How to combine classic and modern elements in interior designs using stucco?

21.06.2024 7 min

Stucco is not just decorative mouldings, but decorative elements that can completely transform a space. Ceiling rosettes make the living room appear more three-dimensional, while interior stuccowork in the form of columns, decors or rosettes adds elegance to the overall design. How then can the individual elements be used to bring a unique character to the interior? This article will show you how to combine classic and modern elements. 

Stucco – which elements to choose?

Decorative stucco elements are something special. They can be used in many different interior designs. Below are the ones we particularly recommend.

Trim strips 

Mouldings are not only a functional, but also an aesthetic element of interior design. When choosing them, it is worth paying attention to the materials and technologies that increase their durability and influence their appearance. When you use skirting boards from Mardom Decor you will significantly increase the arrangement and use value of your interior.

One of these is PolyForce, a proprietary polymeric material which, due to its high density, provides high durability and resistance to mechanical damage. This material is ideal for high traffic areas where skirting boards are particularly vulnerable to scratches and other damage. Moisture and UV resistance further makes PolyForce a great choice for any type of room, including areas exposed to water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Trim created from such an exceptional material will transform a space and make it look luxurious. 

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In our range you will find various models of skirting boards. You can successfully install them in various rooms – from the living room through the children’s room to the kitchen. The wide range of shapes can be easily adapted to any type of interior.

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If you want to create a modern wall decoration with a minimalist skirting board, we recommend the MDD332F Flexible Wall Moulding, a model that adapts perfectly to the surface. On the other hand, if you want deltas, go for the MDC217F Wall Moulding. This product is rich in varied and original floral decoration.

Wall panels 

Wall panels are a versatile decorative element that can radically change the character of any interior, adding depth, texture and even functionality. They are a striking solution for both modern and traditional spaces, allowing you to create individual, unique arrangements.

 At Mardom Decor we offer 3 collections: 

  • Duna – the models in this collection are characterised by convex semicircles that resemble delicate clouds. 
  • Lumio – this is ideal for lovers of concave semicircles, which can be compared to a wave. 
  • Vivid – this collection is all about convex triangles. 

Spectacular effects can be achieved with them, and their wide choice will satisfy a variety of tastes.


Ceiling rosettes are a classic decorative element that add elegance and sophistication to interiors. 

This is worth knowing!

Traditionally, rosettes were made of plaster, but modern solutions offer lightness and durability, thanks to the use of polymer plastics.

This is worth knowing! Traditionally, rosettes were made of plaster, but modern solutions offer lightness and durability, thanks to the use of polymeric materials. 

The size of the rosette should be matched to the size of the room and the ceiling height. In small spaces, it is recommended to use smaller, more discreet rosettes that will not overwhelm the interior – the B311O rosette is a good choice. In large rooms with high ceilings, you can indulge in more majestic, large rosettes that will become a distinct decorative accent, such as the Rosette B3O5O model. 

Ceiling rosettes are available in a variety of styles, from simple and modern to richly decorated classic designs. The choice of style should harmonise with the overall interior concept. For example, simple geometric designs work well in modern settings, whereas rosettes with fine floral motifs or ornaments work well in classical and baroque interiors. What exact selection criteria should be taken into account? 

  • room size, 
  • interior concept, 
  • the expected effect, 
  • the style of the furniture and accessories in the room. 

We offer classic models, such as the B3O3O rosette or the B3O25 rosette, as well as rosettes rich in additional decoration, which are ideal for modern properties. Their use is particularly popular where you want to emphasise a focal point on the ceiling, such as above a chandelier or other type of lighting.

Wooden wall panelling – Llamas 

Wall slats are a modern and stylish solution to significantly transform interiors by adding depth, texture and interesting design. These vertical or horizontal slats can be used in a variety of ways to add character and dynamism to spaces.

Made from modern polymeric materials such as PolyForce, they are highly resistant to damage and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for heavily used areas. 

Llamas work well as wall accents, creating a modern backdrop for televisions, beds or desks. They can also serve as a striking zone separation in open spaces such as open-space offices or large living rooms, while providing airflow and light spaciousness. There are many useful articles available on our blog to help fit such stucco into modern interiors:

Available in a wide range of designs, the laths can be adapted to any interior style. There are 3 collections available in our range: 

Stretto unique slimline designs that will work well in minimalist spaces. 

Medio – a solution for those who appreciate classic designs that fit perfectly into modern arrangements. 

Largo – this is a broad pattern that allows for various combinations.  

Each of them features three-dimensional, original and designer products. Installation of the fins is usually straightforward and can be carried out in-house, especially if lightweight polymer materials are used.

Installation is carried out by attaching the lamellas to the walls with the appropriate screws or mounting systems, allowing for a quick and clean application. From this article you will learn how to install the lamellas step by step – Installation of ceiling lamellas – how to install lamellas on the ceiling yourself?


Pilasters are decorative architectural elements that mimic the form of columns but are integrated into the wall, forming part of it. Used mainly as decorative elements, pilasters can also have a structural function, supporting beams or archivolts, for example. Their use in interior design is widespread, as they add majesty and depth while emphasising important visual axes and entry points. This type of stucco is made up of several elements: head, shaft and base. In our shop you will find pilasters, both suitable for modern properties full of art and detailing, for example. 

Pilaster cowl D3008, as well as classic – Pilaster cowl D3533 will work well in minimalist rooms.

The use of pilasters in interior design is particularly effective in spaces that refer to classical or neoclassical styles, although modern interpretations also find a place in minimalist or industrial settings. It is enough to choose the right stuccowork. Contemporary flats, full of subtle furniture and decorations, should be decorated with simple, thin pilasters. Pilaster D1541 would be a good choice

Designers often use pilasters to give rhythm and proportion to walls in large halls, lobbies or corridors, thus creating a more varied and rich composition. They can serve as a natural separation of spaces into smaller sections without the need for full walls, which is appreciated especially in large open spaces. Check out our blog for a guide on how to use pilasters in modern design.

Classic stucco in modern settings – how to get it right?

Combining classic stucco with modern interior design is a unique design challenge that allows you to create spaces that are both elegant and contemporary. It is possible to introduce a wealth of detail, while using distinctive period elements within a minimalist or modern aesthetic. How do you use decorative stucco elements to make the effect unique? 

Choice of neutral colours

In order to ensure that classic stuccowork blends harmoniously with a modern interior, it is advisable to use a neutral colour palette. White, grey or beige will be the ideal background for decorative cornices, rosettes or mouldings, without overwhelming the modern character of the space. Skirting boards and other decorative elements can be painted in any colour, making it easy to match the space. 

Minimalist application

Instead of using stucco on entire walls or ceilings, you can choose main points to display it. For example, a single interior-matched rosette placed on the ceiling or subtly decorated skirting boards can add flavour to an interior without overloading it with detail. Wall stucco should be appropriately proportioned. Otherwise, its use will be quite overwhelming. 

Modern materials and traditional designs

The use of modern materials, particularly lightweight polymers, to recreate classic stucco designs allows for easier integration with modern building technologies and materials. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of traditional decoration without sacrificing the benefits of modern construction. Our products are created using the latest technologies and materials such as: 

PolyForce – an advanced polymer material that has a high density and resistance to mechanical damage thanks to a special blend of polymers and enhancers. 

ProFoam – is a material that combines lightness, durability and aesthetics to create detailed and striking ornamental designs. It is ideal for those looking for both functionality and a unique look in their interior decoration.

ScratchShield® – is our innovative technology developed to increase the resistance of materials to mechanical damage, such as impacts or scratches. The technology involves maximising the hardening of the surface of the plastic, making it much more resistant to all types of damage. Thanks to ScratchShield®, materials can show 40% more resistance to damage compared to products without this technology. 

Stucco backlighting

Did you know that decorative mouldings can be enhanced with LEDs? Modern lighting can enhance the beauty of classic stucco. Using LED lighting to illuminate pilasters or rosettes can add mystery and a modern touch to classic pieces. The Mardom Decor range includes lighting strips with space for LED strips, as well as accessories that can be used to create aesthetically pleasing light installations.

A functional approach

Classic stucco elements can also be used in a functional way, for example as an elegant way to hide modern lighting or ventilation systems. This approach allows the integration of function and form, while maintaining the purity and simplicity of modern design. Wall stuccowork truly offers a wealth of possibilities. 

Elegance without time – how to combine classic and modern?

Combining classic and modern in interior design is a unique challenge that offers the opportunity to create a space full of elegance and timeless charm. Stucco will allow you to skilfully balance the two styles – so as to maintain coherence and harmony. All you need to know is how to combine classic and modern. 

First of all, it is important to know that decorative mouldings or wall stucco do not define a room. They can be used in any flat, premises or office regardless of the style in which it has been finished. There are so many products available in the Mardom Decor online shop that you are sure to be able to choose one to create something unique. However, there are still a few aspects to keep in mind. To this end, we have prepared the following tips: 

  • Use of textures – a mix of different textures will add depth to the interior, while combining classic and modern elements – for example, classic pilasters will go well with minimalist vases or other decorations.  
  • Art as a connector – use art as a bridge between classic and modern. Paintings or sculptures in a classic style placed in minimally decorated spaces can create interesting dialogues between past and present. Use decorative mouldings to create frames for your paintings or photographs.
  • Consistency is fundamental – if you are choosing richly ornate columns make sure that the other elements of the stucco, as well as the decor of the room, match them.

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Stucco – combining classic and modern elements summary

Stucco is a versatile tool in interior design, allowing classic and modern elements to be combined. Used not only as decorative ceiling mouldings, but also rosettes and wall panels, it can transform interiors, adding three-dimensionality and elegance. The use of modern materials, including PolyForce and technologies such as ScratchShield®, increases the durability and damage resistance of stucco. The popularity of stucco is growing in both large and small homes, demonstrating its versatile use in a variety of interior designs.

When wanting to combine classic and modern elements, it is important to look closely at the individual ornaments and furniture. In a room that showcases modern technology, the latest furniture styles or works of art, there is still room for a simple C4OO1H half-column or a large B2OO3 rosette. All you need to do is ensure consistency, stick to one style, opt for quality material and choose tried and tested products.

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