Stucco in the homes of celebrities

22.12.2022 5 min

Arranging a house or apartment certainly awaits each of us, at some stage in our lives. However, before we get down to interior design, we often browse through inspiration found on the Internet, thematic articles or other content that will allow us to assess how we would like our rooms to look. We check how our friends, neighbors or celebrities have decorated their four corners. In this article, however, we will focus on how stucco or other decorative elements on the walls, ceiling and near the floor change the entire apartment or house in the stars.

Decorative wall moldings at Klaudia Halejcio’s home

A popular actress in Poland – Klaudia Halejcio showed how to decorate a wall in an interesting way, using stucco. A big influence on the final effect is certainly the color of the wall on which the decoration is to appear. In white-painted living rooms, as in this case, wall moldings look beautiful, all the more so if you arrange them in an attractive pattern, as happened here. In similar interiors, you may additionally be tempted to use skirting boards or pilasters, or even long chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, around which there will be decorative rosettes. This is how you can create an interior in vintage, glamour or classical themes.

Inspirations from Katrzyna Tusk

Kasia Tusk who is one of the most recognizable Polish bloggers showed her richly decorated home interior using stucco. In the photo below, we can see many decorative elements. The most striking is the decorative moldings attached to the cabinet. It’s hard to distinguish here what the material used is, as there may be decorative Styrofoam or, for example, plaster on the furniture, but certainly the stucco is a very tasteful component in this interior. Looking above, we see the ceiling stucco, which in this case are artistic ceiling moldings and wall moldings arranged on the ceiling. Although they are completely different types of moldings, they work perfectly together, creating a smooth transition between the wall and the ceiling. The stucco in this apartment can certainly be a source of inspiration for many of us.

Maffashion stucco

The last of the arrangements is the relaxation lounge at the home of actress and well-known influencer Julia Kuczynska, known as Maffashion. In the photo below, we see an exceptionally decorated interior, which is undoubtedly meant to serve as a relaxation zone. Looking from below, we can note the classic floor moldings, which in this case slightly separate the decorative elements of the wall from the floor panels. The stucco on the wall adds good style and symmetry, which has a calming effect. Decorative ceiling moldings, in addition to softening the space between the walls and the ceiling, elegantly close the whole. Meanwhile, a richly decorated mirror located in the center of the wall, despite the different decor, fits exemplarily into the given space.

Stucco elements available at Mardom Decor

The stuccowork we create at Mardom Decor is designed by our most creative designers. We have several collections created by industrial design specialist Tomek Rygalik. The materials we use to make our stucco are moisture-resistant PolyForce and ProFoam. However, these are not MDF boards, often used in the production of decorative moldings, nor plaster castings, but high-quality polyurethane and polymer.

We offer several types of decorative moldings: baseboards, wall moldings, ceiling moldings, lighting moldings and curtain moldings. Each of them can be painted the same color as the color of the walls or according to our own inspiration. Skirting boards will nicely separate the walls from the floor, wall ones will expose mirrors, fireplace and paintings. When we arrange them in specific patterns, they will give the interior a completely different theme. Mouldings on the ceilings can make the room more classy and refined. Using curtain rails in your home or apartment will make the curtains look like a palace on the wall. And if you want to add complementary light to your interior, you do not need coffers or additional lamps at all. Great in this area will be lighting strips, which will make the bedroom, living room and even the garden the perfect place for relaxation.

With stucco you can also create baroque arrangements, which are most often used in the living room. However, nothing prevents you from decorating other interiors with it, such as bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Rosettes, which are often the decoration of choice for chandeliers, just like other stucco elements, are made of polyurethane. They will make the ceiling more varied, and adding elements such as columns, pilasters or door frames will make the interiors more sumptuous and classy.

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