Visual enlargement of the interior

How to visually enlarge small spaces so that they look stylish and modern? Sometimes less is more, and the right combination of stucco and colors can work wonders. This is perfectly proven by @mg_projektowaniewnetrz in his visualizations.

Looking at Ms. Monika’s designs, it is impossible not to notice the light colors dominating the interiors. White, shades of gray and beige are the perfect base, which brightens up the rooms, enlarges them and makes them look extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The stucco is the only wall decoration. Despite the minimalist form and the most classic shape of the individual screens, the MD413 moldings (first and second photos) and the MDD332 moldings together with the MDD332-11 corner (third photo) are clearly visible. Matched in color to the shade of the wall, they do not overwhelm, but instead become a consistent element of the arrangement. The decorative moldings are minimalist in form, but thanks to ScratchShield® technology they gain high resistance to mechanical damage.

The shape of the wall frames also matters. To decorate the interior, wall moldings were used, which took the shape of elongated screens. Their length extends almost from the ceiling to the floor. This procedure optically lengthens the room, creating the illusion of a much taller room than it actually is.

The design also uses another stucco element – a curtain rail. QL056 is a smooth profile that is perfect for interiors decorated in a modern style. The curtain rail perfectly masks the unsightly curtain rail, making the interior look neat and give the impression of refinement in every detail. In addition, the selected stucco has LightGuard® technology, which allows the installation of LED lighting. The LEDs do not shine through the material, providing a great look and a perfect atmosphere during the evenings.

The arrangements are modern, minimalist – there are not many decorative elements in the interiors, but if they do appear, they are of high quality and serve a specific function. In this case, wall frames, whose function is to enlarge the space.

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