Small interior designs – inspirations for 2024

26.01.2024 4 min

Arranging small interiors may seem a challenge, especially when we face the limitations of a small space. Nowadays, when living space is at a premium, the ability to effectively use the available space becomes crucial. However, small space does not have to mean giving up stylish and fashionable interiors.

LED curtain rod, masking strip MD105 Mardom Decor

Unique character is not only the domain of villas or large houses. Contrary to popular belief, small apartments offer countless arrangement possibilities that allow you to create functional and at the same time aesthetic spaces. We hope that today’s article will inspire and encourage those who dream of a modern arrangement, but were held back by the small size of the interior.

How to functionally arrange a small apartment?

When furnishing a small apartment, it is worth choosing light colors that visually enlarge the space. Warm, enveloping beiges are the most fashionable colors in 2024, and in a small interior they will constitute an excellent base. They will brighten up the room, making it cozy, and at the same time leave space for introducing fashionable decorative accents and more expressive colors. This approach is a good solution not only for small apartments. It will work in any interior, regardless of the available space – a neutral base will always be fashionable, and we can only change accessories as trends change.

MD161 Mardom Decor ceiling strip

Streamlined shapes of furniture and arches on walls and in passages work perfectly in small spaces. Although the creation of semi-circular walls is very limiting for small rooms and will probably work well with the ultimately designed architecture of the building, it is still a strong trend from 2023, which is also justified in terms of utility. The curves make the interior pleasing to the eye and cozy. In the case of small spaces, such as the combination of the kitchen and the living room, e.g. the use of a round table allows you to create a smooth transition between both zones, and the lack of a clear division makes the interior seem larger, which is an optical enlargement. In the case of small apartments, it is worth focusing on single, strong accents – a table, sofa or wall decorations.

Light undoubtedly plays an important role in the arrangement of small rooms. Natural light is the most desirable, but its lack can be compensated with well-designed artificial light. You should avoid long garlands or multi-level chandeliers, which may overwhelm and visually clutter the space. Instead, it is worth choosing warm light mounted on or near the ceiling. An excellent solution are, for example, lighting strips used with LED strips. Those from Mardom Decor are additionally equipped with the innovative LightGuard® technology, which eliminates the point penetration of LED diodes through the stucco surface and ensures evenly dispersed light.

A uniform interior design, color and stylistic consistency is the key to creating a harmonious space. Mixing styles and too many contrasting colors can make the space difficult to perceive, overwhelming and visually smaller. Consistently sticking to one style or main color palette will help avoid the impression of chaos and filling the space.

MD002 Mardom Decor wall decorative strip in the form of decorative frames

Using visual tricks, you can further enlarge a small space. Mirrors mounted along the entire height of the wall not only in the bathroom, but also in the living room or bedroom will make the room seem larger. Another idea for optically enlarging the interior is to install ceiling and skirting boards, which will help lengthen and slim the room. How? Of course, in color. Painted in the same shade, with the same paint, they will make the ceiling much higher in our eyes. However, it is worth making sure that the stucco we choose is suitable for painting. Mardom Decor floor and ceiling strips are covered with a matte primer that smoothes the surface, increases the adhesion of the dye to the surface and facilitates perfect paint coverage of the material.

Arrangements of small apartments – what mistakes to avoid?

Arranging a small apartment is an art that requires precise planning and awareness of spatial possibilities. In the challenge of arranging small apartments, every centimeter matters, and each decorative choice can change the perception of the entire space. Here are some arrangement mistakes that can unintentionally make your apartment visually smaller.

  • A common mistake in small spaces is the overuse of dark colors and ill-considered combinations of different shades, which can overwhelm and visually shrink the room. Asymmetrical use of colors without a clear plan may lead to lack of coherence and a feeling of chaos. Using light, neutral tones can visually enlarge the space and make it more open and friendly.
  • Ignoring vertical space that offers a lot of untapped potential. Small apartments can benefit from installing shelves that will help keep the space tidy and organized, which has a direct impact on the perception of the interior. In the case of very high spaces, such as in old tenement houses, it is worth considering installing a mezzanine, which allows you to create additional usable space and at the same time visually relieves the lower parts of the room.
  • A mish-mash in the interior, i.e. a combination of different styles, colors and textures. We often fall into this trap when we like everything, can’t decide on one architectural style and end up choosing a bit of everything. Such inconsistent design may have its charm, but remember that everything must be in moderation and you must choose the main trend you want to follow when arranging your apartment. If we decide to do everything at once, the room will become cluttered, of different colors, chaotic and optically much smaller than in reality. Striving for harmony and moderation in the selection of decorations and maintaining color consistency can help maintain the impression of spaciousness and order.

How to fashionably arrange a small apartment?

In 2024, apartment arrangements are moving towards nature and warm, cozy atmosphere. Cool white and gray are avoided and replaced with a palette of natural colors. Warm beiges, chocolate browns and subdued greens will be fashionable, making the interiors much cozier. This harmony will also be found in the color of the year announced by the Pantone Institute – Peach Fuzz (13-1023). This subtle shade of peach brings delicacy and peace to the interior. It will work well both as the main, strong color on the walls, but also as a color accent on blankets or pillows, bringing energy and a unique atmosphere.

Interiors in 2024 will emphasize details. We can choose the Peach Fuzz color, but also textures – bouclé for sofas or grooved cabinet fronts will be popular. Stucco, wall panels and white decorative lamellas from Mardom Decor will work perfectly in this role. They can be easily stuck on any flat surface (e.g. kitchen cabinets, a wardrobe in the hall or TV consoles), changing its design and enhancing the look of our interior. The interior will immediately gain three-dimensionality and individualism – the stucco can be painted.

In 2024, what counts is high quality and minimalism in accessories. Instead of many trinkets, it is worth investing in a few, but expressive and high-quality decorations. Branded, exclusive items add character to the interior and emphasize the individuality of the arrangement.

Ceiling and ceiling decorations are also becoming increasingly important. Ceiling moldings or LED lighting strips installed in the upper part of the interior are perfect solutions to add a unique character to the interior. Mardom Decor strips and wall panels can also be used as ceiling decoration.

Wall slats in a small apartment

In 2024, the trend in interior design is to return to nature and emphasize ecology. The interiors are well-thought-out, with elements of vegetation, and the dominant materials are natural raw materials, including wood. Ecological awareness is increasing, we choose environmentally friendly products that support recycling and have ecological certificates. Vintage and eco jungle styles are increasingly appreciated in interior design, where what counts is the “soul” – furniture that we renovate ourselves and high quality materials, especially wooden ones. Vertical slats work perfectly in such arrangements, especially those from Mardom Decor, made of ecological, fully recycled PolyForce material. The Lamelli collection looks like natural wood, but is much more versatile. It is an interesting alternative to wooden models – it does not swell in contact with water, and thanks to the ScratchShiled® technology it does not deform after impact.

Lamellas can also be used to visually divide space. For example, by installing slats on the entire wall, you can separate the rest area in the living room from the kitchen area, while maintaining the coherence and openness of the space. For those who are looking for a more dynamic solution, an openwork wall made of lamellas can be used as a partition element that will physically divide the apartment, but thanks to its light and open structure it will not overwhelm the interior.

Thanks to this solution, even in a small apartment we gain spaciousness and functionality. The Mardom Decor slats presented in the magazine become not only a decorative but also a practical element, enabling effective use of space.

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