Wall panels in Ola Nowak’s bedroom

05.01.2024 6 min

Today we are taking you on a journey through Ola Nowak’s extremely feminine and at the same time modern bedroom. Its design is a combination of the subtlety and romanticism of stucco with a bold, modern accent – expressive lamellas in the form of wall panels. Selected decorative elements not only emphasize the original appearance of the room, but also introduce a unique atmosphere that will certainly inspire you to your own experiments. Let’s check together how Ola arranged the wall panels in the bedroom.

By discovering the secrets of wall panels in the bedroom, we want to inspire you to create your own, unique spaces. In this article, we will focus on showing how wall panels (alone or in combination with other decorative elements) can completely change the appearance and atmosphere of your interiors.

The use of wall panels with stucco in interior design

Feminine and modern – this is how you can describe an arrangement in which wall panels harmonize with stucco. Ola Nowak’s bedroom uses a subtle solution that perfectly combines classic and modern style. Above the bed there is a double wall frame, consisting of a larger MD002 strip as an external decorative element and a smaller internal MD413 strip. This minimalist stucco, devoid of additional decorations, does not overwhelm, emphasizing the elegance and delicacy of the interior.

Wall panels in the bedroom L0101 Mardom Decor - interior design by Ola Nowak with stucco in the form of classic frames in pastel colors
Wall panels in the bedroom L0101 Mardom Decor

The symmetry of classic wall frames has been effectively broken with a modern accent in the form of L0101 slats that reach up to the ceiling. 270 cm long lamella panels provide an aesthetic finish to the walls, eliminating the need for joints, which helps maintain the continuity of the pattern. The wall panels were placed in the middle of the bed, focusing attention on the focal point of every bedroom – the bed. Consciously limiting yourself to a single slat instead of using them across the entire width of the wall adds lightness and harmony to the design.

Panel ścienny L0101 w połączeniu ze sztukateryjnymi ramkami MD002 oraz MD413
L0101 wall panel combined with MD002 and MD413 stucco frames

The last element of this composition is playing with color. The combination of traditional white strips with a pastel wall panel adds modernity to the interior. To achieve this effect, White Lamels L0101 were used and painted with exactly the same paint as the shade on the walls. Thanks to this, the wall finish, although expressive, remains feminine and delicate, keeping the entire arrangement in light, pastel colors.

Wall panel – ideas for modern decor

3D wall panels are becoming an increasingly popular decorative element in contemporary interior designs. Using them in Ola Nowak’s bedroom perfectly shows how a small element can play a huge role in creating a modern and stylish look of the room.

3D wall panels L0101 Mardom Decor painted in the color of the walls combined with decorative wall frames made of stucco strips
3D wall panels L0101 Mardom Decor painted in the color of the wall

Wall panels installed across the entire width of the wall create an intriguing, three-dimensional surface that can become the main point of interior design. Alternatively, by installing panels at a height of 1/3 of the wall, you can create modern paneling that directly refers to the classics, but looks much more contemporary, so it fits even rooms decorated in a modern style. Moreover, wall panels, contrary to their name, are not limited only to walls – they can also be mounted on the ceiling or furniture.

But that’s not all. The wall panel is a perfect way for a quick and effective transformation, enabling installation not only vertically, but also horizontally or diagonally. Everything depends on us. 3D wall panels add depth and dynamics to the space, and their variety of shapes and patterns means that each interior can gain an individual and unique character. These features make wall panels an irreplaceable element of modern interior design.

What can you put on the wall instead of panels?

In contemporary interior design, wall panels are a popular choice. There are many options available on the market, made of different materials:

  • Upholstered wall panels, made of various materials, such as fabric or leather, give the interior an elegant and luxurious character. However, upholstered panels can be difficult to clean and maintain, and are also sensitive to moisture and mold.
  • MDF wall panels are a popular choice due to easy availability, e.g. in popular construction stores. This solution is available in a wide range of patterns and colors that can be painted and customized to suit your individual needs. However, MDF board is susceptible to mechanical and water damage.
  • PVC wall panels are light, easy to install and resistant to moisture, which makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. However, they are unsightly shiny, which significantly affects the finish and aesthetics of the interior.
  • Cork panels are extravagant and eco-friendly options that can be used in a variety of rooms. However, they may cause problems with cleaning and maintenance, and may be susceptible to damage and destruction, especially if we have small children or animals at home.
Lamella wall panels combined with double wall frames Mardom Decor - bedroom arrangement in a modern style
Lamella wall panels combined with Mardom Decor double wall frames

However, 3D wall panels are not the only option. If we do not want to use them, there are also other solutions available on the market. Stucco, including wall, ceiling, lighting and curtain rod strips. These are classic and elegant options that add style and class to the interior, but also work perfectly in modern arrangements, as Ola Nowak’s design perfectly proves. Another option may be wallpapers, structural paints, decorative stone or brick on the wall, which allow you to create a unique and personalized look. Each of these solutions has its own unique properties and can be adapted to different styles and needs, creating unique and comfortable spaces in our homes.

How to arrange panels on the wall?

The wall panel can be arranged in many ways and what our interior will ultimately look like depends only on us, our needs and imagination. Here are some examples that we hope will inspire you to create your own projects:

  • Combination of lamellas and MDF board to create an attractive TV wall – directly behind the TV there is a board with a contrasting color, e.g. with a black marble pattern, behind it, along the width of the entire TV wall, wall panels in a neutral color, e.g. white or light beige, which will stand become an elegant and tasteful background for our screen.
  • Wall panel and ceramic tiles – in the bathroom, installed at the height of the washbasin as an effective continuation of tiles (usually installed to a height of 2/3 of the wall).
  • 3D wall panels and vinyl panels – popular “vinyls” can also be successfully mounted on the wall, so why not create an eye-catching mix of styles and shapes? A perfect example are Moduleo panels from the Moods collection.

Can wall panels be painted?

Wall panels are an excellent base for creating unique arrangements, and painting them is a great way to personalize any interior. Mardom Decor 3D panels are factory-coated with the highest quality white primer, which smoothes their surface, protects it against yellowing and dirt, and makes it easier to paint the surface in any color. This makes painting strips a simple and effective process that will allow you to adapt them to specific patterns and colors of any interior. We recommend using water-based paints.

What kind of interiors are wall panels suitable for?

Lamelli wall slats by Mardom Decor are synonymous with modernity and elegance. Their minimalist design works perfectly with glamorous arrangements, Scandinavian style or a minimalist loft. Mardom Decor’s offer includes various collections of lamellas that allow you to create unique interior arrangements. They are distinguished by a wide range of patterns and finishes, available in three collections differing in width – Stretto with narrow patterns, Medio with a classic shape and size and Largo with wide and deep patterns. They are available in six colors, including five shades hyperrealistic imitating natural wood.

Lamelli by Mardom Decor wooden wall panels are made using the innovative embossing lamination technology, ensuring the aesthetics of natural wood patterns, adding warmth and naturalness to the interior.

However, Mardom Decor wall panels are not only vertical lines, but also impressive shapes and interesting patterns that will add dynamism to your space. Discover the Duna collections – with a convex, semi-circular shape, Lumio – a concave, semi-circular shape, Vivid – a convex, triangular pattern.

Why is it worth choosing wall panels?

Wall panels are not only a nice wall decoration, but also a practical design element that affects the functionality of our rooms. Thanks to them, you will protect the wall against mechanical damage and dirt.

Additionally, by choosing Mardom Decor wall panels, you are investing in exceptional quality and perfect appearance. Our products are made of the innovative PolyForce polymer material, which is exceptionally durable. Thanks to the refiners it contains, Mardom Decor strips are denser and more resistant to mechanical factors. Additionally, Mardom Decor panels are equipped with ScratchShield® technology, which maximally hardens the surface of 3D wall panels and protects them against scratches and impacts. They are perfect for intensively used rooms, e.g. halls, but also for homes with children or pets.

Panels made of PolyForce are completely water resistant, which means they can be installed in any room. Mardom Decor offers wall panels for the kitchen, wall panels for the bathroom and sanitary rooms. This material is also easy to keep clean, and any stains, e.g. coffee stains, can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

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