Winter arrangement

How to create the perfect winter arrangement? Monika Antropik-Biele, who turned her hamptons-style interior into an atmospheric, snowy setting, knows it very well. Elegant stucco, coastal color palette and winter accents, how to combine it?

First of all, hamptons are open spaces and glass walls. Unfortunately, in small rooms you can’t afford such a large number of windows. Therefore, wall decoration plays a key role in this arrangement. Large, expressive screens perfectly mimic window frames. This effect was made possible by using MD011 skirting boards as wall stucco. As a result, the frames are expressive, but at the same time they are not overwhelming and form a coherent composition with the rest of the interior elements.

Secondly, a uniform color scheme has been maintained. The room is bright, transparent, kept in shades of white. The same color is also used for the stucco – the wall frames, curtain rails and MD360 skirting profiles were painted with exactly the same paint as the wall, making them a perfect base for the expressive blue decorative elements. has taken care of every detail – most of the decorations were handmade with incredible precision. As a result, the arrangement is unique, but still has a hamptons-style spirit.

Third, atmospheric lighting. Lamps are not the only way to illuminate our room. Here we used QL011 curtain rails with innovative LightGuard® technology, which prevents the LEDs from spotlighting through the fabric. This made it possible to use an additional source of light around the room, which is not only functional, but also looks beautiful. It is a small addition that completely changes the atmosphere of the room.

Fourth, a perfect harmony between the hampton-style interior and the winter climate has been maintained. Decorative pillows with beautiful ornate prints, baubles and even bows on the winter wreath wrapped around the stairs maintain a consistent color scheme and emphasize the character of the interior. They look beautiful against the background of stucco, introducing an atmosphere of warmth and holiday cheer into the house.

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