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Stucco moldings are a topic that will certainly attract the attention of lovers of refined aesthetics and sophisticated interior decoration. Designing a bedroom that exudes luxury but is not overdone requires not only a sense of taste, but also the ability to use the right elements. The central point of such arrangements often becomes the interior wall and ceiling stucco, which adds character and elegance to the room.

listwy scienne listwy karniszowe sypialnia glamour
Mardom Decor interior wall and ceiling stucco in a glamorous bedroom

As the example of Kasia Fanajło’s project shows, the use of stucco elements, both on walls and ceilings, can completely change the space, giving it shine and a unique atmosphere. In the article, we will look at how key components, such as interior moldings, influence the final effect, creating an elegant yet cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. We will prove how important high-quality additions and accessories are in interior decoration and how they can work together with classic stucco, creating a harmonious and delightful whole.

Let’s learn together the secret of this charming arrangement, analyzing both the aesthetic aspects and practical applications of stucco in a glamorous bedroom. Let’s check how properly selected stucco elements can transform any bedroom into a real work of art!

Stucco moldings – glamorous interior decoration

Stucco moldings with decorative milling are definitely suitable for a glamorous bedroom. They look elegant and are a subtle, yet expressive accent that emphasizes the feminine, subtle and luxurious interior design, so characteristic of the selected arrangement style. Decorative millings appear on both the ceiling and skirting boards, creating a coherent composition.

Wall strips in this interior design take the form of classic frames, creating large, double screens. Two types of strips were used: MD002, placed on the outside and MD003, in the middle of the frame. Their symmetrical arrangement and precise workmanship give the walls a harmonious and elegant look. The stucco has also been integrated into interior elements, such as a mirror that takes up half of the wall of the room, which adds a glamorous touch to the whole. In this way, wall strips not only decorate, but also create a space in which every detail harmonizes with the adopted style.

listwy scienne sypialnia glamour
MD003 and MD002 wall stucco strips, QS009 floor strips and QL026 curtain rod strips from Mardom Decor in a wall arrangement in a glamorous bedroom

The ceiling strips in this case are curtain rods combined with LED lighting, which have been installed around the entire room. The choice fell on simple, minimalist QL026 models with LightGuard® technology. Despite their modern character, they fit perfectly into the elegant glamor style, without overloading it and adding a bit of freshness to the interior. The functionality of these strips is emphasized by the use of LED lighting, which not only looks beautiful, but is also practical. LightGuard® technology ensures delicate light dispersion, eliminating the undesirable effects of diodes shining through the material, which further enriches and emphasizes the refined character of a glamorous bedroom.

We already know that interior wall and ceiling stucco plays a very important role in creating space and styling the arrangement for glam, but what about floor stucco? In this bedroom arrangement, skirting boards are a functional addition that complements the arrangement, but does not overwhelm it in any way. A subtle model with a step-like profile was chosen – QS009 skirting boards.

How to combine interior stucco elements?

The use of stucco in a glamorous bedroom arrangement is an art that requires both a sense of aesthetics and an understanding of the technical aspects of installation and finishing. Kasia Fanajło perfectly combined all the elements, creating an interior full of class, elegance, definitely not exaggerated and certainly not “kitsch” in its rich glam style. Here are some elements worth paying attention to if you want to achieve a similar effect in your home.

listwy scienne sypialnia glamour sztukateria
MD002 and MD003 Mardom Decor stucco strip behind the dressing table

Consistent colors

The bedroom has a consistent color scheme – an elegant and classic combination of gray and white, so that despite the variety of textures and finishes – from a fluffy bedspread to a plastic chair to a decorated crystal chandelier – everything looks coherent and harmonious. Even the stucco has been color-matched to the shade of the wall, making it an integral element of the bedroom arrangement. The use of Mardom Decor polymer stucco elements was crucial for the visual effect. Our decorative strips can be painted in any color with wall paint (water-based, solvent-free), which allows them to perfectly match the arrangement. Mardom Decor internal stucco is covered with a special primer with smoothing properties and increasing the adhesion of the pigment to the surface. Thanks to this, wall strips and skirting boards covered with the same color as the wall blend harmoniously with the rest of the interior, emphasizing its elegant aesthetics.

Classic frames made of wall strips

The use of Mardom Decor wall strips in the form of classic frames is a perfect way to emphasize the elegant character of the interior. Decorative screens are a classic pattern that is associated with timeless style and class, which is why decorated stucco strips fit perfectly into this style. To further emphasize their role in the interior, Kasia decided to use double mornings, thanks to which the stucco is even more expressive and becomes an important decorative element of the design. Mardom Decor internal stucco can be easily installed at home – to install the strips, all you need is high-quality Fix Pro glue and a saw (the ends of the strips should be cut at a 45-degree angle), and to create permanent connections between the frame elements, you only need the same glue used to attach the stucco. .

Combination with decorative wallpaper

Decorative wallpaper with subtle patterns, placed behind the headboard of the bed, cleverly breaks the straight angles that fill the bedroom. The pattern refers to a modern style, but it is finished with decorative skirting boards, and the wallpaper colors are white, so it fits perfectly with the glam interior.

Internal wall and ceiling stucco incorporated into the interior elements

Mardom Decor decorative strips have been perfectly integrated into various interior elements, which is perfectly illustrated by the most impressive element of the arrangement – a mirror mounted on half the width of the wall. One of the frames surrounds the mirror, becoming an elegant frame, and the other, smaller one, is mounted inside, breaking the form and adding an interesting finish to the bedroom. Also worth attention is the stucco strip, which takes the form of a TV wall. The selection of appropriate decorative materials (small size) allows you to subtly but clearly emphasize the character of the interior without overwhelming the space.

Glamorous accessories

The interior maintains harmony and a neutral color palette. The dominant colors in the bedroom are gray and a subtle shade of creamy white. The wall strips have been carefully selected in color to match the walls, which gives them a refined and coherent character in the context of the entire decor. The entire arrangement is enlivened by stylish elements, such as a decorative chandelier, golden lamps and elegant, heavy curtains. This combination of various details adds a luxurious look to a glamorous interior.

Which ceiling strips should I choose?

Mardom Decor’s offer includes standard stucco strips in many different finishes, which enable full matching to the interior color scheme, additional lighting, and can be used to mask small irregularities, while creating an elegant setting for the entire interior.

Ceiling profiles from the Mardom Decor offer can be used to finish both minimalist and baroque interiors; our offer includes simple, smooth strips as well as richly decorated, ornamental models. However, Mardom Decor stucco strips are something more – our offer includes innovative lighting strips with LightGuard® technology, which allow you to create a subtle glow around the strip, eliminating the effect of point-piercing diodes. This is an ideal solution for those who want to combine functionality with the decorative aspect of stucco – Kasia Fanajło used the same solution in her glamorous arrangement.

Ceiling profiles from the Mardom Decor offer can be used to finish both minimalist and baroque interiors; our offer includes simple, smooth strips as well as richly decorated, ornamental models. However, Mardom Decor stucco strips are something more – our offer includes innovative lighting strips with LightGuard® technology, which allow you to create a subtle glow around the strip, eliminating the effect of point-piercing diodes. This is an ideal solution for those who want to combine functionality with the decorative aspect of stucco – Kasia Fanajło used the same solution in her glamorous arrangement.

Additionally, for customers looking for more exclusive solutions, the Mardom Decor Premium line is available, which includes slats, wall panels and skirting boards with a SupremeSatin® coating, which provides a snow-white finish and exceptional durability.

What should you remember when choosing stucco moldings?

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Interior wall and ceiling moldings – selection of the style and shape of the moldings

When choosing stucco strips, it is essential to match their style and shape to the character of the interior. For example, in rooms decorated in a classic style, stucco moldings with rich ornaments and curved lines will be perfect. Modern interiors, in turn, require simple, minimalist strips that emphasize the raw nature of the arrangement. However, in an eclectic style, you can choose strips with more avant-garde shapes, which will become a strong decorative accent.

Material quality

In the context of glamorous interiors, quality and elegance are extremely important. When choosing stucco strips, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made. Mardom Decor polyurethane stucco is durable and resistant to damage, which guarantees that the strips will look attractive for many years, e.g. Styrofoam stucco is soft, which makes it easily deformed, quickly losing its original form and shape (internal Styrofoam stucco is plastic, which will not work in intensively used rooms, houses with small children or animals), and the use of joints of NMC stucco elements is associated with the fact that, over time, dents and deformations will probably appear on it due to impacts, e.g. with a vacuum cleaner or furniture legs. You should also remember that the strips should be painted to additionally protect them against external factors. Internal wall and ceiling stucco covered with an additional layer of paint maintains a spotless appearance for longer.

High quality Mardom Decor stucco elements

A distinctive feature of Mardom Decor products, significant for every interior design, is the unrivaled quality of materials and technologies used in the production of stucco moldings. The main component of most stucco strips is the innovative PolyForce polymer material. This material contains special refiners that increase its density and durability, which translates into high durability of the material. Additionally, in the production process of our skirting boards, multifunctional stucco, wall panels, lamellas and Decor decorative elements, the ScratchShield® system plays a very important role. Thanks to it, the surface is maximally hardened, ensuring resistance to impacts and scratches. According to independent research, our stucco is 40% harder than competitors’ products without this technology.

Moreover, Mardom Decor stucco strips are fully waterproof, which makes them an ideal choice for rooms exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Resistance to UV rays is also an important advantage, ensuring that the stucco strip will retain its color and structure for many years, regardless of exposure to sunlight.

Mardom Decor interior wall and ceiling stucco is an investment in high quality and durability, which is crucial in interior design, where each element – from skirting boards to wall strips – is designed to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the space. The price of these products reflects their exceptional quality and innovation, making them a valuable addition to any stylish interior.

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