Vivid collection – elegance and modernity with wall panels from Tomek Rygalik

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The Vivid collection is one of the latest proposals in the wall panels category in the Mardom Decor portfolio. Designed by the renowned Polish designer Tomek Rygalik, it combines elegance and modernity, as well as functionality and durability.

Interior design using stucco elements on the wall – Vivid Collection

Wall panels from the Vivid collection have been designed for various arrangement applications. Their versatility allows them to be used in various rooms, from the living room to the bathroom, and even in commercial spaces. In this article, we will present what materials and technologies were used in the production of wall panels, what benefits result from their use and what design inspirations can be achieved using them.

Innovative design and artistic vision of Tomek Rygalik

Tomek Rygalik is one of the most recognizable Polish designers, whose works gain recognition both in Poland and abroad. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Lodz University of Technology, and then continued his education at the Pratt Institute in New York, where he graduated with distinction. The next stage of his education was the Royal College of Art in London, where he obtained the title of Master of Design. After returning to Poland, he founded Studio Rygalik, which quickly became synonymous with innovative and functional design, cooperating with leading brands, but also cultural institutions, including: POLIN Museum, BOZAR, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the National Opera. Tomek Rygalik has cooperated with many renowned brands, such as Moroso, Noti, Comforty, as well as Siemens, Heineken and even Ikea. His works were presented at prestigious exhibitions and design fairs around the world, where they gained recognition and popularity among both clients and design critics around the world.

Tomek Rygalik – designer, artist and founder of Studio Rygalik

Tomek Rygalik’s design philosophy is based on functionality and minimalism, with a strong emphasis on the use of local resources and craft traditions. The designer is a supporter of “creative recycling”, which means that he tries to use available materials in the most effective and sustainable way. His work shows the desire to create objects with high utility value that are aesthetic and durable at the same time. Rygalik emphasizes that good design should be available to a wide range of recipients and contribute to improving the quality of everyday life.

Tomek Rygalik draws inspiration for his designs from many sources, both from nature and the material culture surrounding him. Raised during the economic transformation in Poland, he learned a creative approach to design already in his childhood, watching his father, who created everyday objects with his own hands, which were then very difficult to obtain. This resourcefulness and the ability to deal with limited resources became the foundation of his design philosophy. In his projects, Rygalik often experiments with various materials and technologies, which allows him to create innovative and original solutions.

Materials and technologies used in the production of Vivid wall panels

In his design philosophy, Tomek Rygalik puts great emphasis on usability and the use of the latest technologies and materials that meet contemporary needs. It focuses on functional design that not only pleases the eye, but also brings real benefits to users. The Vivid collection, designed by Tomek Rygalik for Mardom Decor, is a perfect example of his approach to design – it combines elegance and modernity with functionality, offering products that are not only beautiful, but also practical and durable.

Wall panels from the Vivid WP003 Mardom Decor collection with a dedicated green strip on the TV wall

Cooperation with Mardom Decor fits perfectly into Tomek Rygalik’s design philosophy, which emphasizes usability, focusing on contemporary needs and an innovative approach to design. One of the first products created for the Mardom Decor brand were wall strips with very unusual and expressive, at that time, triangular shapes – QL022 and QL023. The wall stucco was created with the idea of ​​freely combining and mixing these elements and creating impressive, creative decorations tailored to the user’s needs.

QL022 and QL023 wall strips in a black and white combination
QL022 wall strips in a white and blue combination

Vivid wall panels are the best arrangement combination, offering the perfect appearance of unique strips with simplicity and ease of installation – the vertical pattern on the wall panels looks like wall strips already connected to each other, immediately ready for installation to the surface in one piece. Wall panels are produced using PolyForce material, developed by Mardom Decor technologists. PolyForce is high-quality extruded polystyrene that is extremely durable and at the same time easy to recycle. In addition, these panels use ScratchShield® technology, which increases the impact strength and impact resistance of the surface to mechanical damage. ScratchShield® technology involves maximum hardening of the material, thanks to which the panels become extremely resistant to scratches and impacts, while maintaining their impeccable appearance.

In addition to focusing on quality, Vivid wall panels are also extremely impressive. They are characterized by a pattern of convex triangles, which gives the interiors a modern and designer look. The collection also includes a special strip dedicated to use with panels, which allows you to create unique, three-dimensional patterns and adapt the arrangement to individual needs and artistic intentions. The precise production of such a unique pattern was possible thanks to the use of extrusion production techniques, which enable obtaining complex shapes with the highest accuracy.

Vivid Collection wall panels – advantages

Wall panels from the Vivid collection are synonymous with durability and strength. Thanks to the use of ScratchShield® technology, the surface of the panels is maximally hardened, which makes them resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. Additionally, thanks to the use of high-quality polymers, the panels are fully waterproof and resistant to UV rays, which ensures their durability and aesthetic appearance, regardless of the conditions in the room.

Lightness is another distinguishing feature of Vivid wall panels. Made of PolyForce material, they are light in weight, which allows them to be easily installed on any flat surface. Thanks to this, the panels can be used in various arrangements – as cabinet fronts in the bathroom, veneer on kitchen islands, above the kitchen counter, in the living room as a TV wall, and in many other places. This versatility opens up endless decorative possibilities.

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Vivid panels are also exceptionally easy to install. The special design and tongue-and-groove connection system allows for trouble-free connection of elements, eliminating visible gaps between panels. Adhesive mounting does not require advanced technical knowledge or many years of assembly experience. The panels can be freely cut to both length and width, adapting them to your needs. They are available in two heights – 200 cm and 270 cm. The latter option is especially attractive for residents of apartment blocks, where ceilings are usually standard height of 250-270 cm. Thanks to this, they can be mounted in one fragment without the need for additional cutting and joining of the panels.

The Vivid Mardom Decor collection is available in two finishes. The premium version is covered with high-quality SupremeSatin® varnish in the shade of RAL9003, which gives the panels an elegant, satin shine. The matte version, covered with a high-quality, smoothing primer, is intended for painting. The surface of the panels is primed and immediately ready to apply any color, which allows the wall panels to perfectly match our interior style.


We recommend painting the wall panel with water-based paint.

Design inspirations with Vivid panels from Tomek Rygalik

The Vivid collection, designed by Tomek Rygalik, offers endless arrangement possibilities, thanks to which every interior will acquire a modern and elegant character. Wall panels from this collection will work great in various rooms and styles.

WP003 wall panels – Vivid Mardom Decor collection in the SupremeSatin® version

Here are some ideas where you can arrange them:

  1. TV wall in the living room: Vivid panels will create an effective background for the TV, giving the interior a modern look and at the same time helping to hide cables and wires.
  2. Kitchen cabinet fronts: Thanks to their waterproof and damage-resistant properties, Vivid panels can be used as elegant and durable kitchen cabinet fronts, introducing a designer accent to the kitchen.
  3. Bathroom walls: Waterproof Vivid panels are perfect for bathrooms, where they can be used both on walls and as a veneer on bathroom furniture, adding a luxurious character to the interior.
  4. Office spaces: Wall panels from the Vivid collection can also transform office interiors, creating a stylish and inspiring work environment. They can be used on walls behind desks, in conference rooms or in relaxation zones.

These suggestions are just a few of the many possibilities offered by the Vivid collection. Thanks to their versatility and elegant appearance, Vivid wall panels from Tomek Rygalik can be used in almost any interior, giving it a unique and modern character.

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Summary – Vivid collection of wall panels by Mardom Decor and Tomek Rygalik

The Vivid collection from Tomek Rygalik includes unique wall panels that combine elegance with modernity. Made of high-quality PolyForce plastic and equipped with ScratchShield® technology, these panels are durable, waterproof and UV-resistant. Their lightness and ease of installation, thanks to the tongue-and-groove system, allows for wide use in various spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The Vivid collection offers two finishes – premium with SupremeSatin® varnish and matte, ready to paint, which allows you to match the panels to any interior style. Vivid panels not only emphasize modern design, but also ensure durability and functionality at the highest level.

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