Stylish minimalism in the living room of Ola Nowak

Seeing the arrangement of Ola Nowak‘s apartment, we can find no other words than “stylish minimalism”. Such a design of the living room would not be ashamed of any architect. The interior is bright, spacious and looks like one of the photographs on Pinterest. How do you achieve such an effect?

Slender wall frames made of minimalist MD002 rectangular shaped slats perfectly elongate the room. The interior appears larger and taller thanks to the straight vertical lines climbing almost from the floor to the ceiling.

The moldings, as well as the wall, are painted with the same white paint, so they form a cohesive composition. “Boring” space becomes three-dimensional, however, stucco does not unnecessarily attract attention. The moldings are just an accent, a beautiful background for everyday life.

Single wall frames are perfect as a subtle picture decoration. They emphasize the other wall decorations, without overshadowing their charm. This is a simple but effective procedure, thanks to which the interior gains character.

The wall moldings perfectly match the color scheme of the interior. The room was decorated in shades of white, making it seem larger and more spacious. The stucco harmonizes with the other elements of the interior – a light floor, a small table, soft furnishings and even a white canvas of a painting. However, a uniform color does not at all mean that the room looks cool or uninteresting. Contrary to appearances, there is really a lot going on here. The arrangement is varied by the combination of different textures – smooth moldings, marble floor, boulce chairs or corduroy sofa. The combination of neutral color with such a rich palette of textures looks very stylish.

If you follow Ola on Instagram, you are well aware that she is an energetic, vivacious woman who travels frequently. With such an active lifestyle, there is no time for understatement and constant home improvements. Mardom Decor moldings have been perfectly adapted to such an intense pace of life. They do not require additional maintenance and are resistant to UV radiation, and water. Once installed, they will look beautiful on the wall for many years.

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