5 ideas for slats in the living room

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Vertical laths are a stylish decoration that has been in interior design trends for several seasons. Its universal appearance makes it look great not only in different styles, but also in all sizes of rooms. Slats in the living room will give the interior a designer look.  

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Inspirations laths in the living room – arrangement by @pamietnik_from_building_in_my_dream

Wooden laths in the living room

Wooden laths, including those made of mdf, are the most common solution on the market. They are classic, and natural shades bring a cozy atmosphere to the interior. However, wall laths made of wood have significant disadvantages. Among them, the high weight of the product, problematic installation, or the fact that they will not work well for every room through hygroscopic properties (that is, susceptibility to shrinking and swelling when exposed to moisture). We have presented the advantages and disadvantages of wood slats in more detail in a dedicated article dedicated to wood slats.

An excellent substitute for lamellas made of natural material are Lamelli by Mardom Decor wall panels. They were made using an embossed lamination technique, so they perfectly mimic both the hue and texture of real wood. A special textured embossing coating makes the oak pattern perfectly coincide with the gouge in the material. Thanks to the use of the highly resistant PolyForce material in production, the use of Mardom Decor wood panels in interior design is very wide. The wall panels are resistant to mechanical damage, water and sunlight. Installed in different places, the laths will maintain the same impeccable appearance for many years.

medio L0202 dab jasny 1
Lamela Medio Light Oak L0202
medio L0203 dab szary 1
Lamela Medio Oak Gray L0203
medio L0204 dab ciemny 1
Lamela Medio Dark Oak L0204
medio L0205 dab naturalny 1
Lamela Medio Natural Oak L0205
medio L0206 dab klasyczny 1
Lamela Medio Classic Oak L0206

White wall laths in the living room

The Lamelli collection also includes a modern panel in white. It has been coated with a special smoothing primer that protects the surface and prepares it for painting. The white lamellas from Mardom Decor can be covered with any solvent-free paint of any shade.

Lamela Stretto White L0101
Lamela Medio White L0201
Lamela Largo White L0301

Slats on the wall in the living room

MD359B L0105 MD002
Wall laths in the living room – arrangement Natural Oak Stertto L0105

The first place that comes to mind when it comes to arranging wall panels is, of course, the wall. Lamellas will work well on any flat surface – thanks to the dimensions of Lamellas in the 12 x 270 cm or 12 x 200 cm version, you can easily cover the entire space with them – from the ceiling to the floor, thus highlighting the selected part of the free wall. This is a bold and characterful solution that attracts the eye, so it is worth carefully choosing the placement of Lamella in the living room. To finish such an arrangement, dedicated black skirting boards MD359B by Mardom Decor or white MD359, MD014, whose depth is similar to that of the slats, will work perfectly.

MD014B L0105
Lamelli by Mardom Decor finished with black skirting board MD359B

When installing laths in the living room, however, we do not need to cover the entire width of the wall. The panels will also work well as a decorative accent in the room – mounted at the height of 1/3 of the wall or single laths in the living room behind the sofa at the full height of the room. A common solution is also to use lamellas in the living room as a backdrop for a console with a TV. This is a simple but very impressive method, especially when we want to keep our interior in a minimalist style. To further accentuate the decoration of the wall, you can add LED lighting from underneath.

Slats in living room wall arrangements in white

White louvers in the living room are a classic solution, which is most often used by our customers as well as architects. A wide range of design possibilities allows them to match different styles and create unique interiors. Here are some modern inspirations for wall slats in the living room:

Decorative laths for furniture

There is a lot of talk about wall fins in the context of decoration on the main wall. We, however, propose a slightly different solution. Panels attached to the furniture whether in the form of a subtle decoration or a veneer such as a cabinet will be a stylish addition that will give our living room a truly designer look. Installation of the lamellas from Mardom Decor is very simple due to the light weight of the product. Just apply the appropriate amount of glue to the panel, press it to the surface and you’re done.

Inspiration laths in living room used for doors

Another way to use lamellas in the living room is to decorate the door. There are many possibilities and it all depends on our imagination, but we will suggest two, most impressive motifs. The first is to install the lamellas across the width of the door, in such a way as to create a vertical strip along the entire length of the wall, thus emphasizing the transition between rooms and adding an interesting texture. The second is to cover both the door and a section or the entire wall next to it with wall panels, thus creating a “hidden passage”.

Largo laths Light Oak L0302 mounted on the door

Mardom Decor laths have patented ScratchShiled® technology, which involves maximum hardening of the material. This makes the wall laths resistant to any dents or scratches, which is especially important for products installed in passageways.

Wall laths on the ceiling

Wide application makes it possible to place the laths almost anywhere – including on the ceiling. Thanks to their light weight and simple adhesive installation, decorative lamellas are perfect as a unique ceiling decoration. To create this type of interior design, we particularly recommend using white lamellas.

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