Wall panel in the bathroom: functionality and aesthetics

16.02.2024 5 min

In the arrangement of modern bathrooms, we are increasingly moving away from the traditional solution of tiles installed from the floor to the ceiling. Instead, we are increasingly experimenting with various combinations of materials, patterns and textures, choosing unusual variations and creating unique, individual and very personal spaces. More and more often, tiles are installed only at the height of 1/3 of the wall, and above them, colorful paint in intense shades is applied, or durable wallpapers made of fiberglass or vinyl are used, so resistant that they can even be installed directly in the shower. How about another unique idea – a wall panel in the bathroom?

Duna WP001 bathroom wall panel painted black mounted on wall with sink
Duna WP001 Mardom Decor bathroom wall panel

Using wall panels in the bathroom is not only a fresh look at the arrangement, but also the opportunity to introduce a unique character and personal style to the interior. Wall panels offer a wide range of patterns, textures and colors, allowing you to create a space that will reflect your individual preferences.

Advantages of wall panels in the bathroom: Practical aspects of use

Wall panels are a perfect replacement for traditional wallpaper. They are, of course, used in living rooms and bedrooms, but they can also be used in places such as the bathroom, where moisture and water are commonplace. However, please remember that it is not recommended to install them directly under the shower – this is the only advantage of glass. However, the bathroom wall panel can be safely installed near the bathtub, shower or washbasin, protecting the walls against moisture and dirt.

WP003 Vivid bathroom wall panel in the shape of a triangle, mounted on the wall behind the bathtub
Wall panel in the bathroom WP003 Vivid Mardom Decor

Due to their spatial form, the panels add three-dimensional space to the space, which not only visually enriches the interior, but also improves acoustics by reducing unwanted echo, which in some rooms, such as the bathroom, where a hard surface often leads to sound reflection, may be a key feature.

WP002 Duna wall panel in a bathroom arrangement painted pink in a minimalist interior design
WP002 Duna Mardom Decor wall panel in a bathroom arrangement, painted to match the wall color

Another significant advantage is the lack of joints and a limited number of joints, which minimizes places where fungi, mold and bacteria can accumulate, ensuring easier cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Wall panels also provide excellent protection of walls against mechanical damage, which is especially important in spaces where daily use may lead to scratches or impacts.

WP002 Lumio bathroom wall panel in white in the shape of concave semicircles, mounted near the washbasin
Bathroom wall panel WP002 Lumio Mardom Decor mounted near the washbasin

Moreover, the easy installation of wall panels is a huge advantage – most panels available on the market only require glue to be installed. This is a much less time-consuming solution than traditional wall tiling. Thanks to this, an aesthetic finish of the bathroom wall can be achieved in less time and with less effort.

Some wall panels come in many different colors and finishes, while others are designed to be painted, which allows you to fully customize the appearance of the wall decoration to your needs and preferences, ensuring an aesthetic finish to the wall. These types of panels include, among others: Mardom Decor products – covered with a matte UltraPrime coating, which allows for trouble-free and repeated repainting of the surface in any color using water-based paints. Wall panels will also work well in the kitchen, where, just like in the bathroom, easy installation, functionality and the ability to adapt to various arrangements make them an ideal solution for modern homes.

Can wall panels be glued onto tiles?

Mardom Decor wall panels can be mounted directly on bathroom tiles, which is a perfect solution for quickly refreshing the appearance of rooms without the need to remove them and labor-intensive renovation. However, tiles are a problematic surface, so they require proper preparation before installation to ensure a durable and stable fixation.

First, the surface of old tiles should be roughened using an abrasive material, dedicated chemicals or a special primer, which will significantly increase the adhesion of subsequent layers. The next step is to choose the right glue – a key aspect ensuring durability of the installation. It must be a high-quality glue with high strength and short setting time. Our offer includes a dedicated product, Mardom Max, which we recommend for difficult installation spaces (e.g. mounting on a mirror) and demanding stucco elements (e.g. curtain rod strips).

Bathroom wall panel – choosing the right materials for a humid environment

Choosing the right materials for the bathroom is crucial for the durability and aesthetics of the installed wall panels. Not all models, even the most visually attractive, are suitable for installation in the bathroom. This specific environment, exposed to constant water, poses unique challenges to materials that, for example, panels made of natural wood or wood-like materials such as HDF or MDF cannot cope with. High humidity and frequent contact with water may lead to their deformation, swelling or the development of mold and fungi, which definitely disqualifies them as a material for use in rooms with high humidity.

Taking these challenges into account, it is better to choose wall panels made of polymer, i.e. plastics that are 100% resistant to moisture. The most popular, widely available and relatively cheap option are PVC panels (polyvinyl chloride is used in their production). However, it is worth being aware that although PVC panels have a shiny surface, which is closely associated with plastic and old interior design, found in our grandparents’ apartments, they may not impress with their quality and precision of finishing. In addition, cheap PVC may emit an unpleasant odor due to the presence of polyvinyl chloride. An alternative are panels made of polystyrene, also used in the production of stucco. This is the case with Mardom Decor products. Our wall panels are made of the innovative PolyForce duropolymer, also used for the production of stucco. Although the price of PolyForce panels may be slightly higher than in the case of PVC panels, they guarantee not only higher quality decorations, but also the possibility of painting in any color and excellent durability thanks to the high density of the material, and at the same time 100% resistance to moisture.

What panels to choose for the bathroom wall?

When choosing panels for the bathroom, first of all, you should pay attention to their durability and resistance to moisture. A good choice in this case will be Mardom Decor wall panels – made of the proprietary PolyForce material, which, thanks to its high technical parameters, will work well in bathrooms. This material is resistant to changing air humidity (including high temperatures and water vapor) as well as sunlight. Thanks to these features, PolyForce panels do not swell or turn yellow even after a long time of use, maintaining their aesthetic appearance throughout the entire period of use.

Moreover, Mardom Decor wall panels are made using the same innovative technology as our most resistant skirting boards, using ScratchShield® technology. It involves maximum hardening of the panel surfaces, which significantly increases their resistance to scratches and impacts. Thanks to this, the wall panels become extremely durable, which can be very useful in the bathroom, where there is often contact with various types of objects that could cause damage, e.g. a falling hair dryer or swinging an electric toothbrush. The use of panels equipped with ScratchShield® technology in the bathroom translates into a long-lasting, aesthetic wall finish that will be resistant to high temperatures, steam and other challenges related to the use of this room. Thanks to this, Mardom Decor wall panels are an excellent choice for those who value not only the beauty, but also the functionality of the bathroom interior.

Wall panels in the bathroom and the ease of keeping clean: Practical advice

Mardom Decor wall panels in the bathroom are not only an aesthetic addition, but also a solution that is easy to keep clean. Thanks to their smooth and non-porous surface, these panels are perfect for places where hygiene is a priority. Dust, water and other dirt do not settle on them, which eliminates the risk of leaving stains and discolorations on the material, so keeping the panels in perfect condition does not require much effort. Just wipe the surface with a dry cloth from time to time to remove any dust.

In case of heavier dirt, Mardom Decor panels can be successfully cleaned using a damp sponge. You can use only water or add a delicate, well-diluted detergent such as dishwashing liquid. There is no need to invest in expensive cleaning products.

Trends in bathroom design using wall panels

An important trend is the use of colorful and patterned panels, which become a distinctive decorative element and enliven the space, adding character and modernity to it. Combining different textures and colors allows you to create unique compositions that catch the eye and become the central point of the bathroom design.

In addition, growing ecological awareness translates into the choice of durable and environmentally friendly materials, which is also reflected in the popularity of wall panels made from sustainable sources. Many customers pay attention to ecological solutions in our company. At Mardom Decor, we use renewable energy sources (photovoltaics), which helped us reduce the consumption of mining raw materials and carbon dioxide emissions. PolyForce material is fully recycled and is also produced in a closed loop, thanks to which we minimize the consumption of water and raw materials.

Thanks to the ease of installation and maintenance, as well as the ability to adapt to individual needs, Mardom Decor wall panels fit perfectly into modern bathroom design trends, enabling the creation of a space that is not only stylish, but also functional.

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