Modern trends in lighting strips: Inspirations and ideas

02.04.2024 5 min

LED lighting is revolutionizing the way we illuminate our homes, becoming a modern replacement for traditional lamps both as the main light source and as a sophisticated decorative element. However, trends in lighting strips are constantly changing, offering new arrangement possibilities that combine functionality with aesthetics.

Curtain rod strip in the QL026 Mardom Decor living room in a glamorous style arrangement
LED curtain rod lighting strips QL026 Mardom Decor in the living room

LED strips are undoubtedly an exceptionally characteristic lighting element in the interior. They appear more and more often in our arrangements, being an excellent way to illuminate the room. However, when installed alone, these strips do not look very aesthetically pleasing, so they are often covered with covers – stucco LED strips.

However, fashion in interior finishing is constantly changing, and with it trends in lighting strips. In the article, we will look at the latest trends and tell you how to adjust the lighting strips so that they not only enrich the interior finish, but also reflect the individual style of the residents.

LED lighting strips are an energy-saving LED light source for modern interior designs

LED ceiling lighting strips are an energy-saving light source that is increasingly used in modern interior designs, offering not only effective lighting, but also significant energy savings. They are characterized by low electricity consumption, making LED lighting strips an excellent alternative to traditional lamps, chandeliers or wall lamps, providing bright and clear light with minimal energy consumption. One of the greatest advantages of LED lighting is its long life and high efficiency, which makes it an ideal solution for anyone who values both aesthetics and the ecological aspect of energy use.

LED strips, which are a frequently used element in lighting strips, offer a wide range of applications – from subtle lighting accents, through creating dynamic installations, to full room lighting. These versatile LED strips allow for creative and flexible adjustment of lighting to the individual needs and preferences of users, which makes them an excellent choice for creating a personal character of the interior.

Trends in lighting strips - Warm LED strip installed in the bedroom above the bed together with the QR002 Mardom Decor lighting rosette in a modern classic wall arrangement
LED strip installed with the QR002 Mardom Decor lighting rosette

Thanks to the LED ceiling strip, it is possible to obtain not only effective, but also energy-saving lighting, which contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in every home, while emphasizing the modern character of the arrangement. The LED ceiling strip with LED strips not only allows you to achieve an aesthetic lighting effect, but also provides functional and effective lighting that can be adapted to various interior needs, making them an irreplaceable element of modern interior design.

Trends in lighting strips – modern LED lighting and decorative grilles

LED strips, due to their flexibility, are a great lighting solution that will work perfectly in virtually any room. However, despite many advantages, LED strips are not an element that we usually want to display as the main decorative point of the interior. This is where decorative stucco covers come into play, as they not only hide the LED strips, but also add character to the interior.

Mardom Decor QL002 LED ceiling lighting strips in a modern classic dining room arrangement
QL002 Mardom Decor LED ceiling lighting strips

Stucco is a perfect solution for masking unsightly elements in the interior, and its variety of shapes, models and finishes allows it to be perfectly matched to any arrangement style. However, not all ceiling strips are suitable for use with LED lighting. When choosing decorative stucco, it is worth paying attention to dedicated solutions that are designed specifically for this purpose.

Mardom Decor’s offer includes modern lighting strips equipped with the innovative LightGuard® technology, which ensures uniform lighting without the effect of point-piercing diodes. This technology significantly affects the quality of light in the room, creating pleasant, soft lighting.

Moreover, the Mardom Decor LED strip is made of high-quality PolyForce® material, resistant to changing weather conditions and external factors, which guarantees their durability and resistance, even in the most demanding interiors, such as kitchens, bathrooms and halls. Thanks to this, the LED ceiling strip can be used in any room, regardless of its function. Mardom Decor stucco comes in a standard length of x 200 cm and allows for trouble-free cutting to the selected length, which significantly facilitates installation.

How to match lighting stucco to contemporary trends?

In 2024, interior design trends focus on getting closer to nature and giving up excessive glitter in favor of calmer, more subdued solutions. Interiors become cozier thanks to warm colors and rounded forms that give them warmth. This approach, however, does not mean that the arrangements become boring or devoid of character. On the contrary, we strive to create spaces that, although subtle, retain an individual and unique character. Fashion for 2024 is primarily a search for harmony between functionality and aesthetics, where modern lighting strips not only play a practical role, but also constitute an important decorative element of rooms decorated in accordance with trends.

One of the clear trends is quiet luxury, which involves creating balanced compositions that combine elegance and luxury with naturalness. Rich decorations and shine become the domain of glamour, while quiet luxury is about finding harmony between seemingly incompatible elements. In such arrangements, where high-quality, elegant and branded products play an important role, ceiling strips with delicate grooves will be ideal. Such strips will not only add sophistication to the interior, but also emphasize its luxurious character, while constituting a subtle but distinct decorative element.

Eco style is another trend that is gaining popularity in 2024. These types of interiors are characterized by simplicity, naturalness and the use of recycled materials. This style loves natural furniture, often second-hand furniture, which brings a warm, homely atmosphere to the rooms. Simple, undecorated LED strips will fit perfectly in such spaces and will harmonize with the minimalist interior design while maintaining their lighting functionality.

Vintage style combines love for the past with an ecological approach. Second-hand furniture, renovated and reintroduced into the interior design of apartments, create interiors with soul – full of warmth and memories. Stucco strips with unique, futuristic shapes will work great in such arrangements. Additionally, thanks to the high-quality matte primer with which Mardom Decor stucco is coated, it is possible to completely repaint the surface in any color. Additionally, the layer smoothes the material and increases paint adhesion, so the strips can be easily painted even in the most expressive color. The use of intense colors, such as yellows, oranges or reds, will emphasize the character of the room and give it some edge.

How to choose LED lighting for strips?

In 2024, the trend in interior design is towards creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere, which is also reflected in the choice of LED lighting. The most commonly used lighting strip is the one with a warm color, which promotes relaxation and introduces a warm, cozy atmosphere into the interior. However, it should be remembered that although fashion has its importance, the priority should be to adapt the lighting to the individual needs of users and the specificity of each interior. The choice of LED lighting should not be dictated only by current trends, but primarily by the functionality and character of the room where the LEDs will be used.

Selecting LED lighting for specific rooms requires taking into account their function and the atmosphere we want to create there. In the living room, where we often work and relax, bright lighting with a higher color temperature (around 4000-5000 K) will be ideal, providing natural or slightly cool light, emphasizing the true colors of the surroundings. In turn, in the bedroom, where we need appropriate conditions for rest and regeneration, warmer light with a temperature of 2700-3000 K is recommended. It creates a cozy, warm atmosphere, perfect for reading, watching movies or spending time with loved ones. However, in the office, where it is crucial to provide appropriate working conditions, the best choice will be cold light sources (5000-6000 K), which favor concentration.

Thanks to the use of lighting strips with LED strips, it is possible to create functional and aesthetically matching lighting for any interior, while ensuring optimal conditions for work, rest and everyday activities.

Decorative lighting – where else can LED strips be used? Inspirations

One of the first proposals are ceiling lighting strips used as a curtain rod cover. At Mardom Decor you will find a dedicated solution – curtain rods. Each model has been adapted for installation with LED strips and has LightGuard® technology. This solution allows for a subtle presentation of curtains and drapes, introducing additional lighting that emphasizes the softness of the fabrics and adds a warm, cozy atmosphere to the interior.

Another idea for using LED lighting strips is to install them behind a mirror, which is not only a practical but also an aesthetic solution in bathrooms and halls. In this role, wall lighting strips will serve both a decorative and functional role – additional lighting in the bathroom will certainly be useful to everyone.

Wall lighting strips also work well in combination with wall lamellas. At Mardom Decor you will find dedicated LED profiles recommended for use with lamellas from the Lamelli collection. Thanks to this, you will create unique light compositions. LED strips installed between the slats not only expose their texture, but also introduce warm, diffused light into the interior, adding coziness and style to the room.

The LED ceiling strip will also work well on TV walls and in cabinets. This lighting highlights decorative elements and facilitates the organization of space, making everyday activities simpler and more pleasant. LED light behind the TV further reduces eye strain, and illuminated cabinets make it easier to find the items you need.

The introduction of ceiling and wall lighting strips into interior design allows you to create a unique atmosphere in each room, combining functionality with decorativeness. Thanks to this, LED strips become an irreplaceable element of modern arrangements, bringing light where it is needed most.

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