What to use instead of skirting boards?

19.01.2024 5 min

Skirting boards are an essential element of finishing any interior, which can be found in almost all domestic and commercial rooms. They are functional, but also a decorative element that influences the perception of the room. However, what to do when standard solutions available on the market do not meet our expectations? What to use instead of skirting boards? What if… ceiling curtain rods?

QL026 Mardom Decor curtain rod strip with a minimalist design installed in a modern classic interior
QL026 Mardom Decor curtain rod strip

Covering a curtain rod as a skirting board may seem like a crazy idea at first. Are you wondering how this is possible? We’ve already explained why these inconspicuous elements can become a key accent in your home. We invite you to read about how a curtain rod cover can become a practical and aesthetic decorative element of the floor.

What are the functions of a strip installed near the floor?

The skirting board, although often underestimated, serves several key functions in the home. First, it protects the wall against damage that may occur as a result of everyday use – from reflections from shoes to scratches caused by a vacuum cleaner. Its role in protecting the floor is equally important, as the skirting board effectively masks the expansion gaps between the floor and the wall, protecting against the ingress of dust, dirt or water, thanks to which the floors maintain their perfect appearance and do not bulge or creak.

However, a skirting board is not only a practical, but also a decorative element of the interior. It is an integral part of the arrangement, influencing the final appearance and atmosphere of the room. And this is where the dilemma arises – what is practical does not always fully correspond to our vision or the chosen interior style. A curtain rod or wall strip built with stucco can be an interesting alternative to traditional skirting boards, adding a unique character to the interior without sacrificing functionality.

Opening up to a creative approach and taking a broader look at arrangement possibilities that go beyond standard nomenclature and conventions allows you to create interiors that not only fulfill their practical tasks, but also perfectly reflect the user’s individual style.

Ceiling curtain rod strips also mounted on the floor

A curtain rod strip, originally intended for installation on the ceiling, as an alternative to skirting boards, may be a great idea for those who are looking for unique decorative solutions. The use of stucco that is not dedicated to the floor, but whose shape and appearance perfectly meets our aesthetic expectations, opens up new possibilities in interior design. However, with such a non-standard application, we must make sure that the ceiling curtain rod meets several important conditions.

What strip covers the curtain rod?

Choosing the right curtain rod masking strip is an important element of planning the aesthetics and functionality of the interior. Skirting boards, as one of the stucco elements most exposed to mechanical damage in everyday use, require special attention. Therefore, when choosing a curtain rod, you should pay special attention to its strength and resistance to damage. Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rods are made of high-quality PolyForce material – a proprietary mixture of polymer with refiners, which is characterized by high density. Thanks to this, they offer high resistance to scratches and impacts.

stucco in the bathroom - MD094 floor stucco strip painted mint green, arranged together with wall stucco in a modern bathroom
MD094 stucco strip installed in the bathroom on the floor line

An important aspect when choosing alternative floor stucco is also moisture resistance. Particularly important in places exposed to moisture and puddles, such as the hall, where we often enter with wet shoes, or the bathroom, where a splashed floor after a bath is standard, especially in a home with small children. Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are 100% waterproof. This is a very important advantage that is often missing even with dedicated floor strips, e.g. made of MDF, which often absorb moisture from the air and swell over time. This is not the case with Mardom Decor stucco, and the masking curtain rod strips look like new even after several years.

Another significant advantage of Mardom Decor curtain rods is resistance to sunlight, which is crucial considering their installation in the immediate vicinity of windows. Thanks to this, when using them as skirting boards, you can be sure that they will not turn yellow or discolor over time, which guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the interior for a long time.

Stucco strips with LED lighting installed on the floor line as additional lighting
LED lighting skirting boards

Interior designers increasingly appreciate LED curtain rods as an additional light source and an element that enriches the aesthetics of the room. The use of LightGuard® technology in Mardom Decor strips allows you to create a subtle and evenly dispersed glow, without diodes shining through the material. The Mardom Decor LED curtain rod strip is a perfect solution for any interior, combining aesthetic values with functionality.

A wide range of patterns and sizes

Are you looking for a solution that will perfectly highlight the elegant interior or fit perfectly with the minimalist design of your living room? Our offer includes many models suited to various interior styles – from art deco to vintage.

See on the website!

By choosing Mardom Decor LED curtain rod installations, you are investing not only in the durability and strength of the material, resistant to weather conditions such as moisture or UV radiation, but also in innovative solutions that will enrich the rest of the interior. They are an additional advantage for those who are looking for both functionality and a refined appearance, meeting the needs of the most demanding design enthusiasts and interior designers. LED curtain rod structures are a unique combination of practicality and aesthetics, perfectly fitting into modern interior design trends.

Curtain rod strips masking as a skirting board – advantages

Ceiling curtain rod strips offer wide arrangement possibilities that ensure a unique look of the interior. We hope that we have managed to prove that a hidden curtain rod hidden behind stucco is not their only use. It is worth paying attention to the note “multifunctional strips” on our website. This is stucco that can be used in many ways, e.g. as a masking, wall or lighting strip.

White MD145 Mardom Decor ceiling curtain rods installed as a curtain rod cover and wall strips in a modern bedroom arrangement in white and shades of gray
Ceiling curtain rod strips MD145 Mardom Decor

The ceiling curtain rod cover is covered with a matte primer with smoothing properties. An additional layer of primer paint makes the white curtain rod immediately ready for painting, and the dye spreads perfectly on the surface. The stucco can be painted in any color, matching the shade to the rest of the interior, which provides wide possibilities for personalization. Additionally, the same strips, installed both on the floor and on the ceiling, allow you to create a highly coherent arrangement, where the ceiling curtain rod cover, both as a curtain rod strip and as a floor strip, harmonizes with the overall appearance of the room.

Mardom Decor curtain rod strips are also known for their ease of installation. All you need is the right glue to install stucco quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this, installation is quick and hassle-free, so there is no need to engage a specialist.

Curtain rod masking strips – differences in installation on the ceiling and floor

It is crucial to understand that the proper installation of curtain rods both on the ceiling and on the floor requires careful planning and the use of appropriate techniques. Installing curtain rods on the ceiling and floor, although it may seem similar, requires paying attention to several important aspects.

How to connect curtain rods?

Connecting curtain rods may seem like a demanding task, but thanks to the use of appropriate materials, the process is extremely quick and simple. In the case of Mardom Decor stucco, only high-quality mounting glue is required for installation. There is no need to use additional screws or mounting pins.

When installing curtain rod strips on the ceiling, a fast-drying, high-strength adhesive such as Mardom Max is recommended. Its properties ensure a strong and durable connection, which is crucial when mounting on the ceiling surface. Mardom Max is also an ideal solution for masking joints and filling small gaps between strips, which guarantees an aesthetic and consistent finish.

However, for installing curtain rods as skirting boards, Mardom Fix Pro glue will work well. Its properties ensure solid mounting and at the same time enable easy masking of joints. Thanks to this, you can use one product without having to purchase additional materials.

How far is the grille from the wall?

In the case of curtain rails, it is important to determine the appropriate distance of the cover from the wall to obtain an aesthetic and functional effect. The optimal distance will depend on the type of curtain rail, the thickness of the curtains and the LED lighting that we plan to install. It is important that the cover is far enough away from the wall to allow for easy mounting of the curtain rod and the movement of curtains, but also to provide space for installing LED lighting, if planned.

In the case of installation on the floor line, forget about the expansion joint, which should be adequately covered by skirting boards to fulfill their functions. Particular attention should be paid to the width of the slats when choosing to fit our needs.

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