiling?

Ceiling decoration is not only a matter of colors, but also the possibility of using more expressive and three-dimensional solutions. 3D elements mounted on ceilings are a much bolder step that can completely change the perception of a given interior. When choosing such solutions, it is crucial to match them to the overall style of the room in order to maintain the consistency of the arrangement. Even subtle, single 3D elements, if properly selected, can give the room a unique character and make it even more spacious and interesting.

2.Ceiling stucco and more

Ceiling stucco is the first and most intuitive choice in ceiling decoration. Ceiling strips mounted on the border of the wall and ceiling allow for a subtle “softening” of the room’s shape, giving it a more rounded and friendly appearance. Rounding, rounding and the elimination of sharp angles play an important role in this year’s trends, which helps create cozy and safe spaces, ideal for rest and regeneration. In the face of current trends focusing on roundness, rounding and the elimination of right angles, ceiling strips perfectly fit into these directions, giving the interior an organic character. In addition to their aesthetic value, these strips effectively mask imperfections such as uneven walls or inaccurately painted colors.

When choosing stucco, it is worth considering our needs – Styrofoam ceiling decorations can also be installed in the form of a curtain rod cover due to their weight, but they are susceptible to mechanical damage, MDF stucco, on the other hand, is heavy and may require the additional creation of a plasterboard wall. cardboard, and plaster ceiling decorations are most often simple profiles with an uncomplicated structure, time-consuming to install. A good and modern solution is then a polymer material. Mardom Decor stucco, made of the innovative PolyForce material, is not only waterproof and resistant to UV radiation, but often also equipped with LightGuard® technology, which allows for trouble-free installation of stucco with LED lighting.

In 2024, special emphasis will be placed on details that are to attract attention with high quality and uniqueness. Hence the increasing importance of ceiling rosettes, which are moving away from classic and glamorous styles in favor of more contemporary solutions. Ceiling rosettes available in the Mardom Decor offer are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used both as individual decorative elements (e.g. lamp shades) and in the form of smaller, floral motifs that create complex wall compositions.

Stucco is not limited to the ceiling. Wall stucco will also work perfectly, as it can be installed in the form of subtle screens and complemented with decorative corners. This decoration, although discreet, adds an interesting accent to the interior. To further integrate the arrangement, you can cover the stucco with the same color as the ceiling. Mardom Decor strips have a special primer with smoothing properties and preparing the surfaces for painting in any color, enabling personalization and consistency with the rest of the interior.

MDC236 Mardom Decor wall strip mounted on the ceiling around the room as part of a modern screen, painted and the color of the ceiling
MDC236 Mardom Decor wall strip

Pictures not only as wall decoration

Referring to the trend for 2024, which focuses on high-quality details as elements that “do the job”, it is worth paying attention to the unconventional use of art in interior design – paintings on the ceiling. This bold and innovative idea, used, among others, by Hotel Arche Geologiczna, transforms the ceiling into an artistic canvas, creating a unique and avant-garde interior effect. Skillfully selected works of art on the ceiling can completely change the perception of a room, introducing an atmosphere of luxury and uniqueness, which directly refers to the trend called “discreet luxury”.

Paintings on the ceiling in the form of modern wall decorations - design of one of the rooms in the Arche Geologica Hotel
The interior of the Arche Geologiczna Hotel – paintings as ceiling decorations

Such ceiling decoration becomes a distinctive accent that can reflect the owner’s personality and meet his expectations regarding the uniqueness of the space. Paintings on the ceiling are not only a bold aesthetic solution, but also demonstrate the search for new, original solutions in interior design. This is a perfect way to give living rooms, bedrooms and commercial spaces an individual character and become a place where art meets everyday life, creating a harmonious whole.


Another creative idea for decorating the ceiling in the kitchen and living room are lamellas, especially in warm shades of wood. In the context of the growing importance of Vintage and Eco Jungle styles, warm colors and wooden accents play a key role. The year 2024 heralds a departure from the shiny, elegant and full of glitz aesthetics of the glamor style, in favor of warm, slightly raw and “with soul” decorative and functional elements. Lamellas fit perfectly into this trend – they can be an element of furniture and ceiling decoration.

Made using embossing technology, Mardom Decor slats perfectly imitate the natural structure of wood, combining the aesthetics of natural materials with the advantages of modern technologies. Made of innovative PolyForce material, they are not only waterproof and damage-resistant, but also fully recyclable, which makes them an environmentally friendly arrangement solution. This combination makes Mardom Decor slats perfect for those who are looking for harmony between style and an ecological approach to design in their interiors.

Light Oak Medio L0202 Mardom Decor slats in a modern living room arrangement - slats mounted on the wall flow smoothly to the ceiling, the arrangement is in warm colors of brown and green
Light Oak Medio L0202 Mardom Decor slats

Ceilings decorated with lamellas are not only aesthetic, but also conscious choices that emphasize the individual character of the space and its connection with nature.

5.Wall panels

In the context of decorating the entire room, Lumio and Duna wall panels from Mardom Decor offer not only additional three-dimensionality, but also aesthetic consistency, thanks to their rounded shapes, which perfectly fit the latest trends and fashion for curves and organic shapes. Contemporary details, such as grooved cabinets and other furniture elements, are reflected in these panels, creating a harmonious whole.

These panels can be successfully used on the ceiling, creating a unique accent and adding a new dimension to the room. Such ceiling stucco not only significantly enriches the appearance of the ceiling, but also contributes to the creation of a coherent, well-thought-out design of the entire interior.

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