Top 5: The most popular decorative moldings by Mardom Decor

30.03.2023 3 min

The art of interior design exactly like fashion is subject to a certain seasonality every year. Trends change, popular styles change, and so do the decorative moldings or accessories we choose. Today we will take a look at what models of Mardom Decor stuccowork were the most popular choices in the last year, 2022.

Wall moldings, skirting boards in living room design
Mardom Decor mouldings

Decorative wall moldings

The most graceful design addition is definitely decorative wall moldings. This type of stucco can be installed in many ways, giving a unique character to the room.

MD002 decorative strip with a classic form
MD002 wall strip
MD003 decorative wall strip
MD003 wall strip
MD325 decorative wall strip with elongated form, perfect for composing with decorative strips
MD325 wall strip

Our bestseller is the timeless MD002 decorative strip. It is a symmetrical, three-dimensional profile with a classic design, finished on the sides with subtle decorative milling. The universal dimensions of 200 x 4 x 1.8 cm make the wall molding perfect as a screen, including a wall mirror frame, a larger element of a double wall frame or part of an elaborate stucco composition.

Decorative moldings - composition of wall stucco with MD002 and MD325 wall-cutting molding.
1.MD360      2.MD002      3.MD413      4.MD325

The MD003 skirting board was also a popular choice among our customers. It is a small-sized model with dimensions of 200 x 2.2 x 1 cm. It corresponds in appearance with the MD002 skirting board, becoming its perfect replacement in a smaller size. The profile will work well as a smaller screen in a double wall frame, an additional decorative element for other, more impressive wall moldings, an exceptional decorative element for furniture, or even as a picture frame.

Listwy ścienne ozdobne MD003 w kompozycji sztukateryjnej z MD325.
1.MD003      2.MD325      3.MD346      4.MDB117      5.MD356

Another most popular model was the MD325 wall strip . It is an asymmetrical, elongated profile, finished with a striking milling, resembling a wave in shape. It will work well as a wall-separating strip, but also as a screen or part of a double wall frame.

Podwójne ramki ścienne stworzone z listew dekoracyjnych ściennych MD325 oraz MD002
1.MDB117      2.MD325      3.MD002      4.MD014

MardomDecor decorative moldings have been coated with a special primer that protects and smooths the surface, preparing it for painting. Thanks to this, there is no need to cover the stucco with an additional layer of primer. The moldings prepared in this way can be painted in any color with water-based paint. Our products are made of high-quality PolyForce plastic, a much more durable material than popular styrofoam moldings.

Skirting boards

Among the floor moldings, the MD234P model proved to be the most popular. It is a minimalist in form, slender profile with dimensions of 200 x 7.8 x 1.4 cm. The skirting board will not only work well for covering the expansion gap, but also for masking home wires. A special design has taken into account the space in which to hide any domestic cables, thus maintaining the high aesthetics of the interior. MD234P has been covered with a satin coating, which makes the material perfectly smooth and does not require additional protection in the form of paint.

Mardom Decor skirting boards are made from high quality polyurethane. The patented PolyForce material is further enhanced with innovative ScrtachShiled® technology, which hardens the material, increasing the impact and shock resistance of the skirting board, which translates into a visible improvement in durability when trying to scratch it with a sharp tool. Thanks to this, Mardom Decor skirting boards are resistant to mechanical damage – they do not scratch from vacuum cleaners or dent from accidental bumping with furniture.

We also offer the MD234F flex variant, which can be mounted on uneven or rounded surfaces, as well as the traditional MD234 model, protected with primer and prepared for painting.

MD234P premium floor strip with satin coating. MD234F and MD234 decorative moldings available.
Premium skirting board MD234P
Flex floor strip MD234F. MD234P and MD234 decorative moldings available.
Flex skirting board Flex MD234F

Decorative curtain slats

Mardom Decor is the first company to design and launch curtain wall moldings, which are an interesting alternative to plasterboard buildings. Therefore, among our bestsellers could not miss the model QL026.

Decorative curtain rod rail - curtain rod bezel QL026
Curtain rail QL026

This is a minimalist in form, simple profile that will work well for modern interiors. The QL026 curtain rail not only aesthetically conceals the curtain rod, but also makes a beautiful addition to LED lighting. Thanks to the use of patented ScratchShield® technology, the LEDs do not spot-shine through the material, ensuring subtle dispersion of light around the room.

Stuccowork for every type of interior by Mardom Decor

You have met the most popular models of moldings 2022. However, Mardom Decor stuccowork is not only decorative moldings. The offer also includes decorative rosettes, columns or door frames.

Our products are created with extreme care. They are characterized by high resistance to damage, water and sunlight, so they will work well for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or children’s room. These are unique decors that will match any interior style, giving the space a unique character.

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