Wall panels – wall decoration or practical interior accessory?

06.03.2023 4 min

Wall laths in recent times undeniably reign supreme in the category of interior decoration. No wonder – the unique design makes them an intriguing decoration that catches the eye. They will work well for the design of any room, regardless of the chosen style, giving the interior spaciousness.

Lamelli – a collection of wooden lamellas by Mardom Decor

Lamelli – timeless wall laths

Decorative laths are perfect for a quick metamorphosis of the house, when we do not have time or money for a labor-intensive renovation. Mardom Decor offers a wide range of wall panels, in many shades of natural wood. Lamelli was created with beautiful interior design and reliable quality in mind, so you can easily match our products to your home, creating a charming and cohesive whole.

Lamelli Stretto Natural Oak L0105

How to use slats? Vertical laths in natural color will look great in a home, giving the room a cozy feel. Shades of different types of wood will emphasize the arrangement in classic, boho, as well as vintage style. Vertical stripes not only fill additional space, becoming a beautiful decoration, but will also visually lengthen the room, which can be a great choice for small apartments that lack space for additional decorative elements.

White Wall Slats L0201

Wall laths in white color are an excellent choice for glamour or modern style interiors. You can use them as a delicate accent on the wall or create your own unique patterns that will be the main decoration of the entire interior. They will also be perfect as a wall separating space in your home. However, if you can’t imagine a contemporary interior without a touch of color, we have good news! White laths can be repainted to any shade using water-based paint. Do you dream of walls and stylistically consistent accessories in powder pink? Or maybe you want to bet on a distinctive yellow accent, which will add a unique character to a minimalist interior? It all depends entirely on you. You can match the wall laths from Mardom Decor completely.

Decorative laths by Mardom Decor

Lamelli by Mardom Decor are high quality products. Created in Poland with the utmost care and attention to the smallest details. They perfectly imitate wooden laths. However, the wall laths from Mardom Decor are much lighter than their real wood counterparts. The optimal length of 270 cm has been adapted to the height of most apartments, so that the installation on the wall is done in one piece. This allows for quick and trouble-free installation using only glue. For this purpose we recommend Mardom Decor Fix Pro glue, so you can be sure that your decoration will not peel off and will be a beautiful decoration of the interior for many years.

Our wall slats are made of extremely durable and waterproof PolyForce. This gives you greater freedom in the design of any interior – moisture in the bathroom or steam in the kitchen will never be a limitation for you again. In addition, Lamelli are products created using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, they have patented ScratchShield® technology, which significantly hardens the material, making it resistant to any mechanical damage.

Lamellas are used in interior design not only for their unique aesthetic qualities. This three-dimensional wall decoration significantly improves the acoustics of the room, leveling out echoes or the sound of footsteps. Finishing the walls with wall lamellas will significantly improve your living comfort. A cozy interior is not only a nice appearance, but also invaluable peace and blissful quiet.

The good news is also that Lamella’s production is done in a closed loop. Every step of the way, we optimize the use of resources in such a way as to reduce waste production, and thanks to our designers, we keep materials in circulation. Our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Wall panels – a beautiful and practical interior element

stretto L0101 bialy 3
White L0101
stretto L0102 dab jasny 3
Light Oak L0102
stretto L0103 dab szary 3
Oak Gray L0103
stretto L0104 dab ciemny 3
Dark Oak L0104
stretto L0105 dab naturalny 3
Natural Oak L0105
stretto L0106 dab klasyczny 3
Classic Oak L0106

Wall panels are an intriguing decorative element that arouses a lot of positive emotions thanks to its unusual, spatial form. However, wall panels are not only a nice addition that enriches the appearance of a room, but also a practical and durable interior element, which with its appearance and reliable quality will please your senses for years.

If you are still thinking about choosing oak fins for your interior, take a look at our article on the pros and cons of wooden wall panels.

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