Wall panel as an element separating space

To make an effective transformation of the interior and create functional usable zones, you do not need to make a general renovation. There is no need to build additional partition walls or half-walls. Sometimes one detail is enough to give a space a completely new dimension. How to do it quickly, easily and without unnecessary dirt? Get inspired by the @doskonaly_i_my.

Large, spacious rooms are a great advantage. In such rooms we will be able to accommodate a lot of furniture and interior design elements, without the need to constantly maneuver, measure and adjust dimensions to suit every available centimeter. However, what if we want to add a dressing table to our spacious bedroom and create our own beauty corner? L0101 wall slats will be perfect for this purpose. The three-dimensional form will visually separate the space from the rest of the room, designating a separate zone which, as in this case, was used to create a stylish dressing table.

The Lamelli Mardom Decor collection is a modern form of wall panels – the slats are mounted on the wall in one piece. Thanks to this, the pattern is perfectly symmetrical and installation is very simple, even for people without assembly experience. All you need is high-quality glue with high bonding strength to stably mount the entire arrangement 😉

Lamellas are a universal pattern of vertical stripes. It will work perfectly in modern arrangements, slightly more dreamy scandi boho or expressive art. deco. In this case, the focus was on a minimalist arrangement, and the slats in a white shade matching the color of the walls introduce an interesting three-dimensionality into the interior. The expressive texture visually divides the space, defining a separate zone, but does not overwhelm the arrangement. The effect can be enhanced by using slats with a wooden finish or painting them in any shade. White Lamelli from Mardom Decor are covered with a matte primer that facilitates the spread of paint on the surface, guaranteeing perfect coverage, regardless of the selected shade of paint. For fans of snow-white, slats covered with SupremeSatin® varnish in the shade of RAL9003 will work well.

Choosing wall panels in the form of lamellas is a perfect way to quickly transform your interior. This is an option that will work in all types of interiors and architectural styles. This minimalist arrangement focused on white and wood, thanks to which the interior remained bright and illuminated, and the slats made the boring, flat wall gain an intriguing spaciousness.

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