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Mardom Decor is currently one of the most prestigious and reputable manufacturers of interior stucco and decorative moldings in Poland. Our products are fully resistant to moisture and water, which ensures the possibility of many years of use and impeccable appearance of the moldings for many years.
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Mardom willingly cooperates with renowned industrial designers, resulting in hundreds of unique product designs. These components perfectly harmonize with all interior styles – from modern and minimalist, to traditional and form-rich solutions from the world of interior design.

Customer reviews of Mardom Decor products are very complimentary and have consistently remained high over the years. All thanks to the company’s commitment and listening to the voice of people who trust the company.

Attention to even the smallest details, the use of the highest quality materials in the production process and the use of advanced technological solutions. All these features make Mardom Decor stuccowork extremely popular among customers and lovers of unconventional interior design.

We also place great emphasis on the appropriate quality of service and friendly approach to all our Customers and Partners.

Mardom Decor catalog

As a manufacturer, Mardom Decor is expanding its offer year by year, so the catalog of available assortment is constantly growing. Company representatives emphasize that we are distinguished by four values: quality, creativity, openness and concern for the environment.

Mardom takes care of every detail, using high-quality materials and advanced technological solutions. The products that go on sale present a high aesthetic level and can effectively transform the appearance of various rooms.

And what is very important, Mardom Decor’s processes, technology and work organization are adapted to the requirements of environmental protection. Thus, in practice, as a manufacturer we reduce waste and limit the consumption of electricity and water, thus lowering carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

What is also important, we enrich all elements of our product range with innovative technologies that make our offer even more functional. Over the years, we have developed a number of systems that have definitely increased the functional qualities of the Mardom Decor moldings of various types that we sell.

Wide range – decorative moldings, Mardom skirting boards and others

Mardom Decor profiles come in several guises – as skirting boards, ceiling moldings, lighting strips, wall or curtain moldings and many types of rosettes. There are also other stucco elements for exquisite interior decoration.

These include door frames, rosettes, columns, half-columns, pilasters, corners, decorative elements and auxiliary accessories, for example, in the form of adhesives or joint varnishes.

Ceiling moldings – a decorative element with wide functionality and extraordinary durability

One of the most popular products is the Mardom Decor ceiling molding. This component comes in dozens of different designs and sizes, so potential buyers are sure to choose a product that perfectly suits their interior and aesthetic needs.

Mardom Decor brand moldings are characterized by great durability and resistance to water, moisture, fungi, mold or all sorts of microorganisms. So they are safe for allergy sufferers and people with reduced immunity.

Products from this group seamlessly and aesthetically connect the walls to the ceiling, which optically raises the room and makes it seem larger than it really is. They can also be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, i.e. locations with increased humidity.

Facilitated installation of our stucco

Speaking of installation, the application with our stucco is quick and hassle-free. And all you need for it is a specially dedicated mounting adhesive, such as Mardom Decor fix Extra. This adhesive is dedicated to all trim.

Products in this group are lightweight and strong, so the glue is fully sufficient to successfully place the component on the wall.

Mardom Decor stucco – why choose us?

Of course, we realize that the competition on the market of modern stuccowork is currently very high. So why is it worth betting on our products?

We value creativity, and our team includes many specialists in beautiful interiors. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in this field with our customers.

We help them create an amazing atmosphere in a home space or in commercial premises and other types of properties. In small rooms and spaces with large volumes. In classic styles and places that have a more traditional character.

With our products you will create an interior that stands out from other spaces and is fully tailored to your sophisticated taste!

Mardom Decor moldings with flex variant

In our assortment customers will find many designs available in the flex variety. Flexible moldings are adapted for installation on uneven or semicircular walls, as well as on decorative half-columns.

Mouldings of the flex group bend freely and thus adapt perfectly to the surface of the wall. Such functionality is not possible with “rigid” moldings.

The flex model has a light yellow color and is not painted with primer paint. All this is due to the fact that it does not crack when bending on a rounded or uneven surface.

However, there is nothing to prevent our flexible moldings or a single flex strip from being painted after installation. However, use water-based paints that do not have solvents in their composition.

Mardom Decor Atelier and Premium

Mardom Decor Atelier is a project in response to the sophisticated needs of our customers. The idea is simple – to give them the opportunity to actively participate in the process of creating unique products, characterized by unprecedented colors and design.

Mardom Decor Premium, on the other hand, is a line of uncommon skirting boards. Each skirting board from this “family” of products is covered with a layer called Supreme Satin. This is a satin coating that gives the decorative elements an amazing look.

The smooth finish pleases the eye and has a very positive effect on the appearance of the interior and its final design. The moldings of this line are suitable for immediate installation and do not require painting with paint.

Choose stucco from the leader of the Polish market

In our online store you will find the highest quality stucco elements at attractive prices. Some of them are covered with primer paint and ready for painting, others have a special coating that does not require paint coverage.

With our finishing elements, you can easily change the character of your interior and give it an uncommon look. This applies to every corner of your property – living room, bedroom, hallway and other rooms. After all, stucco has a unique and huge impact on the visual perception of the interior.

The abundance of our offer, the highest quality components, their durability and the support of renowned designers. The listed advantages put us far ahead of the rest of the competition and meet the expectations of our customers. If you want to finish your apartment in a way that is functional on the one hand and stylish on the other, choose our store. Fast delivery and guidance through the entire sales process guaranteed! We wish you a successful shopping experience!

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